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  1. needforspeed

    Flasher for fusion ILB

    Can a different flasher be swapped into an Fusion ILB so it can be sync'd with other lights?
  2. needforspeed

    Shroud Swap

    Hi Guys, I am changing out vehicles soon. I'm moving from 2011 Crown Victoria Interceptor to 2019 Dodge Durango Pursuit. I have a front Sound Off Signal Pinnacle (EPL 8000) that I'd love to move to the Durango. I know I would need new shrouds and brackets but don't know where to source them...
  3. needforspeed

    4200DL and stormpro100 question

    I'm sure this is a JV question but, I have a 4200DL controller and want to add a stormpro 100, is this accomplished with the RJ45 Jack and programming of the controller or do I need to program the tones on the 100 and then hook each input to an output on the relay panel? Any input is...
  4. needforspeed

    For Sale NIB Federal Signal Viper S2 Blue/Blue

    These are New in Box, real, Federal Signal sync version Viper S2 Dual Visor Lights in Blue/Blue configuration. They are unused and were going to be installed but never made it. You are purchasing one dual light at this price. Shipping included CONUS.
  5. needforspeed

    Wanted pair of red linz6

    wanted, pair of RED or used/flasher or steady Bill
  6. needforspeed

    HLF install help

    I have a whelen 2150a isolated hlf.  I want to install it on a 2010 Chevy Traverse. Has any one done one or know if this would work without any Body Control Module issues.  And of course, wire colors and best place to tap. Any constructive input is appreciated. Bill
  7. needforspeed

    more added .....Whelen 700 B/W , 600 B/W & 600 A/A

    1 pair Tomar RECT-25LS lightheads (NIB).  Purchased about a year ago and never installed. Would like to get $60 Shipped for a pair. 1 pair of Whelen 700s with flasher and LP wire Blue with Clear optic lens.     Would like to get $60 Shipped for a pair.  (all Sold)   Also have a pair...
  8. needforspeed

    SOS Pinnacle Interior flasher

    Ok guys, mor questions. Got my Pinnacle interior bar today, and man this thing is sweet. I'm wondering if i can By-pass the flasher and connect directly to a ULF-44 so that my whole car is in sync the way i want it. Sirennet shows the flasher board inside, but i'm not sure if the board is...
  9. needforspeed

    switch help

    Hey guys, I have an all metal, black switch box. it has no labels and i'm trying to figure out the manufacturer to replace a switch. The switches are oblong pop in type. they are narrow, hard black plastic, with a light up red dot at the top. Any ideas ?
  10. needforspeed

    Which headlight flasher ??

    What is the easiest to install headlight flasher, that has just a basic slow wig-wag pattern, for a 2011 Ford CVPI. I have looked around, and think that anything that says 06+ will work, but I'm not 100% sure. Thanks for the help

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