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    For Sale Whelen Dominator D2s

    How many of the Blue/Amber units do you have?
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    5-0 Dash lights

    Necroposting in hopes one shows up...
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    Wicked Warnings Auto Flasher Module (WAF)

    From their website It looks like a programmable version of a wigwag or tailgate flasher. While I like the custom cut wire extensions, it's be the cat's *ss if they had included OEM plug & socket jumpers to allow a psuedo "plug and play". Price varies from $99-175. That's quite a range.
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    Two Whelen CenCom questions

    Well, I know the Red and Grey are pretty limited. Golds are plentiful, but if they can't do what I want they're useless. If I can get a Sapphire cheap I'd love that, but again, only if it can do what I need. Right now I was looking at Feniex in Amber and Blue, but I'm not wedded to them, so...
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    Dunbar Nunn Unitrol Model 330-55 Switchbox

    Thank Shues - he posted them in this Unitrol thread.
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    Unitrol 300/5

    THANK YOU! I've got one of these in the garage I bought at a hamfest that was my control for my first real build many years ago. Nice to get the manuals for it!
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    Aerial footage of early stage duplex fire

    Not MMQB'ing, trying to learn. I was wondering what happened. It looked like you had interior lines, but I saw the exterior hoseman shooting into vents - which is generally a no-no when you've got crews on the interior. If you'd entered with a 2 1/2" and knocked down the attic you might have...
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    Hello from IL, (I know)

    Welcome! Way up north in Lake County here, but I attended a post blast investigation class at the SPD academy years ago.
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    Two Whelen CenCom questions

    Finally getting a chance to post this - been a loooong day. o_O I've been looking at an all-in-one system for lighting control and siren. Looked at one of the Brookings/SoS 9-switch mini-panels, as well as some others like the Whelen PCCS9RW, but I don't want my truck overrun with farkle...
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    Unicorn lighting - anyone familiar with them?

    Additional info that isn't quite so... splendorous. ;) Two of their items: They claim IP68 water resistance and a 3 year warranty. I found the website of a member here who offered me a decent quote. I hate the idea of manufacturers setting selling points though.
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    Unicorn lighting - anyone familiar with them?

    Hey all - I found their products on Amazon, looked at their website, and they seem fairly decent (at least they're made in Taiwan not the PRC), and seem to have good reviews. That said, I realize they're not Feniex, FedSig, Whelen or one of the other domestic companies, so I figured I'd ask...
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    Synchronizing between brands - Is it possible?

    That makes sense. Thanks.
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    Synchronizing between brands - Is it possible?

    Dammit - that's not what you're supposed to tell me :p LOL Thanks for the honest answer though.
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    Synchronizing between brands - Is it possible?

    While the easiest would simply be to buy a single brand for all the lights you're mounting on a vehicle, does anyone here know of different brands that will work together? I saw this post about setting all the units to steady burn and using an outside flasher, which is an option if it comes...
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    Noob full o'questions: PVC or TXL insulation? Loom or cable? Plugs or crimps?

    Hey folks -figured I'd ask the folks that do this more than I do. I'm looking at setting up my new F150 with dual color LED's in amber (for my electrical business) and blue (for fire/EMS response). The new multi-color tech has made this seem achievable, if more expensive than a single-color...
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    New install ford F-150

    Nice. I just got a standard cab F150, so I'm huntin' for ideas.
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    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    I ran a Five-O back in the early 90's and that's my choice. Seemed much brighter and more attention getting than other dash mounts of the era.
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    What head/tail light flasher works on my vehicle

    Both the first and second links are dead.
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    Howdy to y'all from Ill-annoys

    n00b checking in. Been a FF for a while, interested in emergency lighting since I used a 110 blinker and a red bulb playing Emergency with my sawhorse Squad 51 in my basement as a kid. Modded my Taurus with a Unitrol, wig-wags, back flashers, dash (a Five-O, which I really miss) and rear deck...

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