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    Experimental Outfitting Business

    Located in the City of Fairfield, Ohio. Looking for customers to use our experimental service to see what we can do for your vehicle. Must be local. We will outfit your vehicle in whatever equipment you provide with us. All lights will also be programmed, if the brands are capable of doing so...
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    Code 3 z3 Programming

    How do I go about programming my non-matrix code 3 z3? I tried using the software but it does not detect my z3. I am using the correct software, and sometimes my computer gets a "COM6 port not found" error.
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    Wanted Code 3 Z3 Non-Matrix

    I am looking for a non-matrix Code 3 Z3 if anyone has one willing to be sold. Preferably a good price, still waiting on a refund for another one I got that started smoking. Looking for Controller AND Amplifier --NO LONGER LOOKING--
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    Code 3 Z3 Smoking

    I got this old z3 amp, but never thought i was able to use it because i didn’t have the right controller for it. I have a matrix controller, but the amplifier is for non matrix. I attempted to hook it up to power and test it out to make sure it didn’t work or would work. I hooked it up to the...
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    Code 3 Z3 & Mastercom B Dual Tone

    My custom build that I have been working on for many months.
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    What lightbar is this?

    pretty sure it’s whelen but not sure!
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    Wanted Code 3 Z3 Non Matrix Controller

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    Wanted Whelen Howler Amplifier

    I am in urgent need of a Whelen Howler Amplifier. Recently I bought a Howler without knowing that I need the amplifier for it to work properly. Thanks!
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    Using a Whelen Howler without the Howler Amplifier.

    Is it possible to use the Whelen Howler without the Howler Amplifier? Currently, all I have is a Howler without the amplifier and all it does is put out regular tones, is there a way to make the Howler work properly instead of buying the Howler Amplifier.
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    For Sale Code z3 matrix controller & Code 3 z3 NON-MATRIX amplifier. *not compatible*

    CONTROLLER SOLD Looking for 150 for the amplifier obo
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    Wanted Looking For: Code 3 Lightbar

    I am looking to purchase a lightbar from someone. Must be Code 3 and preferably all blue.
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    Help with Code 3 Z3. Won't do anything when connected to power.

    I connected all of the positive power cables and negative power cables and connected them correctly to a battery. My Z3 Siren controller is connected to the amp using an RJ45 cable. Nothing on the controller lights up when the amplifier is connected to the battery.
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    What lightbar is this? I am pretty sure it is Code 3 brand because they use the Code 3 Z3 siren but unsure.

    I have tons of videos of them but I can't attach videos here so if you are further interested please email me at

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