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  1. unityrv26

    Wanted Setina mounting brackets

    Looking for either a set of mounting brackets or a full set of the Setina PB100 push bumpers for a 94 Chevrolet Caprice. Hmu!!!
  2. unityrv26

    SOLD Federal Signal Fireball II -Red

    Selling my Fireball 2 - I recently purchased it, and it was in very rough shape. It now comes with a new dome, New back flash shield, new Safeco 8' cord and a new factory bulb. Works perfectly. Asking $125 + ship. Video available.
  3. unityrv26

    SOLD Code 3 RVM strobe (R/B)

    Selling a Code 3 RVM strobe. Comes set up as red/blue but as you know you can go rb/rb. Has selectable flash pattern jumpers. The case is good, but shows some wear. I gave the lenses a polish, and professionally wired a new Safco 8' cord on it (no splicing inside). Asking $75 + ship...
  4. unityrv26

    Positive Positive with Fireglen!!

    Bought a NEW green Whelen Responder dome. Great purchase, packaged well and very fast shipping!! So glad to have it in my collection.
  5. unityrv26

    My latest find!! Jet - goodness

    I went to a local guys house I found on Facebook. A long time ago he got a crap ton of lights donated to him by a local sheriff he knows. I went to see what he had for sale and I came home with this for $100!!! It needs a light cleaning, but works and came with feet, harness and blue...
  6. unityrv26

    For Sale Vector domes and parts

    Willing to sell the entire lot or pieces. Send pm's with requests. Offers considered, and will sell any parts together - plus the ride. 1 clear dome (excellent) $40.00 1 blue dome (very good) $30.00 1 red dome (very good) $30.00 1 red rear lens (excellent) $20.00 2 blue domes (fair...
  7. unityrv26

    Wanted Mini ExCalibur

    Just what it says. Looking for a mini Excalibur bar. Not too picky on options. Prefer anything but amber. As always interested in anything mini, dash or deck.
  8. unityrv26

    Positive Bought from Tsquale

    Bought a Dyna-Ray. Been scouring the Earth for one of these. Tony offered one up a few face me a great price!!! It arrived very quickly, well packaged, and in near new shape. Works and operates smoothly. As always, highly recommend!!!!
  9. unityrv26

    Positive Another Great Purchase From Jmarico1

    Another great transaction from Jmarico1!! Thus is my third purchase from him. Got his NIB Dashmiser 500 series strobe. Always good to deal with, reasonable pricing and careful shipping. Got it in a few days. Thank you!!!
  10. unityrv26

    Positive Bought Positive from Jmarico1

    Bought a Dash King 2000 strobe. Brand new in the box as described!! Fast shipper as well! This is is my second time buying from him....and always a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!!
  11. unityrv26

    Dual Arges in action

    What do you guys think of these???
  12. unityrv26

    My $4 Fleabay Find!!!

    Found this on Ebay recently. I was hesitant at first but I knew it was a Hotshot when I saw it. The pics were just of the bottom....none of the chord or dome. She had a ton of other low dollar junk, none of it lighting, priced low. This was $4 with $11 shipping, but it was "buy it now!!"...
  13. unityrv26

    Positive Bought from Stampeed Valkyrie

    Purchased a SVP 1166 red dome. Exactly new as described. Extremely easy and fast shipping. Great packaging, arrived safe. Great transaction! Already have it on my light!!
  14. unityrv26

    Wanted Mirrors: Dashlaser & Firebeam

    Need to find one of each. New or newer condition please. I'd like to find the Firebeam mirror with the two outboard mirror tabs that are always missing. Thanks!!!
  15. unityrv26

    Positive Good Purchase: Jmarico1

    A great transaction on a Dashlassr and some lenses!!! Good seller!
  16. unityrv26

    Wanted Code 3 Dashlaser

    Looking for a standard or dual speed Dashlaser. Do not care about color or even the shape of the dome. Doesn't even need to come with a dome as I have my own brand new dome and mirror. Just need the base and guts.
  17. unityrv26

    Positive Positive to Fittyo

    Bought a FS Turbobeam. Sent him the cash Friday, Shipped on Saturday, received that Monday!! Great seller, as described and great item. Thank you!!!
  18. unityrv26

    Wanted Federal Signal Turbobeam domes

    Looking for a clear center dome for a 22" Turbobeam. Also looking for a blue side dome.
  19. unityrv26

    For Sale CODE 3 420 beacon (Green/Green)

    I rebuilt a Code 3 420 Beacon. Asking $150.00 plus the ride. NEW: Clear Dome Base Mirrors Switched chord 4 50 pound magnets 2 NOS rotator assemblies Comes in this configuration with 2 Green filters, brand new in the bags- installed as shown in the video. These are $30.00 per filter...
  20. unityrv26

    Code 3 - 420 Beacon Refurb

    Finally done with this little project. I found an old 420 beacon that a local guy was using on his plow truck. It had a very poor shape amber dome and a rough chord with suction cup mounts that were all weathered and cracked. Inside the "guts" were actually pretty good and not ruined by salt...
  21. unityrv26

    Streethawk Question

    I worked as a mall ninja many years ago. Our security truck had a brand new Streethawk "all light" on top. My question is that on this bar it had a center sweep light. It was very effective. It isn't the kind that made a short cycle up/down left/right. This one was a long wide sweep left...
  22. unityrv26

    Wanted Streethawk Dynaray

    Looking for a Federal Signal DynaRay light for the center of an all light Streethawk bar. Please PM me!!!
  23. unityrv26

    Mini bar - help me figure it out

    About 20 years ago there was a halogen mini bar. It looked like the current Code 3 420 beacon, rounded. But ....this bar had two rotators AND a lower deck, but it was very thin. It had places for mini flashers, front and rear and alleys I believe. Anyone know what it was? It was only in...
  24. unityrv26

    Wanted Code 3 - 420, MX7000, Excalibur Filters

    Looking for either 2 filters or the half cylinders (2) in either RED, BLUE or GREEN combos for "freeform" rotators for a Code 3 420 beacon. The rotators I have are the kind with the offset screw holes on the sides of the rotator. Need 2 of them in any colors above. Please PM me.
  25. unityrv26

    Code 3 420 Beacon Questions

    Hi, I am buying a project bar, a 420 beacon mini bar. I have a brand new clear lens for it and I'm wondering if they make rotator filters in RED and BLUE or GREEN?? I don't know much about the 420, but I found that they are D-tech rotators. Anyone know if these are used in other Code 3...
  26. unityrv26

    Smith & Wesson L-11 label problem

    I have new in the box (NOS) Smith & Wesson model L-11. I've had it a couple years now, got it from a friend. There are no signs of use, and when I took it out of the box it was new in the packaging, which I still have. Even has the soft flash shield. Enough bragging..... The sticker...
  27. unityrv26

    Positive (+) Purchase From User NEB

    Great transaction, great communication and fash shipping. Packed very well too.
  28. unityrv26

    Code 3 Deckblaster - New Life

    I love restoring and cleaning up old lights, breathing new life into them for collecting. I purchased this one from NEB, which was a great transaction! I know this wasn't a big deal of a cleanup or restore, but this is what I do with all incoming lights into my collection. I took it apart...
  29. unityrv26

    Wanted New Straight Cords

    Looking for several (maybe up to 5) new straight chords for mini lights. Interested in Federal Signal, Whelen, Code 3 chords with cigarette lighter ends. Trying to update a few chords in my collection that have been cut off or too short, etc. Anyone have any or know where to get a few???
  30. unityrv26

    Unity Facebook Group

    Please feel free to join my Unity Corp group page, dedicated to the RV series lights. The group is very new and is dedicated to the collecting, displaying, getting technical advice, selling or trading, etc. Anything Unity RV Series related. Let's build our community! Join us and start...

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