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  1. J

    Banshee question

    It's highly recommended that you use either their C3100 or C3900 speakers. If you plan on using the low frequency tones, you must use their speaker.
  2. J

    Mastercom B and Z3 discontinued?

    Looks like the banshee was brought back, it's still on the website.
  3. J

    Need help picking light bar for brush truck

    I don't care what you buy to be honest, but do NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy speed tech. I would hate to see you guys buy a garbage speed tech light, having it burn out after a few months, and now you're buying a second lightbar. Just suck it up now and pay for it now as supposed to having issues...
  4. J

    Programming dual color Defender bar

    What is stated above. I believe the defender is old enough where it was not designed to be changed via a computer program. It doesn't state anything in the manuals about pattern wires?
  5. J

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Awesome, thanks. Would facebook be easier? I'll mention you in a post from a lighthead trade request I made.
  6. J

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    It's sad to see this forum to where it is today as this is where I started back a few years. Sorry, but it's just easier doing everything on facebook. There are a ton of more people along with a vast amount of resources. I'm in a group for Whelen Command and we constantly have reps from Whelen...
  7. J

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Currently have a DUO 48 Liberty II (IB8DEDE) that's R/W - B/W and the same in the rear but switch the white out for amber for the TA. Looking to get a total price minus shipping on what it would cost to have the red in 8 DUO heads switched to blue (2 of those are corner modules). Would I have to...
  8. J

    What version of inner edge is this?

    It's a Whelen Inner Edge LINZ6 with the TIR3 takedowns. It's literally impossible to find any of the old manuals since Whelen upgraded their website.
  9. J

    Wanted Whelen Tracers B/W DUO

    This is going to be a long shot but does anyone have a pair of /USED/ Whelen Tracers that are 5 modules B/W DUO (TCRHDB-B-B-B-B) that they're looking to sell? Looking for used since I don't want to get destroyed on buying new if I don't have to. I would settle for solo blue if no B/W duo arise.
  10. J

    Whelen duo heads programing question

    Without the HHS2200, no. With the HHS2200, i'm pretty sure you can't, but there is a small possibility i'm wrong. You're going to need something like carbide or a cheaper option for only like $175 is a smart logic flasher.
  11. J

    whelen ion install on headliner

    You're kind of in a tough spot with universal ions for a windshield. Whelen Woodway in the UK makes these pods that mount to the windshield. You might have to pay a little bit extra for shipping but it might be worth it. Soundoff Signal in the US makes the same exact thing which might be easier...
  12. J

    Whelen CanTrol Software

    You better get ready for the flood of messages, haha.
  13. J

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    I guess that's a no go then. Thank you for the reply!
  14. J

    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Sorry if this has been asked before, just can't find an answer. Would you be able to change a Whelen RWB ION TRIO to a BWW? I recently purchased a pair of DUO's and was a little disappointing that I couldn't use blue and white while also having a white flood without upgrading to something like...
  15. J

    2 questions WeCan Control Point and Inner Edge 500 series

    Depends on the control point and the outer edge. My understanding of the control point was to make it work with non wecan controllers instead of having systems like cencom, carbide, cantrol, etc. Seems unnecessary to use both.
  16. J

    For Sale Whelen TIR3 head BLUE

    Would you be willing to do 2?
  17. J

    For Sale Whelen TIR3 head BLUE

    Are these dummy modules or do they have a built in flasher?
  18. J

    For Sale [USED][BLUE] Whelen ION™ Super-LED®

    If that doesn't work out, how about $90 without shipping depending on where you are in NJ and I'll come pick them up.
  19. J

    Question about the Whelen Dominator

    So... I've been wanting to purchase a Whelen Dominator for a while now because I love the moduflash pattern that the TA's have. I noticed that the moduflash pattern (without it cycling through the other patterns within the moduflash pattern) is only available in the TA version of the dominator...
  20. J

    Wiring Diagram for 2 Whelen IONS to 1 switch

    So.. I will be installing 2 Whelen Ions to 1 switch. I was wondering if anyone had any wiring diagrams for this. I made a few myself with one of them just using a relay and the other using a fuse box. Just wanted to see what you guys had. I'll add more information if needed.
  21. J

    Wanted 2 single Whelen Avenger mounting brackets

    Hi The other day I purchased 2 single whelen avengers with just the light and nothing else. As of now, all the lights are doing is sitting in the back of my windshield and they keep falling over. Was wondering if anyone knew where I would able to purchase 2 of the brackets with suction cups...

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