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  1. DaCityPolice

    Looking for Fedsig Valor Tricolor ROC information

    There's a reset procedure for the Valor. I've never done it when swapping boards for additional/different colors but it helps the bar remember what colors it's forgotten.
  2. DaCityPolice

    Buying Process of my 2013 Chevy Tahoe SSV from Asia Motors

    Good info, thanks! I assume Chicago Motors is probably similar. Both their eBay feedback comments are pretty mixed too.
  3. DaCityPolice

    Federal Signal ILS

    Federal Signal sells crossover kits to move ILS between two different vehicle types. Try a local FS dealer. And not all ILS bars are multicolor or "SpectraLux". So the single flashing takedown may be all it has.
  4. DaCityPolice

    MPDC Responding - Anybody know what siren this is?

    Since 2014 MPD has been using SoundOff nErgy with dual speakers. 2013 was the last year of Federal Signal and it was with the SSP3000 (and the rumbler). 2012 and earlier is SS2000.
  5. DaCityPolice

    Wanted SoundOff nForce Single Windshield Mount

    I'm looking for the windshield mount/flashback bracket for a single SoundOff Signal nForce.
  6. DaCityPolice

    SoundOff nErgy 400 Configuration Software

    Just noticed your response. How can I configure the siren then?
  7. DaCityPolice

    SoundOff nErgy 400 Configuration Software

    Any SoundOff experts here that can help me out? I've got an nErgy 400 remote series installed in my work car. I've downloaded the current version of the siren configuration software and connected to the remote head with an Ethernet cable. Once it's connected, the standby, speaker #1, and...
  8. DaCityPolice

    FedSig ILS Mount

    I'm looking for the Chevy Impala mounting brackets for the passenger side ILS. I know they have switch-over kits but I don't need the whole shield too. Just the two mounting brackets. Any Federal Signal dealers that could help me out?
  9. DaCityPolice

    Wanted FedSig ILS Passenger Mount

    I'm looking for the Chevy Impala mounting brackets for the passenger side Federal Signal ILS. I know they have switch-over kits but I don't need the whole shield too. Just the two mounting brackets.
  10. DaCityPolice

    FEDSIG Legend LED/Halogen Lightbar

    Based solely on my experience with changing patterns in a lot of cars of various years (2007s-2014s) that have Legends and Valors, FedSig seems to change the patterns on different generations of the bars. I didn't care enough to see if there are actually version/generation numbers on the SIM or...
  11. DaCityPolice

    FedSig Valor cruise lights?

    With the non-Platinum, you can only have cruise lights as a special programmed "flash" pattern from FedSig. Then it's activated as a mode (usually Mode 1). The SS2000 is a fairly old platform that predates highly programmable lightbars/lighting systems. Hence why you get scene lights or the...
  12. DaCityPolice

    2013 Marked Chevy Tahoe

    Have you seen a full white lightbar steady burn in person? We've got Valors at work and when you've got the scene lights on, it's like daylight. I think it's a see it to believe it kind of thing.
  13. DaCityPolice

    2013 Ford PI Utility Tri Cities Airport

    It works with the stereo and (very weakly) charges. We've got a bunch of new PI sedans and SUVs with the turn signal flasher system. Any way to sync those lights with the front corner flashers? Or change the pattern?
  14. DaCityPolice

    Metropolitan Police, Washington, DC

    Yes, they're all non-transports except one "test vehicle". The shop didn't like the space the cages left for officers so they decided not to make them transports. They just didn't want to take the cage out of the test vehicle and decided to just send that one out anyway. They're planning on...
  15. DaCityPolice

    Metropolitan Police, Washington, DC

    Of course not. Most officers couldn't care less. I thought many people on this forum might at least be interested in it. And your second part is absolutely right. Makes for an annoying day when the car you get doesn't have functioning emergency equipment. Honking your horn, flashing your...
  16. DaCityPolice

    Metropolitan Police, Washington, DC

    They're finally about to roll out the new Interceptor Utilities. Latest rumor is that they're all non-transports. Valor on the roof and dual LED unity spots. Factory flashers to the front. Seems like they cheaped out with the rear flashers. They're using old Vista Gen 1 LED flashers for...
  17. DaCityPolice

    Metropolitan Police, Washington, DC

    Here are a collection of MPDC vehicles covering several generations of vehicles that are currently in use (and soon to be released). 2003(ish)-2006 Ford Crown Victoria's used FedSig Vista lightbars with strobe upper level. 2003s (and earlier Vistas) had halogen flashers, halogen takedowns, dual...
  18. DaCityPolice

    MPDC Impala

    It's a policy decision by the fleet management civilians to use the SS2000SM and not controllers more capable of handling cruise lights. Also, Mode 2 on the Valor and Legend is set to a slower pattern with Mode 3 a faster pattern (that includes white flash on the Valor). And the rear does have...
  19. DaCityPolice

    MPDC Impala

    The cruise lights only appear to flash in videos. They are still steady burn blues (the two forward facing front modules and the two outer-most rear modules). The screwy thing is now the cruise lights are on an aux button on the SS2000SM controller and the Position One switch doesn't control...
  20. DaCityPolice

    NJ State Police FedSig Valor

    Same here. When I make traffic stops, I only use the right scene light and takedown (forward facing modules) because the left scene blinds me too much. The entire bar on white is so d@
  21. DaCityPolice

    Federal Signal Legend Improved Optical Performance

    Hopefully this will fix the problem of one part of the corner modules burning out. I see that in a lot of cars at work. Glad we're going to Valors.
  22. DaCityPolice

    Now this is a sweet looking Ford Police Interceptor!!

    How about the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department? When it was created in 1861 it covered the entire District of Columbia including the cities of Washington and Georgetown and the remaining undeveloped area of DC. Once the areas grew bigger they conglomerated into the current...
  23. DaCityPolice

    DCFD Rear Warning Question

    As far as I've seen, every light head does its own thing. There are also several generations of apparatus out there with very different equipment. But I've never seen any kind of synced fire apparatus with DCFD. Ambulances are obviously synced but that's it. Edit: Come to think of it, the SUVs...
  24. DaCityPolice

    DCFD Rear Warning Question

    The newest units with the Code 3 Defenders and mini Defenders are ridiculously bright. Still completely unsynced. I think DCFD is funny how the ambulances are synced with minimal lighting but the fire apparatus has a ton of unsynced lighting.
  25. DaCityPolice

    Washington D.C. DOT Responding ?

    The tow trucks w/all blue strobe lightbar w/amber LED center and (usually) four red grill lights are older DDOT ROP-Roadway Operations Patrol trucks. These were gifted to DDOT from DPW (as old parking enforcement vehicles). These vehicles are being phased out and replaced with brand new...
  26. DaCityPolice

    Washington D.C. DOT Responding ?

    The DPW tow trucks (parking enforcement) have all blue strobe bars and are equipped w/sirens. The sirens are used when the tow truck is pulling into traffic w/a towed car. (Don't ask me why, doesn't make sense to me either.) Also, the trucks sometimes respond in convoys escorted by a DPW vehicle...
  27. DaCityPolice

    Washington D.C. DOT Responding ?

    The trucks with red/blues are older vehicles converted from purely maintenance (amber-only) roles to be the DDOT ROP (DC Dept. of Transportation "Roadway Operations Patrol") or highway response vehicles. They are staffed by civilians who respond to assist with traffic control on scenes of...
  28. DaCityPolice

    Federal ILS 06 Charger

    My department uses the older, taller ILS rear bars in our 2008 cars and they have pretty boring patterns. The 2010 cars have the new, lower profile ILS bars and they have a lot more and better patterns. I can't help the OP w/the original question but I know FedSig seems to be improving their...
  29. DaCityPolice

    Arjent S2 lightbar questions

    As far as I know (admittedly limited knowledge), the only way to get what you want is to use the "FAST" and "LOW POWER" buttons on the top right of the control head to get the faster, single head at a time traffic arrows. I don't think FedSig has a setting to change it permanently. (You have to...
  30. DaCityPolice

    Anatomy of a Rumbler Siren (original style)

    Crap. Our newer cars have Rumblers and get pushed hard (LOTS of code driving through busy city streets and intersections 24 hours a day). One of my regular pool cars has a broken rumbler (only took 80,000 miles) and the one speaker that still works sounds really weak and not effective.

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