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    2000 Suburban Emergency Light setup.

    Did an install on my 2000 Suburban using hand me down 10 year old LED lights. So far so good I think. Tir3 Lin3 Whelen Vertex STL dash light Federal Signal hideaways An unk 4 led red emergency light. Siren is a Whelen 295H100 Just have to wire in my side lights. What do you think for an amateur?
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    Help with speaker install. Stupid question

    Really stupid question. I will be hooking this speaker up to a Whelen siren 295 HF100. There are 2 wires that come out the back. Do I also need to power this speaker as well or just connect it to the speaker out wires from the siren?
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    Looking for suggestions on my future light install on a 2000 Chevy Suburban

    What would be the best way to wire up my Whelen LIN and TIER lights? I was thinking of wiring them together into 1 wire and then routing that wire into a bus bar and then into the switch box. It's been quite a few years since I have had to do this so I am looking for suggestions. Will I need...
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    2010 Yukon XL Denali headlight switch question and Install suggestions

    A buddy of mine has some wig wags but I don't know if the headlights are ground sided or positive sided switched? Does anyone know? Any other suggestions for light/siren/box placement for an install. Thanks
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    Need input on a future install on a 2000 Chevy Suburban

    I want to install my siren and a switch box in the middle console where the cassette player used to be. I am looking for input on how to do this. Anyone that has done similar mods I would love some advice. My idea is to gut the inside while leaving the outside trim in tact. I may have to do...
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    Question on inline fuses and switch boxes?

    I have an STL dash light that I have connected to my switch box. Question is do I need to use an inline fuse if it is already fused at the switch box?
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    RFI wire Mini Edge. What do I do with it?

    In my cluster of wires for my Whelen Mini Edge Strobe there is a bare wire called the RFI. What am I supposed to do with it? Thanks
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    Bought positive from How2075

    I bought a Galls dash light. Great price, quick shipment, and very helpful. Thanks again!
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    Can these lights be used standalone?

    This is one of the LED lights given to me. I only have 1. Is there any use for it as a stand alone or would it look very whacky??? I will have 2 LIN 3 mounted on a tail light bracket and 2 led grill lights up front. I will also have a strobe bar and strobe single dash mount. Could this CODE...
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    What do I do with unused wires?

    What do I need to do with unused wires? Example, if I decide not to hook up my alley lights on my light bar, how do secure them? I am assuming taping the end a with electrical tape is not the best option. Thanks
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    Vertical or Horizontal plate bracket for 04 Explorer?

    I am going to buy a Whelen License Plate bracket for my 2004 Explorer. I will be using whelen Lin3 lights. Do you recommend a Horizontal or a Verticle bracket? I am assuming I will have to drill 2 holes into my Explorer for wire routing. Any tips for that? Thanks
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    Setting up my switch box (Suggestions)

    Here is my equipment I will be using. Right now I have a 4 position switch box. Whelen Mini Edge 9000 strobe light bar Whelen Dash King 2000 Strobe License plate bracket with 2 whelen LIN3 LED 2 or 3 unknown brand LED lights in the front grill. Eventually I will have LED lights in the...
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    I am looking for a Whelen license plate bracket to mount my lin 3's on a 2004 Ford Explorer. Thanks
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    How can I modify a Jotto face plate to fit a siren?

    My Motto face plate is just a bit off. It is part number 6076 and I need face plate 6097. I would prefer not to spend 35 dollars on a new plate. Any suggestions on how I can get this to fit? I am thinking a dremel tool could be used to make the gap bigger but I don't own a dremel. What do...
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    Which siren do you suggest? I have 2

    I have a Whelen and a Galls siren. I am thinking whelen will win out. What do you think?
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    Can someone post a picture how you have your wires fused at the battery?

    Are there any good tutorials here or online on wiring lights. I am getting ready to start wiring the siren, switch box, and my LED grill and rear LED lights. I will work on my light bar later on. Also, does anyone have a picture of how to fuse your connections? How do I know what type of...
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    Our new hand me down charger for our volunteer unit

    This is our newest addition to our program. One of our volunteers owns a decal shop and volunteered his time to fix it up for us.
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    Did I get a good deal/Help me refinish this Jotto console?

    I am getting this Ford Explorer console for 50 bucks plus shipping from a guy over on the Ford Explorer forums. It needs a little cleaning but its what I've been looking for. What do ya think?
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    Advice needed for mounting my first lightbar (Whelen Mini Edge)

    Vehicle: 2004 Ford Explorer Lightbar: Whelen Mini Edge with Mag Mounts.  Its not LED but it was FREE which makes it even better right now.  lol This is my first attempt at installing a light bar.  I am only running the wires at this point.  I am just getting ready for someone else to do the...
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    What wiring should I buy to install this siren and speaker

    I am installing this siren and speaker in my 2007 Silverado later on today. I am going to need to go the hardware store and buy some speaker wire and wiring for the siren. Thanks in advance.
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    Custom Install Question for siren 2007 Silverado

    Hi there, I have a Whelen Siren box that I want to install in my 2007 Silverado. I am looking for ideas for installing it. I have a few options. 1. Place under the dash 2. Build a cheap wooden stand I can place on the floor under the middle console on the floor. Something simple and...
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    Galls GR198. Is this a good buy?

    A friend of mine will sell me a set for 50 bucks. Do you think it is a good deal for me for some LED Grill lights? Galls Single Head LED Grille Light (Pair) - GR198
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    Silverado Owners, how do you have your siren and switches set up? Looking for pics

    Still looking for ideas how to best place my siren and switch board in my 2007 Chevy Silverado. I think I am going to have a local company install them for me. I know it costs about 75 dollars for the siren and speaker. I have a Whelen siren box. Still need to buy a switch box. I will not...
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    Sound Off Pinnacle Mini LED - Mag mount or permanent mount?

    What are your thoughts about permanently mounting a mini light bar or just using magnet mounts? I am leaning towards magnets right now because I did not want holes drilled in my Silverado. Just looking for opinions and your experiences using mag mounts. Thanks, Steve
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    Michigan - Light bar VS interior light setup

    I have been doing some searching and have not found an answer. I apologize in advance if I missed it in another thread. I am working on installing emergency lighting on my 2007 Silverado and I had a question about using a light bar vs not using a light bar. I prefer to use a light bar so I...
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    2007 Chevy Silverado Set Up. Opinions are welcome

    I am in the process of setting up my POV. I live in Michigan and run with two agencies as an MFR and EMT. While I do not intend to use my lights on every call I plan to have some installed for when absolutely needed. This is what I am thinking of doing. Anyone with a similar set up or...
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    Hello from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

    I came across your boards tonight while doing some research on emergency lighting and decided to register because I liked what I read here. My name is Steve. I am 35 years old and live in Michigan. For those of you familiar with the Upper Peninsula, I am located near Lake Superior above the...
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    My Volunteer in Police Service Patrol Vehicle

    I have been a police volunteer in Michigan since 1998. Here are our patrol vehicles we utilize. 1998 Chevy Astro Van 1998 or 1999 Crown Victoria - Retired from the PD and given to the volunteers. The Forsyth Township Police Department A.C.T.I.V.E Program was established as a means of...

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