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  1. Rigmover06

    Part # or Availabilty

    I have a new to me CenCom Sapphire controller,What I am needing is the part # for the male end of the WeCan plugin. The end that comes off the lightbar into the back of the controller. There was not one on the Liberty bar when I bought it. Can anybody point me in the right direction please &...
  2. Rigmover06

    Whelen 295HFSA5 SOLD

    Have one used 295HFSA5 Controller for sale Plus a Whelen WeCan controller. Paid 200.00 for all. Couldn't use in vehicle. Open to Offers & possible Trades.
  3. Rigmover06

    Positive Purchase from TactMedic

    Bought a Whelen Sapphire set up from TactMedic, Well packaged,Everything included for install. Great Communication and quick shipping. Thanks
  4. Rigmover06

    295HFSA5 VS Cencom Gold

    Hi all, got a question for ya'll. I bought a 54" Liberty lightbar for my 08 Pete. It came with a 295HFSA5 controller. But if anybody is familiar with the 389 Peterbilts you'll know there isn't a whole helluva lot of space anywheres to mount it. So now I am looking at a Cencom Gold on Fleabay to...

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