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  1. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    Hey all, I have a Force 4 mini lightbar with the stingray rotators. The rotators didn't work when I got it, and I finally decided to install the new Stingray relays. Unfortunately when I put power to it, it doesn't work. :( Can anyone tell me how I can troubleshoot this? Looking at the...
  2. OSP959(R)

    Why are these relays in my lightbar?

    I bought this Code 3 Force 4 mini (the ones that look like a SD model) off of ebay. I saw what looked like code 3 headlight flashers in the bar, and was expecting to receive a mess with rotators that wouldn't turn, and headlight flashers to blink the lights. To my surprise, the rotators light...
  3. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Anyone want a 100 lightbars? Looks like they all have clear lenses.
  4. OSP959(R)

    Wanted Blue or green Deckblaster lenses

    I need a pair (2 half lenses) of blue Deckblaster lenses. I'm also interested in a green pair. Thanks.
  5. OSP959(R)

    SOLD - Cleaning out the garage in one whole lot

    Box of Federal Jet alleys and take downs. 10 total. Red stratolite 80 dome. Has crack on one side, but could be used for shelf display. Jetstream rotators. Box has (3) Streethawk metal rotators. Bad gears, but reflectors are like new. Federal Jet traffic clearing light Jetsonic lightbar...
  6. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Federal Signal Signal Master Deck Lights

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]:
  7. OSP959(R)

    SOLD - Sound Off Model 28 Strobes & Halogens

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: [Broken External...
  8. OSP959(R)

    SOLD - Pair of Blue Grote 5065 Grill / Trunk Lights

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Pair of new blue Grote 5065 halogen grill / deck lights. $25.00 shipped
  9. OSP959(R)

    Federal SignalMaster - End Lights Not Flashing

    I have my 8-head signalmaster hooked to a Federal SMC16 controller, that's suppose to work a 6 or 8 head light. Checked all the connections. All look correct. For some reason, the light on each end doesn't light up when it's working. Any suggestions??
  10. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Federal Signal GH1 Deck/Grill Lights

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Federal Signal Model GH1 halogen deck/grill lights. $25.00 for both shipped
  11. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Federal Signal Mirror Strobe

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Federal Mirror Strobe Model MS2-FD. Long cable. Requires strobe supply. Price...
  12. OSP959(R)

    SOLD - Sound Off Model 28 Dual Halogen Deck Light

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Sound Off Model 28 amber/blue halogen light with built in flasher. Has short...
  13. OSP959(R)

    SOLD - Chrome Unity Replacement Heads - SOLD

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Brand new set of Unity chrome replacement heads (plastic) and hardware. Never...
  14. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Streethawk Parts

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: [Broken External...
  15. OSP959(R)

    SOLD- Whelen Flat Lighter

    [Broken External Image]: Whelen Flat Lighter. Really nice shape. Double flash strobe. $35.00 shipped.
  16. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Federal Firebeam with Ultra-Flash shield

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Selling a Federal Firebeam with Ultra-Flash shield. Not sure what the spot is in...
  17. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Blue Signal Stat Dual Comm Lenses

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: [Broken External...
  18. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Unitrol 80K Siren

    [Broken External Image]: [Broken External Image]: Selling my Unitrol 80K Siren. Remote amp with control head and connecting cable...
  19. OSP959(R)

    Firematic Flea Market - Cleveland Fire Academy

    Anyone been to this one before? I have a 1/2 dozen lightbars and maybe some lenses I want to sell. Didn't know if this was worth going to to try and sell some of my stuff.
  20. OSP959(R)

    Code 3 XL inconsistent speeds

    What causes the Code 3 XL to speed up and slow down? Tried hitting it with some WD-40, but it still does it. Any suggestions on making it run smoothly?
  21. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Model 22H Mini Aerodynic

    I'm selling this mini Aerodynic 22H. When I got it, it didn't have any bulbs, so I bought (4) new H1 55 watt bulbs for it. It runs nice and the lenses are in good condition (need cleaned and polished). The end caps are cracked (see photos). When I went to put bulbs in it, I noticed the bulb...
  22. OSP959(R)

    Wanted Red MX7000 center dome

    Looking for a red MX7000 center dome.
  23. OSP959(R)

    What Code 3 filter is this?

    I'm trying to figure out what Code 3 filter works inside a Code 3 420 mini. here's a photo I found online, but I don't recognize the filter.
  24. OSP959(R)

    Wanted Two Aerodynic end caps

    I have a 22H mini Aerodynic that's R/A/A/R. Looking for (2) end caps (red preferred, consider white).
  25. OSP959(R)

    Wanted Streethawk frame

    I'm rebuilding a Streethawk that has a rusty frame. Before I go through the work of trying to salvage this one, I wanted to see if anyone had one laying around. I don't want to go through all the time and labor if I can find a deal on a clean frame. I don't need the feet, just the frame and the...
  26. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Aerodynics - Detroit Metro - Eastpointe

    An all amber and all red Aero.
  27. OSP959(R)

    Wanted Blue lenses for Maxim 90

    Any U.K. (or neighboring) members have any blue lenses for a Premier Hazard Maxim 90 lightbar?
  28. OSP959(R)

    For Sale Older Federal VitaLite

    Older Federal Signal VitaLite:
  29. OSP959(R)

    SOLD - Code 3 RLS

    I have a Code 3 RLS 39XX that I got in a group of lightbars I purchased. It DID NOT come with the control head or cable. I don't have any way to test it since I don't have the control head. $30.00 shipped to the lower 48 states.
  30. OSP959(R)

    Wanted (2) Red lenses for Whelen Edge

    I need (2) used 17-3/8" (I believe that's right. I didn't take them out, just took an approximate measurement) red lenses to replace the blue ones on the lightbar.  Please PM me with what you have and shipping to Ohio, 44460.  Also, I don't need the blues, so if we could workout some kind of...

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