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    Wanted Whelen MK8H 5" Riser Mounting Kit - Tall Cast Aluminum Feet

    I am looking for a set of Whelen MK8H tall cast aluminum feet. Part numbers could be RMK8H or MK8H. This was referred to as a 5" Riser Mounting Kit, here: I believe these are what's pictured, here: Photo credit...
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    StreetHawk with Visibeam

    Here is an All-Light StreetHawk with what looks to be a a Visibeam mounted atop the center dome for sale for just $100 in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Also included is a clear center dome with red and blue half filters, something I have never seen before...
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    Negative @LenH took my Oscilasers and ran

    I believe there's enough information in my dispute resolution thread, here:
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    LenH, please contact me

    @LenH, I see you have visited the site this week, and have even posted in the classifieds. However, you have not responded to either of my most recent messages. I have been more than patient with you and have been more than empathetic to the littany of reasons you have provided for not holding...
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    Support changing default sort

    Within the last week or so, it seems like my default sort was changed to /?order=post_date&direction=desc but I don't know how I managed to change it. I would prefer if my default sort was /?order=last_post_date&direction=desc so that I can see recent replies near the top. How can I change it...
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    Wanted Dynamax Bracket

    I am looking for a bracket for an ES100. The bracket needs to provide for mounting from the top and stand the speaker forward of the mounting somewhat. A bail bracket will not work, but something like the ESB-TAH08 or ESB-F113 would be plenty.
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    Demountable Federal Model 17-B

    Here is the short-lived model 17-B, complete with the mount, made in November, 1956 (the 6 is hard to make out, and looks like a 5 at first glance, but the tag was made after the name change from Federal Enterprises to Federal Sign and Signal and before the move from Chicago to Blue Island...
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    Mini Jet and Lots of Parts, Some New

    Here is a lot of amber Jet filters and a couple of bars for parts in Bensenville, IL:
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    eBay Listing TwinSonic 12EF

    Here's a blue/amber 12EF with at least one incorrect endcap for sale for just $100 in Albuquerque:
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    RESOLVED - POFD6, please contact me

    @POFD6 I have not heard from you in about two weeks. Please reply to the PMs I have been sending you. I need to know: if you received the lightheads I sent you, on March 7 as the tracking indicates whether or not the lightheads I sent you will fit in place of your failed original lighthead...
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    eBay Listing Earliest Model 12 Twinsonic - Vertical Slot Speaker Grille

    Here are two Model 12 TwinSonics and two sets of spare lenses for sale in Newton, Ohio: One of the Twins has to be a very early model, judging by the speaker grille with the vertical slots and the...
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    eBay Listing Two Dominion Auto 64" Bars

    Here are two DA bars for $150 in Hagerstown, IN:
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    For Sale Wolo Power Beam

    Today I learned that Wolo rebranded the Federal Signal Model 14 beacon: The current price of $26 plus shipping seems reasonable for the beacon. Here's a high quality photo of the Power Beam from Northern Tool:
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    For Sale Federal Signal EconoMaster (Smith and Wesson)

    Here is a Federal Signal EconoMaster Series 80 in Red/Red. This is essentially a Smith and Wesson bar with Streethawk rotators.
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    I came across a craigslist ad for some brand new Aerodynic lenses configured for an NYPD bar. The craigslist ad also refers to a website, which I was surprised I hadn't heard...
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    For Sale Candy Cane 4.5 Panel Aero ADL4800

    Here is a 4-1/2 panel independent Aerodynic ADL4800 for $125 in Madison, WI:
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    For Sale Aerodynic Model 25 on Visibar with Gutter Mounting Feet

    Here is a Model 25 in Amber on what looks to be a Visibar with gutter clamps, all for $175 in the Quad Cities:
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    Manual for Whelen 295HFG Galls Traffic Alert with MagnaPulse

    Attached is a PDF copy of the Whelen 295HFG manual. The Whelen document number is 13082B and the revision date is 082197. This is the manual for the Galls Traffic Alert siren with the Magna Pulse tone. Source: Edit: I managed...
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    For Sale Code 3 Force 4 XL 5000 Short

    Here is a 45" XL, the model with the tiny speaker section, for $100 in Belvidere, IL:
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    For Sale CJ184 in blue

    Here is a CJ184 in clean but otherwise marginal condition with its original F3 lens in rough shape and what I suspect is a Dietz 77-212 lens that looks quite nice. It's going for $100 in Racine, WI:
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    For Sale 47" Strobe MX7000

    Here is a Code 3 MX-7000 with what seems to be seven upper level strobes and one lower level strobe, going for $300 in Lincoln, RI:
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    For Sale Code 3 XL Triple-Threat with two Stingers

    Here is a Triple Threat XL in pretty nice condition, going for $300 in Long Island, NY:
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    For Sale Federal Signal CP-25

    Here is a Federal Signal CP-25 in good shape and with what looks like half of the Visibar bracket for $65 in Columbia, MO:
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    For Sale Whelen 4-head LAWs in Blue/White

    Here is a set of two blue and two white Whelen LAWS for $90 in Passaic County, NJ.
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    For Sale Siren from Superior Coach Ambulance

    The ad doesn't give much information. However, for the price of $150, a brand new mechanical siren from the 1950s is probably worth investigating.
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    For Sale New-Tech Trailblazer

    Here is a New Tech Trailblazer available for $550 in Saint Joe, Indiana:
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    Dual Motor TwinSonic 12X

    I finally found another dual-motor TwinSonic! I sold one to a member here several years ago before I knew what I had. Here's one very similar to the one I sold, going for $300 in Rockford, IL: Archive...
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    For Sale cut down TwinSonic

    It looks like someone cut down a TwinSonic. It's listed for sale at $35 in Lake Odessa, MI:
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    For Sale Whelen PAH-112 and Federal Signal TS24

    Here are a Whelen PAH-112 and what appears to be a Federal Signal TS24 for $50 in Vestal, NY: I don't believe the PAH-112 can drive a 58-watt speaker. Perhaps the cone isn't original to the speaker. Perhaps the 58-watt driver was replaced...
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    For Sale Loaded All-Light StreetHawk, including DynaRays

    Here is a nice All-Light StreetHawk with DynaRay intersection lights for $150 in McHenry, Illinois:

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