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    Wanted Red Plastic Slider Switch Tabs

    I’m in need of several of these switch tabs. Preferably in a good condition. PM me offers and how many you have. Photos of what I’m looking for:
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    SFPD cars

    Was looking around the internet. Saw some beautiful SFPD cars. These light look like Edge 9000s. I’ve seen these oldies still in service specifically the ones with steel wheels. Many old E series and Tahoe’s too. A lot of SFPD cars are 10 years old or older. But now they are switching over...
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    Wanted LAFD Motorola Siren Amplifier

    Looking for a former LAFD Motorola unit. Preferably one that is working and has a broken wail. PM me offers thanks.
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    LAFD sirens

    After awhile of watching some response videos, I noticed the LAFD wail is a little more broken and screechy compared to a normal model of the Spectra. Anyone know why is this? Did they special order the amplifers from Motorola or are they broken?
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    Wanted Motorola Systems 9000 cables

    Hello. I’m in need of several cables for the Motorola I own. I’m gonna need the DEK cable that plugs into the radio controller and DEK (both sides of this cable need to be female) A radio connecter, connecting the motorola XTL5000 brick to the control unit A power cable for the XTL5000 brick...
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    Systems 9000 wiring?

    Anyone know how to wire up a Motorola Spectra to the DEK? This includes the radio and siren since you need both to use the siren.
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    Wanted Unitrol Omega Amplifier

    Anyone got an Omega amplifier? I’m willing to pay $90-100 or your offer. Any condition is fine as long as it is working,
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    Motorola Astro Spectra Systems 9000

    I heard that in order to use the siren in the Motorola you need to also hook it up to the radio. Is this true? If it is, is there any way to use the siren without the radio or no? Also a wiring diagram would be nice, thanks.
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    Negative Beware Brian McDowell on LetGo!

    I bought a Code 3 siren from a week ago. I paid him the $90 we agreed on. He said he would ship it but never did. Today he relisted the code 3 siren as for sale. Please avoid this scammer at all costs!
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    Unitrol Omegas

    Does anyone know how many Omegas have been produced over its lifespan? I’ve been looking for some for awhile but they are rarer than most PA 15 Directors it seems. It’s odd to me how Omegas don’t pop up very often.
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    Mastercom B and Z3 discontinued?

    I was browsing the Code 3 website earlier today and I noticed the Mastercom B and the Z3 (not matrix) were gone from the site. Only the Vcon and Scorpion remain as original all in one systems. Did Code 3 discontinue these sirens?
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    First Generation Smart Siren Diagram

    Hello all! Im in need for a wiring diagram for the first generation Smart Siren. Since I do not have an amplifier does a SS2000 LMS amplifier work with the first generation keypad? Also what’s the difference between the NYPD spec amplifier and a normal one? You don’t have to answer these...
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    Unitrol 80K Amplifier dead

    Hello all! I’m posting here to ask for help. One of my 80k amplifier did has gone dead. When I hook it up to power it doesn’t work. My 480k controller doesn’t show a siren is connected even though I connected both power and cable to the amplifier. Any ideas what causes this?
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    Omega 8001 Controller Indicator Lights

    Hello all! I was looking at Pimpala’s Omega demo again and I was wondering how did he set up his light indicators a specific way? There will be a photo comparison. It worked like this: STAGE 1 : Green and Red lights activated STAGE 2 : Yellow activated and green and red deactivated STAGE 3 ...
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    Do LAPD still use vehicles from the 2000s?

    Anyone from LA or know a lot about the area, do you know if any patrol vehicles from the late 90s to early 2000s are still in service? Here are some videos and a photo showing some of them. Also are the vehicles in said videos still in service? I could not get a good still photo of a Crown...
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    Wanted Unitrol Omega 90 Amplifier

    Hello! I’m looking for an Omega 90 amplifier. Just the amplifier. I would also like a kit to build my own cable. If anyone has both of these, or just the amplifier. Give me an offer.
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    Wanted Federal Signal Slider Switch Plastic Tab

    Hello! I’m looking for a red tab for Federal Signal products. Preferably in red. Photo will be provided in condition preferred. $5 for each tab. PayPal will be preferred payment method.
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    Which slider switch handle do you like best?

    As you know, Federal Signal had made two types of handles. One red and one black. Which color do you prefer and have on your FS? Here is my Touchmaster.
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    Replacing PA microphone with permanent mount.

    Hello all! I have a Code 3 siren and the old PA mic doesn’t work. I disconnected it from it’s 4 pin and I have a replacement ready. But I can’t get the connector into the pin. It’s slightly to the left. How do I connect the pin without removing or damaging the circuit?
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    Wanted Code 3 Flush Mount

    Hello! I’m looking for a mounting bracket for my Code 3 siren, which did not come with one. If you have a spare one, message me and we’ll discuss pricing. Thank you!
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    Positive Positive Purchase from general

    New member @general sold me his Code 3 MicroCom which he shipped after payment was prompt. Arrived undamaged and in great condition. Packed well.
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    Wanted Code 3 MicroCOM™ Model 3866

    Hello. I’m looking for a Code 3 PSE MicroCOM™ with a Model 3866 controller. It is also known as the 3860 series remote sirens. I would prefer the amplifier and cable to be included, and the unit to be in a fair condition. If you have a Model 3862 controller I would also love to have that too. I...
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    Unitrol Sirens

    Hello again. I’m posting this thread as I’m wondering about Unitrol sirens and their history. Starting off, the Touchmaster. If anyone noticed the Touchmaster before FS took over had a different sound to it. It had a lower pitched 80K wail and the Yelp had a “bow” sound it, the wail on sweep...
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    Code 3 Model 3860 Siren Question

    Hello. There’s a certain Code 3 siren I’m looking at. It has a distinctive sound of “bubbles” when manipulated correctly. I couldn’t find any good information on this siren and I was wondering if anyone here has a wiring diagram and any more information like production years. For reference it...
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    9/11 Ambulance Unit

    I saw this old video of emergency vehicles responding on 9/11. The last vehicle had a loud train horn thing and a SP Mark 7. I can’t tell what unit it is because of then poor video quality. I was wondering if anyone here could help.
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    Wanted FS/DN Unitrol Touchmaster Red Handle

    I'm looking for a Touchmaster red handle to replace my black handle. I prefer the red handle for aesthetic reasons. Preferred with the little screw that keeps it in place, as I lost mine. Will pay 15$ for 2-3 handles. Thank you.
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    Scientific Prototypes siren

    Hello! I saw this video of an ambulance from New York City responding in 2007. It had an SP siren and I was wondering what model was it. Someone said it was a Mark 10 but it has a very fast Yelp, and I was wondering if anyone here knows about any SP sirens with a very fast Yelp, or if they own...
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    Hello from California!

    I forgot to post here when I first joined. So this won’t be my first post, but around my 7th. Anyways I’m a person from California who enjoys sirens. I collect them, and my favorites are all Unitrol sirens, some Code 3s, and a Whelen Cencom Sapphire. Sorry if this introduction is vague, but...
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    Touchmaster Amplifier

    Hello all! I was wondering if you manage to acquire a Dunbar Nunn Touchmaster, can you switch it’s amplifer with a new Touchmaster? So it can produce the DN sounds instead of FS. Also do the PA versions still contain the siren tones?
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    Realigning a misaligned slider switch

    I got a FS Touchmaster with it’s switch misaligned. How do I realign it? It’s very annoying to deal with.

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