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  1. OSP959(R)

    My personal off duty traffic control Crown Vic

    I see so many of these privately owned vehicles with all the construction on 121 up here in Grapevine TX. I like the lightbar flash pattern. I personally think having one side of the lightbar lighting up at a time is more attention getting then the whole thing being lit up.
  2. OSP959(R)

    Signal Stat Model 381

    Nice light. Congrats!!
  3. OSP959(R)

    Signal Stat Model 381

    I think I figured out where that Secret Service light on ebay went.
  4. OSP959(R)

    Federal Model 28-S Video Debut

    Great video. Nice display setup. I love my model 28, but mine doesn't have a grill on the front of it. Guessing it was mounted behind the body or bumper of the vehicle it was used on.
  5. OSP959(R)

    Best light setup

    So do I. The stationary lights on the amber side have red bulbs.
  6. OSP959(R)

    Best light setup

    Amber lights and siren. That's a first.
  7. OSP959(R)

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    That's from the Canada division of the Ghostbusters. LOL.
  8. OSP959(R)

    Galls Catalog (1989)

    LOL. I've been there. Probably late 80's. Stopped on my way to visit family down south. Back then Galls was to public safety professionals what Summit Racing is to gearheads.
  9. OSP959(R)

    Galls Catalog (1989)

    Thanks for sharing! Brings back memories. 1989 was a significant year for me. I graduated from the police academy and was working part time as a police officer, and security fulltime. I was constantly looking through these catalogs back then and even bought a few things. It was definitely the...
  10. OSP959(R)

    Wanted Looking for MX7K Green Domes

    There's a set on ebay:
  11. OSP959(R)

    A few recent European pick ups

    Wow, I love how blue those lights are!! o_O
  12. OSP959(R)

    Information / Jetstream domes

    How common are solid color domes that aren't amber? I've never actually seen one in person.
  13. OSP959(R)

    Ultra lo budget 53" TurboBeam

    I had one of these with (3) rotators, clear center, and magnets on the base. I stuck it on my truck in the winter when I plowed snow. It was great for what I used it for.
  14. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    I still need to polish the lense and wrap the wires. Is there a proper lubricant to use on the mechanical parts of the large stinger in the middle, as well as the plastic gears on the rotators? Thanks to those that replied. :D
  15. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    I finally got this thing working. The problem seems to be the small 4-prong Code 3 connector not making contact. I don't like that one relay seems to flash the rotator (rotate back and forth) a little slower and farther than the other. That Stingray relay is the newer relay.'s working. :D
  16. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    If I use my multimeter and place the black wire on the lightbar frame and the red on the body of the motor, it goes to 0.00 ohms showing it's grounded. This is why I figured if I unplugged the controller and jumped 12v to one of the motor wires it would spin. Didn't work.
  17. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    Yes. Ground is properly connected. So the relay controls which wire is (+) and (-) and switches them depending on direction? When I had power going to 'Rear only' on the relay there was power at the white wire on the motor. So then the orange wire on the motor wasn't making it's way to ground...
  18. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    I'm guessing that one wire turns the motor one way, and the other wire turns it the other way, and only one wire at a time is getting power. I tried jumping power directly to one wire and then the other, and nothing happened.
  19. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    Ok. Both of these motors seem to be completely dead. Anyone ever see that before???
  20. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    The wires at the top of the 4-prong plug wasn't getting a connection. I pushed the wires down deeper and now I'm getting voltage to the motor. Still doesn't try to turn. I unplugged the relay and tried to jump both sides of the motor. Still nothing. I used an ohm meter and made sure that the...
  21. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    The lamp will light. The mirror doesn't move at all. There's no reaction to power being supplied. I see the metal Y clips on each side of the rotator. Everything seems intact. I wasn't 100% sure that my connections were correct. If they are, I guess I'll have to start checking for voltage going...
  22. OSP959(R)

    Need Code 3 Stingray help

    Hey all, I have a Force 4 mini lightbar with the stingray rotators. The rotators didn't work when I got it, and I finally decided to install the new Stingray relays. Unfortunately when I put power to it, it doesn't work. :( Can anyone tell me how I can troubleshoot this? Looking at the...
  23. OSP959(R)

    Wanted EES COPLITE

    Sorry. My mistake.
  24. OSP959(R)

    Wanted vintage teardrops red light !

    Southern VP, but nice looking lights. Even have to flash covers. I wouldn't mind grabbing one if someone here wins that.
  25. OSP959(R)

    Wanted EES COPLITE
  26. OSP959(R)

    Ohio ''Hostage lights"

    Sent you a message. On another note, I'm looking for one of the old white with red lettering CB CH9 highway patrol license plates.
  27. OSP959(R)

    Throw Siren/Light by NECO

    Younger people in the profession now don' know what it's like to have the siren speaker on the roof right above your head. You could really hear the sound decibels then.
  28. OSP959(R)

    Question for should i buy this?

    Holy crap! They must be hard on cars.
  29. OSP959(R)

    Question for should i buy this?

    Just don't do this LOL

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