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    Smith & Wesson 8800 weight

    Question for the list. How much did the 8800 series bars weigh ? Thanks. Dave
  2. J

    ISO Lens for 80 H

    I have a 80 H in need of a red lense with these cutouts. Cutouts do not need to be included. As I will exchange from this damaged lense. I prefer used and slightly abused. PM me if a collector has one needing a new home. Thanks.
  3. J

    Chicago Police 8000s ?????

    Ok list. This is swinging back to the 80s. Did Whelen ever make any experimental 8000 series lightbars for Chicago Police Dept ???? Standard all blue bar with rear facing red cutouts for brake / turn signal operations. Thanks. Dave
  4. J

    Justice JV2 is dead ?

    Picked up a pallet of bars a while back. Mostly LED products. Tried to power up the JV2 with the WeCan controller.. Nothing. All connections appear to be intact. The fuses are ok. What says the list in further diagnosis ? LED bars are a learning experience for me, I am mostly a old school...
  5. J

    Legend LED chips / segments

    Who is the manufacturer of the LED lamps / segments / chipsets on the Legend boards ? Thanks. Dave
  6. J

    Tripp fender " STOP " lamps

    Good morning list. What can be said about these lamps ? Glass shows " Trippe Mfg Co , Chicago IL , Part # 1611 " , Were these Tripp's answer to competing with the Dietz 41 ? Any worth to these ??? Thanks Dave
  7. J

    Wanted ISO 24EAH speaker grill

    Looking to purchase a speaker grill for this 24 EAH , It does not need to be new / or in perfect condition. Used and mildly beat up is just fine for me. Thank you, Dave

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