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  1. Kendreth

    green dual color lightheads

    i have set of micorthins from code 3 that are true dual color amber and green not split. does anyone know of any other reliable manufacturer that makes dual color green? specifically green/white or green/red in a different type of lighthead? what i want are Green/White fusions but they do not...
  2. Kendreth

    2013 rav 4 safety support vehicle

    Did a 2013 rav 4 safety vehicle. Pulls trailer with the cones n crap needed for basic traffic control. Not complete. Waiting for dual color fusion from fever for the grill. Pic is upside down for some reason. Switches are in the dummy spots on the rav console. Quick stage 1 video The federal...
  3. Kendreth

    Wanted Whelen ION™ T-Series™ Model # TLIA X2

    looking for best price on 2 Whelen ION™ T-Series™ Model # TLIA. new or used low hrs. thanks!
  4. Kendreth

    For Sale bag o' sho-me Micro lights

    Kendreth submitted a new listing: bag o' sho-me Micro lights - Show-me dummy LED old gen 11.9000, 11.9010 Read more about this listing...
  5. Kendreth

    Wanted 2 syncable surface mounts

    Looking for 2 syncable surface mount led nos or used 1 solid green 1 solid amber.
  6. Kendreth

    Positive Sold Beacon to BDWhit

    pleasure to do business with quick payment
  7. Kendreth

    Carson SA 525 80 ?

    Found this in a recent bin of goodies. Cant find any information on it. Can anyone help?
  8. Kendreth

    Microthin dual color Green/Amber

    Just had these out today and shot a quick video. There going to go in my grill when i have the time. their are sooooo many different ways to wire these up such a cool product I find them very cool, its hard to find high end dual color green. Cant wait to hook them up!!! <iframe width="854"...
  9. Kendreth

    Feniex 100's and fusion surface mount

    other than the 100's come in the big extrusion. what would be the difference between the dual color Fusion surface mounts and the dual color 100's? if any at all? i have the 100s in the back and was curious if swapping them with just SM fusions on a bracket would make any difference.
  10. Kendreth

    star 255TS strobe beacon

    Kendreth submitted a new listing: star 255TS strobe beacon - amber tall star 2 wire strobe beacon Read more about this listing...
  11. Kendreth

    Red and Clear Strobe starter kit

    Kendreth submitted a new listing: Red and Clear Strobe starter kit - 2 linear nova strobes and a Dual strobe whelen mini grill master Read more about this listing...
  12. Kendreth

    For Sale Whelen 180 Degree surface Mount

    Kendreth submitted a new listing: Whelen 180 Degree surface Mount - Surface mount 180 degree strobe uses Edge style caps Read more about this listing...
  13. Kendreth

    Wanted connectors

    anyone looking to unload a dozen of each male & female 3 pin AMP connectors? I would rather give my money to a ELB member than ebay / amazon. I need them for the relay outs on the PCC8R control box and i'm completely OUT of both types. thanks
  14. Kendreth

    Mega Thin Dual color

    ive started looking into code 3's Mega thin dual color surface mounts. trying to read the documentation for wiring and im a bit confused. it talks about colors 1&3 on 1 line and colors 2&4 on a second line. o_O im trying to dumb it down so my...
  15. Kendreth

    PCC8R Controller plugs

    Afternoon, i recently Acquired a Whelen PCC8R for my project. its missing the 8 pigtail plugs for the relays and the 1 for the system port. its currently in transit to me. are these the same 3 pin connectors Whelen has used since strobes? looks like its 8 male 3 pin for the relays and 1 female...
  16. Kendreth

    Logan Airport Green fullsize lightbar

    went to Detroit for my Best friends wedding last weekend. we flew out of and into Boston's Logan Airport (cheaper than Manchester) On the return trip when we landed i saw this truck on a parallel runway. did my best to get a quick vid. not sure if its bird patrol or homeland security or what...
  17. Kendreth

    Will it fit....

    Would anyone happen to know if the fusion surface mounts will fit in the factory mounting locations in the 2017 interceptor utility grill? i believe the factory upfit is whelen microns but i would prefer dual color Feniex Fusions. getting 2 dual 100's for the side windows and 2 fusions with...
  18. Kendreth

    Wanted White micron's

    Looking for 2 white whelen microns for the interceptor grill. New or used. Thanks!
  19. Kendreth

    Custom TA indicators for switch plates

    Evening Folks, I usually make my own switch boxes/ plates for my vehicles. i know that their are better options prefab that you can buy, but its something i enjoy doing. i would like to do a custom led array for a traffic adviser with indicator lights like the ones found on the Feniex 4200...
  20. Kendreth

    Red with amber multicolor TA - FOUND

    Looking for a multicolor red warning amber TA 6 or 8 head stick that someone would be willing to part with in the area of $200. Saving up for a Feniex fusion 800 multicolor but need something for now. Thanks in advance!
  21. Kendreth

    2017 Explorer

    Evening all. Wanted to start this thread tonight. i'm heading to the dealer tomorrow to pick up the black PIU grill and the wheels. i'm taking a road trip this weekend and wanted SOMETHING in the rear for now. i have 4 of these TIR4 cheap asian lights that i had bought a while back before i knew...
  22. Kendreth

    2017 Explorer fusion 600 stick mount

    So i got my 17 explorer the other day:D. planning on a Feniex build. first order of business will be the 600 stick in the back window with a 4200 mini to control it. My question is whats gonna be the best non invasive mounting location? i had wanted to do the window mounts but the rear glass is...
  23. Kendreth

    2017 Interceptor Utility "wing" with factory lights

    So the stars may align and i may be the owner of a 2017 explorer in the near future. i saw that their was a new factory option for the 17 interceptor utility to have a wing with light heads already installed dual color. the one in the video is red blue with amber TA option. <iframe width="560"...
  24. Kendreth

    Fusion 400 Mounting Question

    I've been trying to pick a dash light/ interior light bar for a couple weeks now. i was thinking of doing a Fusion Pass side only interior light bar R/C. I was looking at pricing and saw that the pass side fusion dual sells for around 375$ but the Fusion 400 dual stick is $290. has anyone ever...
  25. Kendreth

    Backyard creature code 3 Excalibur 36"

    Hey Kendreth here, well heres the project we did using the mx7000 36" bar we already had. Ill post the inside guts pics when i do the maintaince next week. We removed all the original guts from the old bar and fabricated 90° brackets to mount LIN6 lightheads from stl. Green on the ends clear...
  26. Kendreth

    Hello to all!!

    Kendreth here with a Hello to all! been a member of this site for a while but always lurked around. Im a Healthcare Safety and Security Super for a very large NH Hospital. myself and some of my team recently rebuilt a MX7000 lightbar on our patrol vehicle using surface mount LED's. its SUCH a...

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