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  1. Marty1

    Quebec provincial police goes black an white

    Their first mickey mouse style crossbars like the one on the 73 were not Whelen I discussed a lot with other enthusiasts about that. Some Ontario municipal department had those and they were supposedly made by Maranda Montreal sold for farm vehicles. I don't know any real survivor yet, still...
  2. Marty1

    Whelen SA380-U siren speaker

    knowing the 380 is shorter than the 390, is there any replacement parts for the bell and reentry cone? Or similar parts from another manufacturer?
  3. Marty1

    Federal Junior beacon ray - No Longer Available

    Federal Junior beacon ray Federal Junior beacon ray, dome 9 /10, chrome 8/10, works well, asking 140$ List Date: 3/2/2017 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Federal Junior beacon ray -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available...
  4. Marty1

    Jenny ' s compulsive shopping, Whoah boy!

    Saw it on the sales forum ;) Good find Im sure you will enjoy it!
  5. Marty1

    Wanted Dominion or NASig bar clamps

    Title says everything, Im in need of roof clamps, used is fine, Dominion Automotive or North American Signal is fine. 4 is excellent, 5 is better, 6 is heaven !
  6. Marty1

    Wanted Federal siren 77 or 78B front housing

    I post for a friend who is not computer smart, actually don't have internet he is want to restore his Fire truck siren and he is in need of the front grille of a model 77 Federal, or the whole 78B (originally) red flashing front light. Any leads would be appreciated !
  7. Marty1

    Wanted Old Federal beacon Skirt

    Found for now !  Thanks everyone !
  8. Marty1

    Wanted Old Federal beacon Skirt

    Seems unusual but Im looking for an old model 17 beacon ray skirt, faded, pitted, with or without the Federal Badge but not broken, 
  9. Marty1

    Wanted Red Dominion Auto SAF-T-RAY 357 and DA stuff

    I might have a lead on a 64", a cinema company I know still have some 54" but they won't sell.  still looking! 
  10. Marty1

    Dominion auto and my 1970 collection   Ok took me one more week but here is the restored 1970 Sûreté du Québec light bar !  
  11. Marty1

    Dominion auto and my 1970 collection

    Will try to film the SQ bar this weekend to show you
  12. Marty1

    Dominion auto and my 1970 collection

    Ill take a minute to show you a part of my collection.  I usually collect ambulance stuff but I always had a fascination on October 1970 crisis in Montreal so I worked to complete my holy grails with some emergency stuff. First, here is my 1970-1973 Sûreté du Québec light bar.  Commonly called...
  13. Marty1

    Wanted Red Dominion Auto SAF-T-RAY 357 and DA stuff

    Wanted for special restoration projects: a pair of Red Dominion Auto SAF-T-RAY 357 domes  DA complete 54" bar with brackets  Red Dietz 2-11 or 7-11, preferred with hill light option.   PM me !  
  14. Marty1

    Dominion auto fender light

    The one pictured on the Montreal car is bigger but that smaller one was also used by the Jonquiere Police Department in the 70's and 80's.  Im looking for one too by the way ;)
  15. Marty1

    Toon's Dominion Automotive 4-Way flasher restoration (Pic heavy)

    You know what? you're luckier than me !!
  16. Marty1

    FRAUD ALERT: Kulbir Saini - �quipements d'Urgence Qu�bec - Canada

    Strange name, doesnt sound Quebecer at all, I have to get near there in a month maybe I can pass and check for your merchandise, take pictures etc. could be helpful to proove it was stolen?
  17. Marty1

    Surete Du Quebec New Dodge Chargers

    That's because you're not in Quebec. Our Province is probably the worst place in North America on road workers protection. Majority of the population don't slow down on traffic or construction, but they do dramatically (understand stop in your face) when they see an accident or an emergency...
  18. Marty1

    Surete Du Quebec New Dodge Chargers

    They have this version of lightbars on highways but usually have the inside lightbar for their town cars. anybody noticed what kind of siren they use?
  19. Marty1

    What Is Your "Holy Grail" Item?

    Got 3 holy grail that took me more than 2 years of research here, thanks to my folks that helped and sold them: my Signal Stat Stat 9 NYPD siren, my 2 Signal Stat Dual Comm with clear lenses NYPD setup and my 6 Full-Vues lights by Grimes ! To be honest a holy grail I absolutely need to acquire...
  20. Marty1

    Signal-Stat Dual Comm 9581 salvage

    Those clear domes are hard to find... Nice project!
  21. Marty1

    Restored Cadillac ambulance

    Nice thread... what a lot of Grimes Full-Vu on this Miller-Meteor !!
  22. Marty1

    some old rigs that I found part # 3

    Shawshank redemption! It's the nmovie the '41 ambulance was! I knew I saw this nose somewhere !!
  23. Marty1

    Price for an NYPD Dual-Comm?

    I paid mine 150 + Shipping and I have 2 pairs of clear lenses so 200 of lenses... plus shipping, and I was LUCKY ! I know ther are rare now.
  24. Marty1

    some old rigs that I found part #1

    Wow, Looooove that M-M ambulance!! under restoration? Let me know some details in PM !! Looks like mine !
  25. Marty1

    My Dominion Automotive Montreal PD crossbar, updated Dec 13th, 2013

    Love it, Ill transfer you a picture of a private collection someday.!
  26. Marty1

    N.O.S. Signal Stat 375W Beacon Lens

    Wow! Lucky man !!

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