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  1. I 26

    Beacon Ray Oscillating

    All, Entertaining a Beacon Ray posted locally. Model 17 manufactured in '63 with glass red dome. Seller claims it oscillates, but was this an option on the 17? Not seeing it in the Beacon Ray guide here on eLightbars. Also, fair condition - where would you value this? Thanks
  2. I 26

    Is eLightbars dying out?

    There just doesn't seem to be nearly as much traffic or activity on here as there was 15, 10, or even 5 years ago. Where has everyone gone? Is it a lack of interest or another platform?
  3. I 26

    SWS - Star Warning Systems

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is any affiliation between Star Warning Systems (SWS) of Ontario, Canada, and Star/SVP? They both seem to have offices in New York state.
  4. I 26

    Update Me on the Trade

    Wow! It's been years since I have been on this website or even looked at my lightbars. Last week, during a trip back to my home city (on the other side of the country now), I went to check on my lightbars in storage. Really got me pumped up for the hobby again. I just feel so out of touch with...
  5. I 26

    Beacon Ray Value

    Tried searching for this, but can't seem to find reliable answer. Considering starting beacon collection, looking for value before buying. Federal Signal Beacon Ray: Model 17, Serial 2R...., clear glass dome, r/w bulbs, appears to be good condition. Thanks!
  6. I 26

    $20 Twinsonic

    I know it's just a Twinsonic, but I found this on Buffalo Craigslist for just $20 so I figured that made it notable. Red/Red Model 12, Series A1. Motor stamped 1974.
  7. I 26

    Is this an NYSP Aero?

    Picked up this MEAH-TT for cheap last weekend. Came from a craigslist ad in Buffalo. I'm pretty sure it's an NYSP spec bar, but it's lacking the "NYZ" marking found on Eric's EAH seen here: Anyone know if...
  8. I 26

    MARS lights ever sold in Canada?

    This brand predates my generation. Just wondering if they were ever sold/used up here - trying to assess my ability of actually finding these products in junkyards or whatever.
  9. I 26

    Airport Fire Service

    Here's an inquiry regarding a recent curiosity I've had. I'm just wondering how professional airport fire service personel spend their days when accidents at airports are rare to never. I know that training is constant, but I question how firefighters employed by these services can spend years...
  10. I 26

    Whelen Ultra Edge B-link lightbar question

    Is there any way to get these lightbars to fire without the serial controller? Considering one for the collection - not for service.
  11. I 26

    I 26's Amateur Collection

    Obviously not at par with some of the more financially established members of the board - but it's a start, and I finally got them mounted on the wall this morning. So here it goes: PSE Force 4 LP: Basic 5 rotators, R/W/R Code 3 MX 7000: Loaded with Arrowstik, R/W/R Federal Signal LAPD...
  12. I 26

    Aerodynic Weight

    Can anyone guess the weight on an Lapd Aero for shipping purposes?
  13. I 26

    Scuff Marks and Tar

    How do you guys clean off tar and scuff marks from domes without ruining the plastic?
  14. I 26

    Who makes this TIR 4 lighthead?

    Who makes this TIR4?? It's got number FS06112203 stamped on the back of it but I don't see a make anywhere. Gen 3 leds.
  15. I 26


    Hello... Want to set up an MX7000 in LAPD specs. How are these things put together? Tell me all you know. Thanks!
  16. I 26

    Question: Wall mounted displays

    Hello all. My collection is small but is still taking over my floor space and presenting a tripping hazard so I'm looking at wall mounted options. What do you guys use to mount your lightbars on the walls? Need something semi-pleasing to the eye and obviously strong enough to stay on the...
  17. I 26

    Axixtech TIR vs. Whelen TIR?

    Can't find a comparable what's brighter/performs better? Axixtech tir 4 or Whelen tir 3? I'm aware one has an extra diode. They are in green, if that makes a difference.
  18. I 26


    Okay, it's been a while since I've been here, so I don't know if this is REALLY the correct section, but there is something I've been meaning to ask... ...Why is it when I approach a police unit with a red/blue LED lightbar (local police use red/blue Liberties) the blue light seems to be...

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