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    Siren not to be used as a siren.....

    To begin, there will NOT be a speaker attached to any possible siren I purchase as I do not need one and it would be illegal in WI for me to do so, therefore opinions on tones is irrelevant. It is very possible this post is in the wrong place, if so please take my apologies and move it, just...
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    Arrow Stick

    Im sorry guys, Im probably going to come off stupid here but I cant seem to find the information I need. I recently bought the six head warning bar off awl's website. I just cant seem to figure out how to fire it. Never wired anything except foglights to a single switch so Im absolutely new to...
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    Side mount light.

    Alright guys, I have a 2000 blazer 2door and I'm looking to get side lights. I have a dual Avenger in the front and a ledo dash light in the rear, which will be removed when I get my six head Awl stick this week. At the moment all are cigarette but I may be putting in a switchbox this week...

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