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    What do they go to??

    They look like flush mount 4000/4500 rotators. I have several NOS versions of those. wolfman
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    Wanted FOR TRADE: Whelen TAD8 for Whelen TAM83

    Where in Central PA are you located? I believe I have one of the units you are looking for, but I'd have to confirm. I'm in NE PA. You can PM me directly. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Code 3 xl lenses

    I have some reds with clear center cutouts, what side(s) are you looking for? Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted 5 Whelen liberty lens kits

    PM sent
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    Wanted Whelen 900 leds

    Do they need to be Whelen 900s? I have a NOS set of four Code 3 Prizm II 9x7 split red/blue with clear lenses. PM me directly with your email if you are interested...
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    Wanted aerotwinsonic

    I have one, PM me directly with your email. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Looking for discontinued lenses

    I believe that I have some blue Weldons like that. PM me directly if you are interested.
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    Wanted WANTED - NOS Lower Level Streethawk Lenses

    As the title says, I'm looking for some lower level Federal Signal Streethawk lenses --- looking for clears, reds, and ambers. Looking for multiple quantities of each color. Please PM me and let me know prices shipped to 18507. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Looking for non-working Whelen Vertex LEDs

    I recently completed a decommission of an older police vehicle that had Whelen Vertex VTX609 LEDs mounted underneath the doors. The clear covers are beyond polishing, but the units still work with no issues. Hoping to find someone with some non-working units with burnt-out LEDs, but still good...
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    Wanted Looking for MX7000 Corner Filters

    Hi, looking to see if anyone knows if the corner filters for the MX7000 platform are still available from Code 3. Part numbers for the filters are: T02184 Amber Corner Filter for Driver Side Front/Passenger Side Rear T02194 Amber Corner Filter for Passenger Side Front/Driver Side Rear T02183...
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    Wanted Looking for 2-4 Whelen 600's in blue - trade.

    I have a bunch of blue 600s and would be up for a trade. PM me directly with your email address. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Whelen corner strobe heads

    I have both used and NOS. PM me directly with your email address. wolfman
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    For Sale NOS dual comm amber domes

    Hi, what color MX domes are you looking for? I'd be up for a trade. PM me directly if you are interested. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Whelen Liberty 44" Red Blue Lightbar modified to 110v

    I can do that, but I only have 47.5" bars. PM me directly if you are interested. wolfman
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    Wanted Force 4 blue dome

    What's your budget? And are you looking for just one, or a matching pair?
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    Wanted Force 4 XL Amber or Clear Dome, Cascade Mirrors and (STRONG) Magnets

    I have clear XL mini domes, and "V" mirrors, don't know if you'd be able to get cascade mirrors between the rotators. PM me directly if you are interested. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted 2100 21TR RX2700 top lenses

    I have a set of top lenses, all clear. PM me directly if you are interested. wolfman
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    Wanted Fed sig FireRay

    I have some NOS GS2/GS5 FireRay strobe full assemblies. PM me directly if you are interested. wolfman
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    Wanted Whelen Liberty "NEW" lens kit "BLUE"

    I have NOS full blue Liberty lens kits in stock, the older type with the 500 series endcaps/rubber gaskets. PM me directly if you are interested. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Liberty LIN12 Corners in White, Red

    What colors in the LIN6 are you looking for? PM me directly. wolfman
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    Wanted Whelen 700 strobe & lens

    Got it, you can email me directly at
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    Wanted Whelen micro max strobe

    Got one, you can email me directly at
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    Wanted Whelen Liberty boxes for shipping

    I've been buying boxes from U-Line... they work out to about $5.50 per box in quantities of 10. I believe with shipping it was under $80 for 10. Here's the link:
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    Wanted Liberty Red ~52"

    Whelen Liberty bars are either 49" or 56". If you can deal with 49", I can help you out. PM me directly with your email address. Thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted 54-60" Red LED Bar - Any Brand

    I can build to order Whelen Liberty bars. PM me with your email if you are interested, definitely fit in your budget. thanks, wolfman
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    Wanted Whelen 500 series amber lin6 heads

    Got 'em, PM me with your email. wolfman
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    2017 Charger lighting

    I'd suggest changing your Avengers to steady burn, and putting in an external flasher. Sho-Me makes an inexpensive easy to use flasher, and most of the other major manufacturers (Whelen, Code 3, Fed Sig) also make LED flashers that should work without any issues. I've done this several times...

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