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  1. J

    Wanted SOS Ultralite 8 R/B

    Still looking
  2. J


    Please lock thread. Item found. Looking for a used in good condition whelen alpha 12r siren or beta 112r with wiring harnesses included. Thanks for looking. Joe
  3. J

    Whelen alpha vs alpha 12R vs beta112R

    Hello. I tried doing some research but could not find an answer. Is there any differences between the siren tones on alpha, alpha 12r, and beta112? Do they sound different on each model? Thanks
  4. J

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    15, 16, and 17 all activated the siren. Guess I'm SOL at this point.
  5. J

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    One more quick question. Could I tap a grounded wire to each individual pinout to see if it eventually activates the airhorn or would I be risking messing up something.
  6. J

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    Thank you very much for your help. Looks like I need to the radio software.
  7. J

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    The DEK has all the buttons programmed..siren ,yelp,wail,hi/low, airhorn etc. When I hit the airhorn button on the dek it activates it. The airhorn button on the dek does not correlate to specific default pinout? Only reason trying find out is that the dek is mounted in the glove box and I...
  8. J

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    Hello. I have a Spectra astro siren hooked up to a apx6500 and hln1241d dek. Dek Pinout 17 is hooked up to a rocker switch which activates the siren. Anyone know which pinout activates the air horn? Thanks
  9. J

    motorola hln1241d DEK pinouts

    Hello. I have a Motorola Spectra astro siren hooked up to a hln1241d dek and Motorola apx 6500 radio. I searched internet and really couldn't find an explanation to what the pinouts on the dek are assigned to. I have a red wire coming from pinout 17 which is wired to a momentary switch which...
  10. J

    Wanted SOS Ultralite 8 R/B

    I don't think that will fit in my rear window. I will measure and get back to you. Thanks
  11. J

    Wanted SOS Ultralite 8 R/B

    Looking for a used SOS Ultralite 8 in half red half blue with mounting backets. Thanks for looking. Joe
  12. J

    For Sale Driver side brackets explorer/utility ILB pinnacle

    I have set of used soundoff interior pinnacle ILB driver side mounting brackets with hardware for 2013-16 explorer/ utility. Asking $20 shipped.
  13. J

    Wanted Pinnacle ILB red blue for 2013 explorer

    Appreciate your offer but would like vehicle specific for the explorer. Thanks again.
  14. J

    Wanted Pinnacle ILB red blue for 2013 explorer

    Someone has to have one. still looking
  15. J

    Red and Blue Spectacular

    PM sent
  16. J

    Whelen par28 question

    Thank you. Is there a specific type screw I need to use?
  17. J

    Whelen par28 question

    I just received a new pair of whelen par28. My question is the 4 mounting holes on back don't seem to be threaded. Is it suppose to be like that? Thanks for your help
  18. J

    2015 Sirennet Warehouse Super Low Clearance

    PM sent
  19. J

    Huge lot -SOLD

    do you have a pinnacle ILB red blue with takedowns for a 2013 explorer?
  20. J

    For Sale Whelen CSP690

    Complete used Whelen CSP 690 6 head 90 watt strobe supply with wiring harness. 6 cables and 8 strobe tubes. 4 long cables with amp connectors. 2 short with amp connectors. 4 used SVP pop in strobes. 4 screw in style Whelen strobe tubes. All in working condition. Asking $100. Any questions please...
  21. J

    jackrabbit49 has not sent me the light I paid for

    He got me too. I wrote a negative review. He has 2 user names also.
  22. J

    Negative From Jackrabbit49

    Purchased a soundoff ILB on Nov 6. It is now Dec 1 and still no ILB. Have been in contact with Jackrabbit49 and received nothing but excuses as to why ILB has not shipped. He never once contacted me to provide an update. I had to initiate contact every time.  I spoke with him over 2 weeks ago...
  23. J

    Wanted Whelen par28

    PM sent
  24. J

    Wanted Whelen par28

    Looking for a pair of used whelen par28J split red/blue. Or either all red and all blue. Thanks

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