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    Whelen Rotabeam 600 side warning

    John, you are an absolute myriad of information! The HELS was exactly what I remember from a few years ago!
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    Whelen Rotabeam 600 side warning

    Thank you for the reply John. I see that now. Sadly Whelen used to make aviation wingtip lights in 12v Amber for this exact purpose and they worked great.
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    Whelen Rotabeam 600 side warning

    Hi friends, anyone have experience with Whelen Rotabeam 600’s? I want to mount 2 on the side of a newly ordered dump body and want to know if they will provide enough warning to the back and front. I could always install beacons on L brackets but these would be more streamlined.
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    Spotlight Beacon

    Very cool, had no idea!
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    Spotlight Beacon

    I don’t know why the link is acting funny..
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    Spotlight Beacon

    This is sure different..
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    Wanted 2008 Impala Flashers

    I work for a very very small police department. Our fleet consisted of a 2015 Interceptor Utility and a 2008 unmarked Impala. The interceptor died and our only vehicle is now a 2008 Impala with 300,000 miles… anyways It literally only has 4 colored hide always. I’m looking for some plug and...
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    21 Tahoe PPV Lightbar Fit

    H Haha good point might try that
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    21 Tahoe PPV Lightbar Fit

    Hi all, Starting the order process for a new Tahoe PPV. It will be our first. Can I squeeze a 60” lightbar on the roof, or is 53” about the max I can fit? I only ask because I have a new 60” sitting around id like to use on the build. Thanks in advance!
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    Hella HERO hideaway OE bulb replacement. Whelen HALO Reincarnated!

    Do you have a link to the full application guide? All I can find is this: which is a dead link.. I need to find the the correct adapter for a 2021 Ram Classic Warlock Reverse bulb..
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    Whelen edge mini

    The ripple edge's were VERY popular in the UK!
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    Need a little help re-programming fedsig!

    Thanks guys, I’ll give it a shot this afternoon see how it goes. This particular vehicle should have been retired long ago so the moisture issue could be right on the money.. we shall see
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    Whats the brightest light bar available today?

    My local Fire Dept. just put a 60" full rotator Navigator on an engine.. thing is insane!
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    Need a little help re-programming fedsig!

    Hi friends, Have a marked car here at work that somehow the SmartSiren controller got messed up (Integrity lightbar). Basically the only function that is currently working is the front flood function when the slide switch is in position 3. [Should normally be a 360' flash in position 3) No...
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    Wanted 4 head strobe kit HAW

    Hi friends, Looking for a working condition 4 head strobe hideaway kit. Must have working bulbs, cables and power supply. Thanks! Thank you!
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    How to set up switches for rotator bar

    The bar is a star interceptor. The rear halogen arrow stick has a separate controller and as I can tell, there's no external wiring to activate a flash pattern off a separate switch. I know it's old school but the stuff is NOS so why not! The trucks also getting 6 hideaway strobes- 4 rear 2...
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    How to set up switches for rotator bar

    Hi friends, My dept is getting a brand new truck with NOS equipment that was tucked in storage in the city garage. Not really a big deal to me, however we are getting a brand new halogen lightbar and I have no idea how to set up the switches. The oldest bar I ever had at work was an edge 9000...
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    Construction Warning Lights for Jeep with Soft Top

    This company makes non-permanent mounts in a variety of types. For a Jeep, I would suggest the hitch mount pole.
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    Construction Warning Lights for Jeep with Soft Top

    I have one. It came with a halogen blinking beacon, but changed it to LED using same mount. Works great, window holds perfect.
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    Ceridian Series Lightbars?

    Just saw this on Twitter. to me looks like it's definitely marketed towards the UK market. That being said, I don't hate it, just doesn't look like a Whelen bar to me.
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    Wilson LED conversions - multiple models and repair

    Wilson, have any Liberty Whelen 500 Dummy heads in Amber lying around?
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    For Sale Vintage Strobe Bar

    Maybe someone could go save this from the junk yard??
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    Whelen Strap Mounts 94-01 Ram

    Found. Please lock!
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    Whelen Strap Mounts 94-01 Ram

    shues, you are the best!!!
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    Whelen Strap Mounts 94-01 Ram

    In need of a set of 94-01 Dodge Ram pickup Whelen lightbar straps. Club cab if there's a difference.
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    Jeep Compass LED TLF Question

    Hi all, so I have LED taillights on my Compass. Pretty basic, 3 wires (BRAKE, RUNNING, GROUND) and they run on straight 12v. Can I simply purchase an LED flasher and tap into the BRAKE wire on each seperate light or will there be some type of feedback issue I'll need to deal with? I've read...
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    For Sale NOS Mini Vector SL NY/NJ Port Authority model

    Would you trade for an 8 head amber liberty with LED TD, new lenses?
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    Wanted Cencom Legend Label Sheet

    Which one do you need? Might have it spare

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