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  1. Tony P

    power setup for wall mounted bar

    This thread may be a good place for you to start:
  2. Tony P

    eBay is really starting to crack down on sellers...

    Well. I certainly did not expect to read that today.
  3. Tony P

    For Sale Twinsonic Parts

    User accounts sorted out and user will be using the SWI712 account. Thread back open for business
  4. Tony P

    Got an old OSP Impala running after sitting for 20 years!

    The original poster has not been online here since 2014.
  5. Tony P

    For Sale Twinsonic Parts

    Thread locked as it appears the member may have two different accounts. Staff has PM'd them for clarification.
  6. Tony P

    For Sale Oldies but goodies

    Lets keep it on topic for Defiance's for sale ad folks
  7. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen

    Got a hold of Fred. This is a SCAMMER who stole his photo from Pinterest.
  8. Tony P

    For Sale Whelen

    Do you really have these? That looks like well known collector Fred Hicks' garage....
  9. Tony P

    For Sale Large Beacon and Siren Collection

    I sent this to @Usmc69187 as he may have interest in these
  10. Tony P

    Announcement The "RAM" in RAM4, In Memory of R.A. Marcson 1948-2022

    I'm sorry to hear of you and your family's loss. Thank you for sharing the story and may you find comfort in the memories like those
  11. Tony P

    For Sale Federal Signal light bars.

    If a user uses the "BUMP" feature, that is how it displays if they don't post a new comment with it each time.
  12. Tony P

    hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of great members and buyers here
  13. Tony P

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    I'm guessing the seller is out of town and didn't want to take the ad down. If you look at the ones they have sold, they've almost all been for $49.99
  14. Tony P

    SoundOff Signal FR100 series siren

    Features Full function siren for use with one or two 100 watt speakers Large buttons and rotary knob for easy operation even with gloves Up to 24 selectable tones including dedicated mechanical tone Horn and manual button plus horn ring transfer input Hands-free operating mode Five-year...
  15. Tony P

    Steve from central Florida

    Yes, Welcome aboard! A Twinsonic is a great addition to any collection
  16. Tony P

    New To Wiring - Whelen HHS3200

    Do you have the installation guide from Whelen? Link to it here:
  17. Tony P

    Support How to change titles

    Editing ability for posts times out after a certain time frame to prevent substantial content changes.
  18. Tony P

    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel - ***NEW INSTALL***

    What are you going to replace it with?
  19. Tony P

    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome to the site!
  20. Tony P

    WANTED: Upfitter Installer In Long Island, NY

    @EMT-BLS isn't that your neck of the woods?
  21. Tony P

    Wanted WANTED: Radio Rack bracket for Radios and Lightning Controls

    @MSP2400 you may want to specify the make/model of the vehicle you are restoring as well as the make of the radio rack if you know it. If you have a photo of what you're looking for that may help members help you out as well. Welcome to the site!
  22. Tony P

    Support Membership levels and renewal

    @JohnMarcson or @Jman423 will have to help you out with this. Tagging them to help ensure they see it.
  23. Tony P

    Hella hero

    From this thread: @Michael_Sobotka may be of assistance?
  24. Tony P

    New siren by El-Car Ltd.

    It would be helpful to post direct links to this new siren here instead of directing users to a social media platform that many members may have no desire to be a part of.
  25. Tony P

    Hi from France

    Welcome to the site!
  26. Tony P

    SOLD FD surplus,,Whelen, Code 3, (2) model red domes

    The OP has not been back online since 2/18. Please make a transaction dispute thread with this information or leave feedback as appropriate.
  27. Tony P

    Federal Signal, Signal Stat, Misc. Collection

    Love the lighted display case!
  28. Tony P

    Hello from Belgium, Antwerp

  29. Tony P

    Positive Great deal with GE

    Transaction feedback requires the item bought/sold to be listed. Please update your post.

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