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  1. CrownVic97

    Dietz 240-1-WW "Hill Light"

    When I first got my Tripp Lite S-75 "hill" beacon, it had both par36 bulbs tilted upward while the par46 bulbs were on the horizontal plane. Definitely used at an airport before I got it and returned it back to the original configuration.
  2. CrownVic97

    Western MFG Corp. Handy Safety Light model SL-750

    Seen one of those years ago on a shelf at a local salvage yard. Always wondered what that looked like powered up! Not too bad, but not great. Bet if you put 795 / 795X bulbs in there, it'll be much better in signal strength.
  3. CrownVic97

    OFFICIAL New ECTO-1 Reboot Discussion Thread

    The only gripe I got with the Ecto-1 in the newest film is that they couldn't source another 48" Force 4 XL for the front like they did for the rear? I mean...the internet can provide if they needed it, lol
  4. CrownVic97

    Sync'd rotator bars

    Well, gotdang...this might happen after all!
  5. CrownVic97

    Sync'd rotator bars

    Yeah...hmmm...good question. Maybe I'll search around online for 3/16 hex stock. I definitely do want to try this idea. Think I could make a cool, unique bar to put up for sale later!
  6. CrownVic97

    Sync'd rotator bars

    Cool! Thanks, man! Yeah, now the question is how hard is it to find a hexagonal shaft? Hmmm...
  7. CrownVic97

    Sync'd rotator bars

    So did both motors run together and equal each other out or was one a slave, one was the master? I'd take an XL I have in storage to try this idea out for sure :D
  8. CrownVic97

    What Vehicle Would have used these Lights?

    Looks like they were mounted on the rear headache rack of an engine at one point in time. I'm pretty sure that's what they were on before decommisioning.
  9. CrownVic97

    This is going to be fun

    Can grab all eight 4416s for around $100 at this listing
  10. CrownVic97

    Code 3 Stinger...

    Only the sealed beam and independent rotator series of XL lightbars. The use for them varied on XL bars. From front clear or colored intersection clearing lights, to a unique rear warning signal. It all depended on what the customer wanted. Majority of Stingers were installed as front facing...
  11. CrownVic97

    Unity Four Flasher 20100R beacon

    That's a pretty fancy Uni-Rack setup there for a movie!
  12. CrownVic97

    Displaying the toys

    I have one for both my work room and outdoor work shed. Awesome units and has built-in reverse polarity protection.
  13. CrownVic97

    Siren Identification Help

    Sounds very very close to a older SVP SA-400 siren. My guess it is that siren as they were quite popular with the ambulance companies in the late 80s and through the mid 90s
  14. CrownVic97

    Ohio ''Hostage lights"

    I'd flag him on that FB page, dude. If he did it to you, he's gonna do it to others.
  15. CrownVic97

    Ohio ''Hostage lights"

    What a dirty rat b@$t@rd move to pull that shit with you. I'd been pissed. Was that on Facebook you were trying to deal on or elsewhere?
  16. CrownVic97

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Grabbed some screen caps of the cruisers. Ford and Federal sponsored, lol ;)
  17. CrownVic97

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Someone should message them for an offer of $50 bucks....SHIPPED.
  18. CrownVic97

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    Better been made by fairy elves and have a 5 million hr bulb in it for that price...jeepus cripes...
  19. CrownVic97

    New lightbar!

    That's a kind of hard-to-find AdvantEdge with strobes and rotators, especially with the center Pierce-Alert II in the center. I say you got yourself a unique bar that's not commonly seen in that arrangement.
  20. CrownVic97

    Today’s haul!

    You might actually have the two lightbars off of one vehicle. The NY Port Authority used all red AeroDynics on their Mack MF Tunnel wreckers. Here's a pic of one with dual AeroDynics. The ones in the picture look like EH bars (6 rotators and end lamp flashers), but I'm suspecting that with...
  21. CrownVic97

    Who made the best rotating halogen dash light?

    How'd the dome not melt o_O?
  22. CrownVic97

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    We go from a C3 Excalibur bar to a Tomar bar in seconds. Must be one of those magic cop cars, haha! That was very bad's dripping with cheese o_O
  23. CrownVic97

    North American Signal "Action Lite" 4WF

    Personally, but I'd have each bulb wired to their own flasher, that way you create a very dynamic signal effect! I wonder if anyone has tried that here yet?
  24. CrownVic97

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Good ol' Mars Light action! And that Ford is awesome too!
  25. CrownVic97

    My "new 25RWL"

    Pretty much what my reaction would be too if I seen that.
  26. CrownVic97

    Federal Signal 143

    Yep! :D
  27. CrownVic97

    Movies & Television: Police, Fire & EMS Vehicles

    Use what you can for mounting feet I guess, and not hide the lightbar cable any better so it doesn't show up in the shot as much. Ahh, Hollyweird, you never fail with your crazy installs.
  28. CrownVic97

    For Sale Pyramid PS-52KX Power Supply (24 VOLTS!) My Loss, Your Gain...

    CrownVic97 updated Pyramid PS-52KX Power Supply (24 VOLTS!) My Loss, Your Gain... with a new update entry: Any takers? Read the rest of this update entry...
  29. CrownVic97

    For Sale Whelen AdvantEdge mini lightbar parts (SOLD)

    CrownVic97 updated Whelen AdvantEdge mini lightbar parts with a new update entry: SOLD Read the rest of this update entry...
  30. CrownVic97

    Ecto 1 Rebuild

    Ok, I'm sorry to rain on the parade of the restoration team in the second video, but the front lightbar IS NOT CORRECT. The original Ecto-1 in the film had two blue 48" Force 4 XL lightbars, forward and rear, with the independent rotators, diamond mirrors, and custom mounting feet similar to the...

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