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  1. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Mini Liberty/Patriot shell, $20.

    Up for sale is a custom shell of a mini Whelen Patriot/Liberty lightbar. Comes as shown (upper/lower frame, front/rear lenses (weathered) and dummy balast (it is a strobe power supply but believed to not be working)). $20 plus shipping (likely $15-$20). Cash, USPS moneyorder or COD payments only.
  2. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Showing off a SlickStik...

    Recently acquired a light that was one of the few left on my wanted list. Did a trade with John Marcson and it has a new home on my main display shelf. Just wanted to make a quick video showing it off...
  3. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Positive Another positive with John Marcson...

    Traded lights, each shipped our own. Shipped sooner then expected and packed good.
  4. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Looking to trade my Whelen 295hfs1a for PAP112 (whelen airhorn/pa).

    I have a good condition Whelan siren 295hfs1a that can run 1 or 2 speakers. I would like to trade it for a Whelen PAP112 (with microphone). I might be willing to sell it too but really wanting to trade. Has harness, faceplate not broken and overall in good condition.
  5. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Thoughts on shipping a Jetsonic?

    What are some thoughts on shipping a Jetsonic? Main concern is the incredible wasted space from the peak of the speaker section. The bar could be put in at an angle with the peak in the corner of the box or shipped separately but someone must have a better way. Thoughts? I am considering just...
  6. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Interesting Jetstream part that I have not seen before...

    This is the first time I have seen a home sensor like this. It uses a rod to push 2 relay style contacts. I presume it is a magnetic coil to hold the rod during operation then release to locate home. Not one I have seen before. Feel free to share any info you have on it. Haven't taken it apart...
  7. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale NOS Red Aerodynic 22 domes (pair)

    I have a new pair of domes. They have a decent amount of shelf wear but otherwise are in great condition. I do not have the best idea of their value so I will do this a little backwards. $300 is the most I would take for them. If you want them and feel that is not reasonable, make what you...
  8. Jennifer Rose Towing

    What Whelen strobe is this (plus what is a PA300 worth)?

    Traded some lights today and had a couple of questions. What is the name of this strobe and what is the value range? I have not tested it yet as not 100% on the hookup. It has a small piece of paper folded up wedged in by the capacitors that I have not looked at yet. The 2nd item is a pa300...
  9. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Whelen mini Patriot

    I have a Red Red mini Whelen patriot that I am building for sale. It has (will have when completed) 4 red corner strobes and halogen alleys. Feet can also be included. The reason I have not completed it is because I have project bars but only one set of endcaps and strobe supply. What ever one...
  10. Jennifer Rose Towing

    What are mini Whelen Patriots worth (and/or frame/lenses)?

    I have 2 frames for a mini Patriot/Liberty but only enough parts to make one complete red mini Patriot. One is a half width center section and the other is the full width of a 500 head so I can build either one (have the lenses for both but no endcaps/guts for one). Just trying to see what...
  11. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Whelen Patriot wiring-install instructions

    I have been searching here and the web but unable to locate a wiring diagram. Looking for the pdf install or full wire harness breakdon for the Patriot lightbar. Edit: Here is the PDF with wiring diagram for the Whelen Patriot lightbar.
  12. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Recent Twinsonic purchase and in progress clean-up...

    (10/17 update. Since posts are limited to 20 photos I deleted all the old and reposted with new. Text is all the same but adding a couple of short videos too). Sold an amber Twinsonic a while back because they don't speak to me as much as some other bars. As time went by, they grew on me a bit...
  13. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Any business interested in sponsoring an upcomming video?

    I have been thinking about a video project for a while relating to questions that come up seemingly every month or two. I can make a generic explaination video but would prefer to make one with real life visuals and examples. The difference for me is the cost. If I make the video I would like...
  14. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Wanted Whelen PA (Airhorn/PA preferred)

    I think Whelen has a few versions of the stand alone PA/Airhorn units but not sure of the models/features. Ideally I am looking for the Whelen system with PA that has a volume adjustment and airhorn function. Not really wanting a full siren. Let me know what ya have and prices.
  15. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Five-0 dashlight *lenses*

    I am selling a set of lenses for the Five-0 dash light. Its a pair of the clear lenses/domes for the light, an inner and outer piece. These are new, aftermarket. I ran a set in one of my lights for 35-40 min without any issues. Lightly burned my finger on the cover, it got hot! I did have to...
  16. Jennifer Rose Towing

    For Sale Amber Slimlighters (5mm and TIR)

    Selling 2 of these 3 Amber Slimlighters (one 5mm and one TIR version). They have about 20 patterns each. The TIR6 verson has about a 2 ft cord, (sold) $80 The 5mm version has a little over 8ft of cord but no plug (I might have a spare plug I can throw in if requested). $65 without suction cup...
  17. Jennifer Rose Towing

    The various power supplies and connections I use for my collection.

    Put together a video about the power supplies I use plus a bit more info. Does include a long intro to the video.
  18. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Positive Another positive sale to ur20v...

    Another postitve transaction, sold a beacon.. Sent the requested USPS money order for payment when stated. Good communication, Thank you!
  19. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Positive Positive purchase from Lights9797...

    I purchased 2 lights. Took the time to get the additional photos I requested and answewed my many questions so I knew what I was getting. Shipped when stated and arrived fine. Thank you.
  20. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Beacon trio

    And you thought the title said Bacon Trio, lol. Have a 184 I am selling so I wanted to make a video with it and my other beacons first. I converted the model 14 to 12v from 24/28v.
  21. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Liberty board aux port question...

    My liberty LC has an aux port on the board. The instructions show this can be switched via the cruise wire but does not say how much power it can handle. It appears to be ground switched (left pin) with a constant power (right pin). My plan (and I cant see a reason why I couldn't) is to use...
  22. Jennifer Rose Towing

    3 sections of my display running.

    Picked up another power supply (my 5th) so had to run more lights. These were all just filmed with my cell. I plan on making a video in the future about my various power supplies and their connectors. Until then, here are 3 sections of my display shelves running.
  23. Jennifer Rose Towing

    SOLD Federal 184 beacon for sale...

    These older beacon are not my normal collectables so I am not very knowledgeable of what's original or the value. I have an idea of what I would like to get for it but dont know if it's in the general value range. Feel free to ask questions or make an offer after reading below... It runs just...
  24. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Looking for decent digital volt meter (not multimeter)...

    I am wanting to install a permanent digital volt meter on one of my power supplies that has a voltage adjustment. I was looking at a few $10 ones on amazon but the reviews seem to state inaccurate voltage. I only need one accurate to the tenths but would prefer it be fairly accurate. Any...
  25. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Different prespective on 3 strobe lights

    Was playing around a bit with a few strobe lights. This is a prospective I have not seen before.
  26. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Replacing small battery with power supply?

    I have a wireless sensor on a detached garage that runs off the little 2032 3v battery. When temps drop, the battery is useless. I was wondering if I could just buy a cheap plug in power supply, remove the battery and solder the wires in place of the battery. Would this pose any risks or other...
  27. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Positive Positive sale to ur20v...

    Sold 911EP parts to. Worked with my limited payment acceptance options. Good communication. Thanks @ur20v
  28. Jennifer Rose Towing

    911EP Millennium operation, programming and info video series.

    I have started making an in depth series of videos related to the 911EP Millennium lightbar. I hope to cover pretty much every topic about these bars (flash patterns, programming, troubleshooting, parts/breakdown and more). This thread will be the central spot to locate all of the videos in the...
  29. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Positive Positive purchase/trade w Tsquale

    Traded plus added some cash to complete another positive deal with Tsquale. Thanks!
  30. Jennifer Rose Towing

    Edge SL6 power supply question...

    A while back I picked up a mini Edge 94 MEDGEP. It was a 4 strobe but one was burned out. When replacing the burned out strobe I noticed it had 2 spare strobe wires from the SL6 power supply. I have a couple of spare inboard strobes I would like to hook up if I can to run it as a 6 head. All I...

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