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  1. firebuff17

    Is this acceptable relay wiring?

    I am not sure if this acceptable for your standard Bosch style 30a relay. In theory it works but not sure if it is safe. This is for manual and auto control of AUX reverse lights that are controlled with a switch and also when you move the transmission into reverse. Trying to do it as simply...
  2. firebuff17

    Wanted Mars 888 U/Down Gear

    I snagged an 888 pedestal mount a while back. Finally got around to testing it. The up/down motion was acting funny. I disassembled the housing and the plastic gear was cracked and barely hanging on. Didn’t take much and it fully broke. If anyone has one let me know. It looks like it might be...
  3. firebuff17

    Whelen X-ecutor Manual wanted

    As the title reads. Looking for Manuals for the X-ecutor siren. Mainly an install manual. But looking for anything that goes with it. Managed to come across an X-ecutor with the control head and the wiring between the 2. There are a couple wires cut from the harness which I assume are for the...
  4. firebuff17

    Positive Sold to Jennifer Rose Towing

    Excellent communications. Pleasure to deal with. Would not hesitate to do business with again.
  5. firebuff17

    911EP 360 Star

    I am looking for any “paperwork” for 911EP 360 Stars. Specifically anything for flash patterns. I downloaded the files (2004 catalogue, and the 360 PDFs.) that are listed above in this section. None of those have any flash pattern list in them unfortunately.
  6. firebuff17

    Positive Bought positive from Fuzzybubba

    Bought positive from @fuzzybubba Excellent communications. Products as described. Fast shipping. Very well priced. Would not hesitate to buy from him again.
  7. firebuff17

    Setcom Intercom part needed

    Just reaching out to see if there are any dealers on here that have access to Setcom intercom parts. I am looking for the “Aux Audio” input cable. Part number 25-0088. Depending on the price I may need 1 to 4 of them. Thanks everyone
  8. firebuff17

    Whelen X-Ecutor wiring Question

    I am in a spare rig at work and it has the Whelen X-Ecutor siren WITH control head. The EQ2B is OOS and we have been using the X-Ecutor as our primary noise maker. Problem with this is that the control head is mounted forward on the dash and requires the drivers to reach far forward to operate...
  9. firebuff17

    NFPA B6MMRAP question.

    I am curious as to why the 700 series Amber linear LED in the base of this assembly does not come with a sync wire? My Dept just replaced the 2 RB6? (Halogen rotator and halogen amber flasher) with these B6MMRAP assemblies. They are red L31 beacons on top of a polished aluminum base that houses...
  10. firebuff17

    Whelen Universal LAW dimensions?

    I am looking for the dimensions of the bulb for the LAW. I have a lead on a system but after closely looking at where I want to install it I may not have enough room to mount the base of the bulb. I am looking for the depth including the foam gasket from mating surface to “outside” depth and...
  11. firebuff17

    Whelen's "newest" LED date change

    Searched around a bit and couldn't find the answer. What is the manufacture date on Whelen's LED heads when they updated to the newest leds? Specifically blue and amber. Might be in the market for some 500 series heads. Prices fluctuate drastically between different avenues. Just looking to...
  12. firebuff17

    Positive Light positive from emtanderson51

    Bought a light from emtanderson51 from one of his for sale threads. Excellent communication. Shipped and packed very well. Received with no issues. Will certainly buy from him again as this is my second purchase from him.
  13. firebuff17

    Looking for Whelen 9404K info

    So I have found a Whelen 9404K light bar on the local Craigslist listing really cheap. I did a search on here and the Net and didn't come up with much. I "think" I found the Whelen install sheet but not 100% sure it's correct. I came up with this:
  14. firebuff17

    For Sale Craigslist- Motorola Saber II UHF This is my listing. PM me with questions or an offer!
  15. firebuff17

    Siren model number help

    I am Looking to find the model number in this siren. Searched the web via images to try and figure this out to no avail. And this is all I have for pics. Trying to do some research on it for its full capabilities. Thanks in advance
  16. firebuff17

    Wanted Feeler..Edge Ultra end cap

    I might be picking up an all blue 12 strobe Edge Ultra with alleys, TD, and rear flashers. Price is really good. I have no need for it. (I know). It would be a wall hanger and the first of hopefully many for my collection. The only thing is it does not have end caps. Talked to my local Whelen...
  17. firebuff17

    For Sale Dual Dashmiser

    Found another gem on the bay. Seller says they have three for $150 OBO each!! Picture shows what looks to be the 52 series strobe (fluted lens, dark spot in the middle which looks to be the helical strobe tube). Reading the description they have it...
  18. firebuff17

    For Sale Whelen Transporter

    Found this on the bay today. All I can say is WOW. Somebody must be desperate to pay that.
  19. firebuff17

    Centurion Amp Draw

    Afternoon all. Looking to see if anyone has an idea of how much a 3 rotator Centurion light bar would draw. A buddy got a deal for a 3 rotator bar off one of the fire trucks at work. And now he is looking to wire it up in his man cave over the bar. Looking to see how big of an invertor he...
  20. firebuff17

    Wanted Whelen Dashmiser Parts

    Looking for a few Whelen Dashmiser parts. (2)Z brackets (2)headliner brackets single strobe supply. (Found. Thank you wmreader) Thanks for looking.
  21. firebuff17

    For Sale Freedom Prototype. On EBay

    Found this today. Says it's a prototype. Not much info or further on it. Figured somebody might be interested or have more info on it.
  22. firebuff17

    2014 Ram 1500 POV

    Here is my 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Cab POV install. This project has taken me almost a year to get this far. It is not done yet but I wanted to post what I have done so far to pass some info on for others looking to install on their Rams. Here is a list of what is currently installed: Whelen PAP112...
  23. firebuff17

    Where/How to buy custom Cairns helmet?

    So I would love to wear my Cairns N5 at my career job but rules say no go. I have worn 1044 for a short period as a trial and liked it as a composite goes. I have searched several websites and none I have looked on have what I want. I have "built" one on the Cairns/MSA website to my specs but...
  24. firebuff17

    Whelen Duo ION?

    I have been looking online at various retailers and have not found them. Are they available yet? If not, do you know when they will be available? Thanks
  25. firebuff17

    Whelen HALO wiring help

    So I am installing a HALO system into my '14 Ram and ran into a problem. I don't know if it's the system or if I screwed the wiring up. I have a few of these so I don't have to cut my factory harness and I can go back to stock at any time. I cut it in half. I plugged the male into the OEM...
  26. firebuff17

    HALO bulb wiring diagram help

    Don't want to burn anything up in blue smoke and looking for some help. Does anybody know what three connections on the bulb are? Ie which is neg, signal, and stop or turn. I included some pictures to try and help. Thanks
  27. firebuff17

    2014 Ram 1500 & Whelen Halo?

    Good morning. I realize I would need to cut and splice factory wiring to install the Whelen HALO rear system, but my question is this. Would the bulb physically fit into the housing without any modification to the housing? Would the bulb be a direct fit?
  28. firebuff17

    '14 ram 1500 Horn Ring Transfer Help

    Afternoon all So I got a new '14 Ram 1500 that I want to put my Whelen PAP112 into. I popped the hood and was poking around to find the OEM horns that I can tie into for my SPDT switch to make the transfer. For the life of me I can not find them. There is a lot of plastic and coverings in...
  29. firebuff17

    '08 jeep GC Horn Ring Transfer

    Looking for alittle wire schematic and location help. Putting in a Whelen PAH112 in my second vehicle. It's a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Just need location and wire color where I can cut and splice a horn ring transfer to power the activation wire on my PAH 112. I am putting in a switch to...
  30. firebuff17

    Whelen PCC8R wiring question

    Good afternoon all. I have one question that I can not find the answer for in regards to the PCC8 R. I would like to wire one switch as a horn transfer. Can this be accomplished with the PCC8R? I searched the board and web, found the install sheet (

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