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    Fleet strobe beacon?

    My apologies to mods, admin whoever you may be. I've been making a ton of threads the past two weeks. Feel free to delete any of my past threads. I e just had a lot of time off and keeping busy on my light bar hobby, lol. Today I found a cool, large beacon strobe I have no idea where to put...
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    Real edge 9000 diagnostix?

    I finally got pictures of the potential "diagnostix" edge 9000 I've been gandering on getting. Pictures show typical model tag, but I see there is no serial number or model number written on it. Lol. So what now? I have a separate thread on here about this bar. It has the control head with it...
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    Ecco blaze rotator speeds.

    I make way to many threads, so here's another I have a brand new ecco Blaze Halogen, belt drive mini bar. I got to use it today in a snow storm and it is nice and effective. I did notice the left rotator seemed a bit slower than the right rotator, is this normal for the pattern? It's brand new...
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    Edge 9000 for 175.00?

    I found a locally selling edge 9000 with a control box, fully working and complete for 175.00 OBO. This is all blue, amber flashers and from zooming in on the pictures, just typical scratches and smudges, doesn't look crazed or terribly beat up. Bar looks straight. She says it works well...
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    Jetsonic age

    I found a Jetsonic for sale locally for 200.00. it looks in decent shape, says it has the usual, allies, TDs, rer flashers 4 rotators. This one has the individual motorized rotators, not the chain or gear drive. Would this be like the latest version of a jetsonic? And would you pay 200? It's...
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    Ecco Blaze 2 5135-A

    I make a lot of threads on here lately, but I keep running into deals that I cannot resist talking about. This is no exception. I don't know a lot about ecco, but I found this sweet, mini bar(Blaze 5135) on marketplace locally. It's 100% brand new right down to the foam packaging and wrapper...
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    I found this red StreetHawk for sale local and thinking of getting it. He just took it off his truck and it doesn't appear to be real bad shape from what the pictures show. All the streethawk stickers are intact on the body and it looks complete. When I zoom in the lenses have typical fade and...
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    Sabre light bar

    I have a chance to get two, retired police Star Sabre, 48" bars that are clean. He wants 200 obo for BOTH. One has a short cord. They have traffic advisors all clear lenses. This bar collecting is a bit of a curse I tellya...but man it looks like a great deal and from YouTube they seem to be...
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    I got a Star Bar

    I got this nice Star Bar for my winter ranger rat project I'm doing. Originally I was going to convert an MX 7000 but it would of cost a lot to do so and I wanted to take my time and do a good job. I sat that was de for a full restoration later on. For now I like this Star Bar, simple, full size...
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    Parts sources??

    I'm finding it frustrating to find domes for my MX 7000 and Vista. Everyone on eBay sells them for ridiculous prices, try almost 700 for two pieces of small plastic. I've checked Galls, Zips.... Anyplace else online or in person to buy stuff for older bars? I need to make mine into amber so I...
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    Star Interceptor 8300 Series?

    I have a chance to buy a used Star Interceptor 8300 series 36 inch Amber/clear bar for 250.00. it's custom I think with two fast and two standard rotators, 6 flashers on back, 4 on front with take downs and allies. I was sent a video and it looks great. figured a 36" would be perfect on my...
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    Wanted Mx7000 lenses wanted

    Looking to buy or trade for a set of Amber outer upper lens domes for an MX7000. Will trade red lenses also that I have on it now. Red lenses are hazed, but not cracked, could be polished I don't know. Would like amber lenses of same condition or better. Thank you
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    Got an old AreoDynic for free

    Haven't been in here for a while, but to make a long story short, I got these three bars for free from a local Fire Department that were about to toss them in the junk. I got a MX7000, LP Force 4 6000 and a cool AreoDynic that I think was from the 80's. They all work. I want to install the...
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    Amp Draw

    I did the math(hopefully correct) and found that just one light(alley) drew 3.48 AMPS with my Multi Meter testing for current. I then added all the lights together at 3.48 amps x 15 lights total for about a 55 Amp draw if the bar was full on. This is a Vista with 5 rotators, takedowns, alley...
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    Whelen Val U Bar

    I found an all Amber Val u bar local for sale. It was originally two rotators, but he added two fast star rotators for total of 4 rotators. It has the black cover in the middle, not an all light version. Are these good lights? And worth the 175 asking price? I'm getting rid of my jet strobes and...
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    Federal JetStrobe functioning now

    Hello, everyone, again. I finally got my JetStrobe installed on my truck and all wired in, with all the known functions and patterns working great. I love it a lot and it's my first REAL lightbar, plus my truck looks real sweet with it. I pretty much wired the harness to the battery via...
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    Thoughts on Vista

    I got a cool Federal Vista this week for only 25 dollars in working condition and complete. It has some problems that are not a big deal and I'm going to fix it. Mainly someone rigged it up so just the rotators and front take downs work. It has 5 rotators, flashers front rear, take downs, alleys...
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    Measuring amps/watts.

    I have a multimeter. What is the best way to determine the amp draw/wattage of a light bar such as a Federal Vista? I'm guessing measuring the current as the light is on.
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    Wanted Vista domes and wiring harness

    Need amber domes for this Vista, series-A. And full wiring cable.
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    Vista wiring diagram

    I just got an old Vista rotator bar with some funky wiring issues. I need a wiring diagram and tried to find it on fedsig . This is an older Vista rotator bar. X132H225A series A 12 volt.
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    Proper wiring.

    I'm about to finally install my Jetstrobe light bar on my truck. I want to add some grill lights later. I would come off the battery with a circuit breaker and into the control head, then to the lights? Should I go to some sort of distribution box that I can hook in some grill lights later...
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    Positive Purchase from Rescue1

    Bought the complete set of colored spacers and lens covers for my Jetstrobe from Rescue1 Transaction was smooth and I am happy. Thanks,.
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    found:JetStrobe Amber Spacer/filters.

    I'm looking for the Ambered colored spacers that go between the strobes on my JetStrobe. As you can see mine has none, just the Strobes. I'd like this bar to be complete. Thanks.
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    Choosing controllers

    I have an old Federal Signal Jetstrobe light bar and need to connect up a controller box to it, but have not a clue what to get or look for. I'm guessing some main heavy power wires connect to the control box from the car battery and ground, then all the trigger wires are connected to the box...
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    Hey, hows it going. I got an oldish light bar yesterday callled a "JetStrobe" model# SJL3P-CPD series-A. It has the Amber filters in it along with 10 strobes, two alley lights, take downs and rear flashers. It's a pretty cool light and works well. I plan to put it on my truck for the racing...
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    Hey, it's me

    Hi, 45 years old, guy that just got an old light bar(Federal Signal Jetstrobe) and I'm here to talk about lights, duh.

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