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  1. CrownVic97

    The Greatest Find I've Committed to.....

    I will let the video speak for itself. 10 hour round trip, but you'll know why ;-) . Updates to come as things progress ^_^
  2. CrownVic97

    Not too bad for $100 ;-)

    Dominion Auto beacon, NASignal 60 inch crossbar, and a Signal Stat bar with intact end caps. All saved from an auto salvage yard in Dickinson. The Signal Stat bar is gonna need a bit of TLC (driver's side runs quick, passenger side runs a tad slower), but the Dominion beacon runs like a champ! A...
  3. CrownVic97

    For Sale Pyramid PS-52KX Power Supply (24 VOLTS!) My Loss, Your Gain...

    CrownVic97 submitted a new listing: Pyramid PS-52KX Power Supply (24 VOLTS!) My Loss, Your Gain... - Internal safeguard failed, now runs at 24 volts. Good for testing 24V lights/lightbars/beacons Read more about this listing...
  4. CrownVic97

    Manairco Airport Beacon (Custom designed Mark 12 from Tripp Lite)

    Seen this on eBay and though it was a unique re-branded beacon to share. Price is definitely steep for the condition it's in though.
  5. CrownVic97

    eBay Listing Smith and Wesson bar - $72 or $81? (South Dakota users...check this out!)

    Not my ad! Contact the FB user ;-)
  6. CrownVic97

    For Sale Whelen AdvantEdge mini lightbar parts (SOLD)

    CrownVic97 submitted a new listing: Whelen AdvantEdge mini lightbar parts - Fully polished lenses ready to go! Read more about this listing...
  7. CrownVic97

    For Sale Re-branded Federal VG Siren, 6 volt (NON-WORKING)

    CrownVic97 submitted a new listing: Re-branded Federal VG Siren, 6 volt (NON-WORKING) - Badge reads "Art Burnside & Co. Manufacturers" Read more about this listing...
  8. CrownVic97

    How Firefighters Really Eat

    My gut hurts from this.....o_O:D
  9. CrownVic97

    Best pictures of a StemLite ever taken!

    This auction is in the UK, but in my opinion, these are the most detailed pictures of this unique light to date!
  10. CrownVic97

    For Sale Tripp Lite HB-8 110V, Pensacola, AL area: $20

    NOT MY ITEM. Thanks:)
  11. CrownVic97

    For Sale Federal Signal Model 22 AeroDynic, Spencer, NY area: $50

    NOT MY ITEM. Thanks :)
  12. CrownVic97

    For Sale Dietz 240 / 7-40 Beacon in Buffalo, NY area: $30

    NOT MY ITEM. Thanks :)
  13. CrownVic97

    2nd haul for this month!

    Code 3 Force 4 SD (under Galls brand TrafficBuster), a Force 4 XL, and a battle worn Federal 12X TwinSonic. All working, all free :D! Courtesy of Elgin, ND Fire Dept ;)
  14. CrownVic97

    Think my Pyramid Power supply just ruined a Jetsonic.

    So, I was doing a final check of the Jetsonic Series B I picked up from Rugby earlier this week. I hooked power and ground up correctly and applied the rotator trigger wire to power. All went great, until I removed the trigger wire. The motor sped up and the rotators did not go back to home...
  15. CrownVic97

    First haul of 2018 :-)

    Not bad for $200! All bought from the Rugby VFD ^_^ ! The guy I met with who's on the department said some of the crew said to just chuck 'em in the dumpster. Thank God the other guys had a better idea! Whew! Bullet dodged! They will all be gone through, restored, and will probably go up for...
  16. CrownVic97

    For Sale SVP 1169 Pancake Dash Light with flash guard and extra bulb [Deleted]

    CrownVic97 submitted a new listing: SVP 1169 Pancake Dash Light with flash guard and extra bulb - Vintage rotating halogen dash light Read more about this listing...
  17. CrownVic97

    Rare Federal Siren Console on the Bay: PA151

    It's like the Federal Director version of the PA150 with no HI/LO, hardwired mic. I'm sure these aren't seen often!
  18. CrownVic97

    Code 3 XL9000 Lightbar

    Had this lightbar in my collection for about 5 years. Time to let go since 1. I've got a 48" Code 3 XL sealed beam in the collection customized with Stingers and colored bulbs and 2. I needed to make room for my CST1S TwinSonic and Model 25 AeroDynic. It doesn't hold a real strong spot in my...
  19. CrownVic97

    Federal Signal 12X TwinSonic

    Bought this bar last September. Full cleaning and restoration was done. No mounting kit comes with, only the bar. Original 4464 60W bulbs in rotators. Great for a beginner collector or project. Asking $125 plus shipping. Thanks for looking! Shortly after all internals were cleaned: As...
  20. CrownVic97

    Wanted Couple of boxes for 52" lightbars

    Looking for a couple of boxes to package two lightbars. I don't feel like looking around my local area since it's next to impossible to find them. Thanks!
  21. CrownVic97

    CTS Project for a Friend

    So, as many of y'all know by now, I picked up a Federal Signal CTS1S as my first Cal-Spec lightbar and shared about its resto. But, that's not the first CTS I did work on in my years of collecting and restoring. I didn't get around posting about this bar for a long while, but now that it's...
  22. CrownVic97

    CTS1S Restoration (First bona fide Cal-Spec bar!)

    Long backstory to this bar here -----> Short backstory: Purchased this CTS1S up in Williston, ND from a nice couple who moved up from Carson City, NV. The husband's godfather was lead inspector for...
  23. CrownVic97

    Is it worth trying to snag this or not? UPDATE: I did :D

    So, I never thought I'd see an ad for one of these up here in the frozen North... But.......this guy did his research and is asking market value pretty much. I'd offer a cash/trade: $300 along with...
  24. CrownVic97

    Finally obtained one of these for myself :-D

    As mentioned in this thread here (, I retired this Federal Signal Model 25 from service to be part of my collection for the rest of its existence. I'm pretty happy how these things work out! The crazy part is is...
  25. CrownVic97

    Federal Model CJ184 restoration for in-field use

    This beacon was done for the Fire Academy of ND. This will be going on a service vehicle in the near future. It needed a lot of help, but I got it to where it's ready to serve once again. Upon arrival at home: It had seen better days, but the skirt was in good shape and the badge was not...
  26. CrownVic97

    Whelen Centurion Custom Restoration

    Hey, all! Hope your day is going fantastic B-) Figured I share a project that I put together for a wrecker that's being put together by the Fire Academy. It's going to replace a lightbar that I'll share here once the change-over is done ;-) In late September, I bought this Whelen Centurion...
  27. CrownVic97

    Couple of recent projects for September.

    Well, I figured I'd share for the heck of it. Gotta do this more often, ya know ;) . My supervisor at work texted me a couple of pics of this Federal 15 Junior Beacon Ray with NOS amber dome his father-in-law had in storage and was dug out for auction. He allowed me to have first dibs on it if...
  28. CrownVic97

    Federal Beacon Ray Model 176 Display (silent auction item)

    First off, big shout out to Jason (shibby1952), for donating this beacon. You are one awesome dude, dude :D:):cool:. I put together this display for a Support the Badge show & shine car show that's happening at the end of July in Bismarck. This came together in about 3 weeks. I must say it was...
  29. CrownVic97

    Working Beacon Displays

    This idea came about from a good friend of our family who's a big car buff. I had made a Tripp Lite cross bar into a working display for his shop to show off to his guests and he suggested that I take my hobby and turn it into something that I could sell. So, he told me of a guy down in Mandan...
  30. CrownVic97

    Visit to State Surplus = Sweet Score

    On Tuesday, I stopped into our state's surplus hub to see if they had any new emergency equipment come in. I saw these dudes sitting on a pallet and well, it was a no-brainer :D. The most awesome part? All three for $15. Makes me feel good to get $1,500 worth of siren speaker for a helluva deal...

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