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  1. firebuff17

    Real edge 9000 diagnostix?

    I will preface this reply with I have no affiliation….But 1)Like you said, you only have $75 in it 2)Working Diagnostic bar (rare) 3)Came from working environment from what you said earlier 4)I have high anticipation the harnesses are long and not hacked off 5) matching controller I think with...
  2. firebuff17

    Fleet strobe beacon?

    Reminiscent of a Whelen
  3. firebuff17

    Real edge 9000 diagnostix?

    Solid setup for $75 and a few hours drive.
  4. firebuff17

    Wanted Whelen PA (Airhorn/PA preferred)

    Your looking for the PAP112. 100 watt air horn with PA. They also have the PA112. 100 watt air horn NO PA. Let me look, I may have a PAP112. Might be a couple of days.
  5. firebuff17

    Wanted Micro edge/freedom

    I agree. The “Flying V” as I call it, with the third module connecting the open part of the V would be my ideal set up. I would choose the UPS690 or an ISP88 if I needed more outputs. Again, I have no where, or no need for this set up, but is one that I would like to collect.
  6. firebuff17

    Wanted Micro edge/freedom

    Love those micro edges. The strobe version was my favorite. Still looking for them but like you said, they are super expensive all the time. And they don’t come up very often.
  7. firebuff17

    Wanted Micro edge/freedom

    Here is a nice set on the bay. John’s offer might be looking better and better.
  8. firebuff17

    Only the new Powerball winner can afford this one!

    It’s removed now. I clicked the link to see the ridiculous price and the listing is no longer there.
  9. firebuff17

    Jetsonic age

    All of the ones I have seen have been straight 110 to each bulb. There will be a terminal strip behind one of the lights. All the commons from each light goes to one terminal. Then each light would have its own terminal. Then the other side of the terminal is where the service wire would get...
  10. firebuff17

    Jetsonic age

    @Eric2.0 I also love traffic lights and traffic signs along with warning lights. I scored a 40” cast white metal light that was retrofitted with LEDs ☹️ I would have loved the glass lens with halogen bulb. Also snagged an old school halogen pedestrian cross light. I say old school because it has...
  11. firebuff17

    Is this acceptable relay wiring?

    Thank you @Jennifer Rose Towing and @NoLimitSquads It will all be fused properly and a diode will be placed across the coil.
  12. firebuff17

    Is this acceptable relay wiring?

    I am not sure if this acceptable for your standard Bosch style 30a relay. In theory it works but not sure if it is safe. This is for manual and auto control of AUX reverse lights that are controlled with a switch and also when you move the transmission into reverse. Trying to do it as simply...
  13. firebuff17

    Whelen under fire.

    More like Whelen Over Fire.
  14. firebuff17

    1995 Ford Mini Rescue lighting upgrade

    Strong work! Everything about that truck I like. Very nice, easy, upgrades that make the truck stand out and will last another 20 years.
  15. firebuff17

    Defiance’s Collection 9/14/22

    It’s a beaut’ Clark! Nicely done. There is a lot going on in there but it’s all laid out very well. And everything is in such a nice clean and polished condition. I am jealous.
  16. firebuff17

    Lightbar leave or move?

    I agree with EHFD. I think from a drivers standpoint, being on the cab roof it will be more visible. Like EHFD said, a couple of 360 beacons on the back corners would fill it out nicely. It would provide good warning to the rear and sides.
  17. firebuff17

    CT State Police Explorer, erm, "Police Interceptor Utility"

    As a CT resident, I may have prejudice, but they are very well set up and laid out. One of my favorite. After seeing numerous cars around the state, and in different situations, they have a lot of user options. CanTrol/Core is a wonderful thing. Low cruise, high cruise, front only cruise, rear...
  18. firebuff17

    Federal signal viper S2

    Our very own @wilsonbr90 does LED changes. Has numerous pages of happy people that he has done work for.
  19. firebuff17

    Junkyard haul......again

    The license plate bracket with LEDs and the 6 other LEDs are what appear to be Whelen TIR3 LEDs. If they are Whelen brand. Whelen LIN3 LEDs would have non optic lens’ and slightly different inner reflectors. But for what you paid I think you did good.
  20. firebuff17

    Help With Wire Cluster for older 9000 Bar

    See if this works. I can’t tell in your pic if there are the exact colors and number that you have. But it looks to me that they are 14g wires in your pic and most of them match to this.
  21. firebuff17

    NYPD Strobes? (2001)

    I could be (more like probably am) wrong with the model number. I am more a Whelen guy than a Federal Signal guy.
  22. firebuff17

    NYPD Strobes? (2001)

    @Peanutman Hard to tell with the frame rate, but are you talking about a strobe that is up near the rear view mirror? If so, it’s probably a federal signal viper. Federal was their primary brand for a long time.
  23. firebuff17

    Can anyone tell what lighthead is in this pushbar?

    I would say LIN3 front and LINZ6 on the sides.
  24. firebuff17

    Whelen Edge evolution

    Thank you John! This is great info. My phone/iCloud storage does not like me right now. But that’s another issue.
  25. firebuff17

    3 sections of my display running.

    Great displays. Waiting for the write up with power supply info.
  26. firebuff17

    Latest auction goodies...

    Let’s see some Motorola! If I can’t see some blimkies… Motorola gear will have to do
  27. firebuff17

    An interesting sales demo of NOVA strobes I picked up

    In the video (or just post some pics here) can you show what they use for a 12v power supply? Just out of curiosity.

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