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  1. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted LAPD or LA Spec Arjent, Other Equipment for 2010 Crown Victoria Restoration

    Hello, I am looking for the following items to restore an original LAPD Crown Victoria. I will also consider any lights that are similar in spec but not original LAPD. 1- Federal Signal Arjent S2 - Red/Blue with amber SignalMaster 2- Federal Signal SmartSiren SM SS2000-LAPD 3- Federal Signal...
  2. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted Federal Signal BP100 Speaker

    I am on the hunt for a Federal BP100 speaker. Preferably with a mounting bracket for a 1991 Chevy Caprice but I know that’s a long shot. I need at least one. Let me know what you have.
  3. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted WANTED: CHP Items for Vehicle Restoration

    Hello all, I am looking for help acquiring any and all of the following items, for the restoration of a 1988 Dodge CHP truck: - Red bulb for Spotlight. - Federal Signal CC1 Siren/Light controller. - OR an original GE Rangr setup. - CHP PAR46 deck light set. - MICOR Radio (CHP spec preferred). -...
  4. UnfortunateSon

    Help with NYPD Dodge Diplomat Highway Restoration

    Hello all, I am looking for assistance with replicating the interior setup on a 1988 Dodge Diplomat which I am restoring as NYPD Highway Patrol. I am looking for information on how the switches that controlled the lights would have been mounted in the dash, and what type of switches were used...
  5. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD PA300

    I am in search of two NYPD spec PA300 sirens for vehicle restorations. Would prefer working order but I’ll take a look at whatever you have. I’d be willing to trade for other equipment (I have new and vintage) or purchase. Let me know!
  6. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted LAPD AeroDynic, Other Parts for 1996 Crown Victoria Restoration

    Hello, I have recently acquired a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria which I would like to restore as an LAPD car. Already white, with spotless blue interior, dual spotlights (very rare option in my area, especially on Aeros), and it only has 62,xxx original miles on it! I am in need of the LAPD spec...
  7. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted General Electric Powercall Siren

    I am in the market for a vintage Powercall siren for a restoration I am working on. If anyone has one please let me know. Thank you.
  8. UnfortunateSon

    Big Haul This Weekend, With NYPD Goodies

    A great haul from this weekend's adventure: My favorite piece is definitely the NYC Transit PD AdvantEdge
  9. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD SP/Signal Stat Mk7 Sirens

    In urgent need of working or non-working NYPD sirens from the 80s and 90s, primarily the Scientific Prototypes Mk VII or Signal Stat "Stat 7". Any condition will be considered, also need parts like harnesses and PA mics that will fit. Thank you.
  10. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted Looking For Federal SW70 Switchboxes

    Looking for the old style SW70 switchboxes, and the switches that go in them. If you have any, or parts for them, please let me know!
  11. UnfortunateSon

    My Ultimate NYPD Haul

    Made quite the score a couple weeks ago. Pulled all of these out of an estate sale in South Jersey, this is most of what I was able to get my hands on. There's still more that's not pictured, but this is the bulk of it. When I found the McDermott bars I was excited, but when I saw the Signal...
  12. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted NYPD Equipment, also Aerodynics, Aero Parts, Dodge Diplomat

    Hello, i am search of any NYPD lights, sirens, and equipment. Lightbars, deck lights, sirens, etc. The older the better, but if you have modern stuff I'll look at that too. Also looking for Aerodynics and parts, domes, etc. I'm in the process of restoring a Dodge Diplomat so anything Diplomat...
  13. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted Federal Signal Viper EXTs in Red (NEED AT LEAST ONE)

    I am looking for at least one FS Viper EXT in red. I would prefer clear lens unless you have more than one with red lens. If you have more than one I may be interested in the lot.
  14. UnfortunateSon

    Wanted Wanted - NYPD Equipment - Sirens, Radios, Lightbars, Anything NYPD Related

    Hello, I am looking to buy NYPD equipment for cars from the 60s to the 90s. I will look at anything at all related to NYPD. Aerodynic bars, Beacons, SP Scientific Sirens, Radios, deck or grille lights, etc. I also need controllers for Vision lightbars. I am mostly looking for 1980s era...
  15. UnfortunateSon

    Unity Eye Beam Motion Detection System Spotlight Retrofit Kit, Communications Equipment

    Hello, For sale today is an apparently unusual item, a Unity Eye Beam Spotlight Retrofit kit. The Eye Beam system is a motion detecting system that connects to the beloved Unity Spotlight commonly found on most modern police cars. It comes in the form of a small box with two 'eyes' in the front...
  16. UnfortunateSon

    The FHP Jetsonic and the JSS Box

    Hello, I recently have come to possess a few Florida Highway Patrol specific Jetsonic lightbars. They have clear domes, the center speaker, takedown and alley options, the weird front twist-lock type strobe bulb, and the 'smart' rotators. They all have the weird harness with the plug for the...
  17. UnfortunateSon

    Help On Whelen Liberty (Ballast)

    Hello all, I am looking into building a ballast style Whelen Liberty lightbar. I have a ton of the heads sitting around that I bought in a lot, and I have no way to test them. My question is this: When building the bar, are there other internal components needed besides the ballast power pack...
  18. UnfortunateSon

    Rumbler Amp, Viper EXT Red, SignalMaster 2 Pod

    Hello,  I am in search of at least one pair or Viper EXT grille lights in red, and I am also looking for a Federal Signal Rumbler Amp. I am only looking for the amp currently. but if you have the whole system for a good deal I'll consider it. I am also looking for Federal Signal Deckstrobes or...
  19. UnfortunateSon

    UPDATED! NEW ADDED! Federal Signal, Whelen, Code3, Nova For Sale, Trade New and Used, More to Come

    Have some stuff for sale today, more items to come as I get pictures of it all. Will ship or meet if you're close enough. All prices are OBO and shipping will be CONUS ONLY. All prices are OBO and will include shipping unless otherwise noted. I am fairly flexible on prices, I try to be as fair...

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