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  1. dg0223

    Federal Signal Vista Question

    Good day, Gentlemen. The Federal Signal Vista has one model, the XBROT6, that has one outboard rotator assembly on either side and two inboard rotators in the inboard position for a total of three rotators per side. Does anybody have a picture of a three rotator per side Vista in their...
  2. dg0223

    Changing Flash Patterns on a Mini Liberty

    Just like the title says, Gents, How do you change the flash patterns on a base model, 4 corner LED Mini Liberty? Thank you for your help.
  3. dg0223

    Positive Positive Purchase from Rescue 1

    I'll keep it short. Excellent seller. Unbelievably reasonable price. Good shipping. Good communication. Absolutely no problems whatsoever. Thank you very much, Rescue 1
  4. dg0223

    Wanted Whelen LIN12 Amber Extended Corner for Liberty Wanted

    Hello. I am looking for ONE Whelen Lin12 Amber Extended Corner module for a mini Liberty. Please come at me cheap. Thank you.
  5. dg0223

    Pancake-Style LED Light?

    Is there a company out there that manufactures a pancake-style, low profile LED dash/roof light? I'm not really looking to purchase one, but I figured someone out there would put out a "squashed" version of a low-profile LED light similar to the pancake light.
  6. dg0223

    On the heels of my Lightstorm thread...tell some more tales on...

    For the other vintage collectors out there, if you'll permit me to ask yet another question... I know there are several people who have vintage lightbar collections that put mine to shame. I know some of the most desirable lights come from companies like Mars, Federal Signal, Code3 PSE, and...
  7. dg0223

    Tell some tales on the New-Tech Lightstorm lightbar

    When I was a kid, the guy who cut my hair, for some reason, had an off-road accessory catalog in his barbershop. In the catalog, there was a lightbar that was being offered as an off-road accessory. I saw one or two of them installed on some big 4x4 trucks. In the description, it said there...
  8. dg0223

    Wanted Older Model Mini Liberty Wanted

    Hello. I am looking to purchase a mini Whelen Liberty. I am not looking to break the bank at all. I do not need it to be a new model, or one with all the bells and whistles. I don't need it to have take down lights, or alleys, or anything. Ideally, I'd like it to have one red and one blue...
  9. dg0223

    Mini Vision SLR Question

    A quick question on the small version of the Federal Signal Vision SLR. I was noticing the NYPD Smart Car fleet has a three pod version of the SLR, but in some pictures, like the first one below, it appears as if it is a two-pod SLR. Is this something that was custom made for the NYPD?
  10. dg0223

    Wanted Some Vintage Lightbars Wanted

    Hello. I am looking to purchase: -A Mini AeroDynic -A JetStream -A JetStrobe -An Excalibur I'm looking for red/blue lightbars. The configurations aren't particularly important. Come at me cheap, with shipping included to 78520, Texas. If you want full blown retail prices for your wares...
  11. dg0223

    South Korean Police Cars

    Yesterday I was watching CNN and I saw Kim Jong Un's motorcade being escorted down a deserted highway to the DMZ. His motorcade was being escorted by at least one South Korean police vehicle. I had never seen a lightbar like that before in my life. It prompted me to look up some other South...
  12. dg0223

    Wanted 500 Series LIN6 Modules Wanted

    Please bear with me, since I don't really know too much about the innards of the Whelen Liberty bars, but I recently purchased a custom mini Liberty that has three blue 500 Series LIN6 heads to the front, three to the rear, and two in each endcap. I would like to replace some of the blue heads...
  13. dg0223

    Wanted Mini Whelen Patriot and Liberty

    Hello. I am looking to purchase a MINI Whelen Patriot and MINI Whelen Liberty. I would like them to have magnetic mounts, but it isn't a deal breaker if they have permanent mounts. Ideally, I'd like the Patriot to have red/blue lenses to the front and amber/blue lenses to the rear. If it's...
  14. dg0223

    Wanted Red, Blue, and Amber LP6000 Filters

    Hello. The teardown and restoration of the Mini XL's continues. However, it has now come to my attention that the outside of the lightbars are XLs, but the rotator assemblies are LP6000 rotators. That said, the XL filters I have won't work for the rotators. I am looking to purchase LP6000...
  15. dg0223

    Wanted Code 3 Screws

    Hello. I am looking for a handful of screws that you'd need to screw rotator filters onto rotators of a Code 3 lightbar, as well as the screws that you'd need to screw in mirrors and other pieces into a Code 3 lightbar frame. Please let me know if you have anything like that for sale. Thank you.
  16. dg0223

    Mini XL's Have Arrived! Project Begins.

    I recently purchased these two Mini XL's online, and they're on their way to me. My first concern is getting them without having the domes cracked or damaged. That said, I was wondering if anybody out there had these with that Opticom device in them. Can I just rip that thing out? I'm not...
  17. dg0223

    Wanted Force 4 XL rotator filters, 2 blue, 2 amber.

    Just like the title reads. I'm looking for 2 blue and 2 amber rotator filters for a Code 3 Force 4 XL. Shipping would be to 78520. Thank you.
  18. dg0223

    TwinSonic Question

    I was just reading through the NYPD TwinSonic thread and I had a question. I am not an expert in everything, but from everything I've read, the TwinSonic "F" model had flashers that were rectangular in shape above the bottom half of a 12X mirror. However, the 12MEF pictured in the other thread...
  19. dg0223

    Wanted Green JetSonic Filters

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for green JetSonic filters. The more, the merrier. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thank you.
  20. dg0223

    Crown Rick Auto

    This isn't necessarily lightbar related, so I figured the off-topic lounge would be the place to post this. I often times cruise YouTube looking at lightbar videos and police vehicle videos. I am NOT LEO. I've never pretended to be LEO. However, I'm an avid LEO supporter. Among my lightbar...
  21. dg0223

    Vision vs. Vector vs. Smart Vector Halogen Lightbars

    A smart person is smart enough to know that they don't know everything about everything, and I definitely fall into that category. I do not pretend to know every single thing about lightbars. I have used the search function to look through the page, and I've even done a Google search, but I...
  22. dg0223


    I didn't really know if I should post this on this page or on the vintage page, but I am looking to purchase a JetSolaris in a red/blue configuration. If there's some white or amber in there that isn't a problem. I do not want to pay anywhere near retail for the bar. If anybody has a mini...
  23. dg0223

    My Code 3 Force 4 XL

    I still need some clear outer domes for this lightbar, but I would like to thank everybody who had a hand in selling me parts for the bar, and for the board member who sold me the bar in the first place. It's come a long way from the three rotator bar with cascade mirrors. The clacking noise...
  24. dg0223


    Just like the post says. Looking for two clear outer XL domes. They don't have to be new, but I would very much like them to be in good shape. Let me know. Thank you very much.
  25. dg0223

    Code 3 Authorized Dealer

    Looking for a Code 3 dealer to order some Code 3 XL filters from. Thank you.
  26. dg0223

    Wanted Code 3 XL Bits and Pieces Needed

    Hello. I am in need of some Code 3 XL parts: -5 standard speed rotators -As many rotator filters as anybody can spare -3 diamond mirrors -A set of clear domes for all three sections Please let me know if you can help with any of this. Thank you for your time.
  27. dg0223

    The Ring?

    I have searched to no avail. I admit I do not visit this page as much as I used to, but is access to The Ring restricted to higher-status members?
  28. dg0223

    Wanted Mini Code 3 XL and Mini Federal Signal Aerodynic

    Hello, just like the title says, I am looking to purchase a mini Code 3 Force 4 XL, XL 5000, or XL 9000, preferably with a clear dome. I am also looking to purchase a mini Federal Signal Aerodynic. Ideally, I'd like a red/blue lens combo, but it doesn't have to be in that lens configuration...
  29. dg0223

    Switching the Innards of a KO Viper S2

    I recently ordered a Chinese KO (knock-off) Viper S2. I am not a LEO, so all it's going to do is sit in the collection. I am not going to use it for actual visual warning. I just wanted one for the collection. I got it in red/blue. I have always been fascinated with the amber/blue color...
  30. dg0223

    Wanted MX7000 Upper Strobe Filters

    This is my Code 3 MX7000 Strobe Bar: I am looking for colored filters for the upper strobes. If anybody has any of these filters for sale, please let me know. I am tired of seeing these strobe tubes bare. Thank you.

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