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    What is this crazy Code 3 lightbar?

    One last history tid-bit on the Code 360, the bottom, was designed from the roof-line of the 1990's Crown Vic, so it would look better on a curved roof-line, but not on the 1990's Chevy Caprice or any other flattened roof line. John as to your saying were they "drunk", I think "STONED" as Sgt...
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    What is this crazy Code 3 lightbar?

    John, Yep, Dual intersection lights (For the 360 only) but like I said a few Code 3 rolls and they were done. On the three we had I changed them all out to "Glass D-Tech) on the top (5) Rotators, installed Amber incandescent bulbs in the rear arrowstick with clear lenses, The center, LOWER, I...
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    Suction Cups

    clean the window with alcohol wipe first let it dry for a few seconds do the same to the suction cup, hopefully it is in good shape if they are flattened you should get new suction cups.
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    What is this crazy Code 3 lightbar?

    Well Being a "Code3" Guy the 360 had so many options including what John said a large intersection light, well the lower section you could mount a full rotator in the lower outboard pod. The 360 was designed using the roof line of the 1992+ Crown Victoria that is why the oddly shaped lower...
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    Wanted Pair of blue Code 3 LED-X heads

    Thank you
  6. CD3

    Wanted Pair of blue Code 3 LED-X heads

    Please give me a few days to a week to recover before I check I had back surgery done and I'm still recouping.
  7. CD3

    Wanted Pair of blue Code 3 LED-X heads

    Pictures with all blue can show a deeper color. But I don't mind going through mine to keep the right color. I'll go by these photos and I'll take photos of the ones I have to send to you.
  8. CD3

    Wanted Pair of blue Code 3 LED-X heads

    I do belive I have about 10 or so, but if you can how do your blues look are they like Turquoise (Light Blue) or deep blue. If there are any Code3 numbers I can try to get you the color that comes close to or even match your current lights
  9. CD3

    How the heck do I sell this???

    In today's freight costs you are better off leaving it. The Crown Vic's took full size partitons which could be used in the Ford Explorer only thing is needed the transfer kit and extention panels. So buy then your way over turned in your costs.
  10. CD3

    SOLD CTS Red Dome with Amber rear lens

    The lens is in excellent condition very minor scratches can be easily rubbed out. The lens was never on a lightbar it was NOS found at a distributor going out of business. $200.00 plus S&H in the continental U.S. only. No trades and the price is firm.
  11. CD3

    Announcement The "RAM" in RAM4, In Memory of R.A. Marcson 1948-2022

    John, I too remember RAM4. To you and your family my deepest belated condolences.
  12. CD3

    CTS Dome

    I made this one in 1983 CA-outert blue lens with red insert, with amber rear. Looked darn cool if I do say so myself. Now just a bolt and nut bin
  13. CD3

    CTS Dome

    I still have this one I got from a distributor that went out of business in Nor-Cal, I found it out of the box on their shelf.
  14. CD3

    Code 3 Intersection module id

    I believe I have what you need, the module and the wiring harnesses.
  15. CD3

    CTS Dome

    I built a CA driver's side Blue dome, back in the 80's. I took a couple of old broken lenses FS TwinSonic's cut the red and amber out, then using a template cut the blue lens where the red & amber was to go. By doing it that way I had the exact curvature of the lens. I still have that lens...
  16. CD3


    I am not sure why a second reply was needed on Wednesday 5/11 when you already sent a reply on 5/2. I get what your saying and I didn't mean you needed to sit all day. It was only a suggestion, ok. No need for the moderators to give it a thumbs up either. Why?
  17. CD3

    SOLD WHELEN, Legacy 48" Duo, Cen-Com Safphire (FoMoCo) & Ions

    Equipment which is in very good condition, was recently removed from a 2014 Police interceptor which blew the motor in 2016. The vehicle was sitting in the departments underground garage. The Whelen lightbar Model GB8SP3J, front is: red/white driver's side, blue/white passenger side, rear...
  18. CD3

    Is this a Code 3?

    John's comment above is correct but it was up to the the ambulance builder on how they wired the bar. Those bars back then had 1 cable, either a 7, 9 or 11 conductor. The LED-X heads were set to random flash that was a factory setting, the alleys were wired separately the two takedowns or...
  19. CD3


    You have "parts there that people on this site are looking for? Research wanted and sell.
  20. CD3

    Need help identifying two different consoles

    The 2nd one is Troy Products, it is for a truck, with a manual 4x4 lever on the floor. I'd say like a Ford F250, 350. But even then the piece that is long and going foreword throws me off a bit. The angled console, is missing face-plate rails. That console uses a floorplate for mounting.
  21. CD3

    1970's Unity Spotlight Models CHP / NHP

    Unity Spotlights
  22. CD3

    2020+ Ford Explorer Tailgate Scene Lighting

    You can also try Code 3 M180S with puddle and spot LED's I sell a lot of these to B.C. trucks out here in CA. Alsi in Red/White multicolor.
  23. CD3

    2020+ Ford Explorer Tailgate Scene Lighting

    Look at these, they are selling extremely well in NV and CA for just what you are asking for.
  24. CD3

    Wanted Code 3 Optix for Mounting Feet

    You still looking? How many do you need? I have (2 or 3) but the ones usually in CA were spot used for takedown and or alley lights, they were not defused like those shown which were designed obviously for flood. I know a couple of agencies that may have old bars with these laying around?
  25. CD3

    Is this a Code 3?

    I know I'm coming in way too late, but that is a 2100 now also called 21 "IF" meaning Independent Flash. Each module has 2 metal prongs protruding to the front or two metal pads where you touch a screw driver or alike tool to change flash patterns. The two smaller TRS3 lights are white...
  26. CD3

    Code 3 LED X 2100 questions

    Look at6 the Aug. 29th post, that is the Code 3 standard for the wires. It sounds like you also have 21TR bars with a 16 conductor cable and the power & graound cable?
  27. CD3

    Light bar cable source

    What lightbar is it that you're needing a cable for? I did see several on E-Bay.
  28. CD3

    NYC Siren Law Proposal

    We are starting to get more orders for dual tone sirens, our Banshee was tested by the San Mateo Co. Sheriff's office at their EVOC they were really impressed by the students indication when they actually heard the siren from hehind at 55 MPH.
  29. CD3

    What is a true manufacturing company? Is it Feniex Industries?

    Boy, I remember the days of strip-out and reinstall the same equipment over and over again. My days we had prisoner partitions from Adamson that were like puzzles they were adjustable for midsize to full size cars, we didn't use consoles, but radio racks again by Adamson where we stacked the...
  30. CD3

    NYC Siren Law Proposal

    Good luck back there, I didn't think anyone moved for sirens, I used to give them a little tap with the pushbar way back when. San Francisco, the city, county and state of 5 years ago a group of citizens about 3,000 of them actually made the SF fire department move away from the Q2 because it...

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