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  1. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Pair of Feniex Apollos dual color Red/White

    Please read description; one pair of used but good condition Feniex Apollo F12s in dual color red/white. I do NOT have the surface mount flanges for these, were purchased this way for a project but went different direction. Price accordingly at $50 shipped paid by paypal
  2. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen LED dual dashmiser Amber/Amber

    One used custom made Whelen dual dashmiser , 2 Whelen LED 500 series heads, new clear lenses, with internal sho-me led flasher. The flasher only has 3-4 patterns, but works great. Has 2 mounting brackets, and 5 plus feet of 3 wire cable (positive ground and pattern) Asking $80 shipped OBRO...
  3. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Pair Feniex Apollo Interior Only Red

    One pair of new out of package Feniex Apollos in Red. These are INTERIOR only, hence the cheaper price. Dual mode so you can set two patterns Price is shipped paid via Paypal only $60 obro
  4. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Red MX big bar partout

    Will not sell whole, 4 section clear bottom red top MX7000 will sell all rotators and sweeps in unknown working condition for $15 shipped (sorry the bars long out of service and i dont know if theres a bad rotator/bulb etc) 4 red top domes, 2 ends, 2 centers 15 ea. 5/10 condition: no cracks...
  5. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Pair FSM 40 B/W Feniex Fusions

    One pair of BARELY used Feniex Fusion surface mounts in dual color Blue/White with 40 degree optics Bought new and installed into custom ILB, barely hour (if that) run time. Almost stock length wire, includes mount flange, i dont think i have the gaskets however $80 shipped for the pair paid...
  6. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Pair of Blue Whelen 400s in Pedestal mounts

    One pair of used but working condition Whelen 400 series in pedestal mounts. Light cracks where screws insert, no mega cracks though. Dummy heads, will need flasher. Both heads are b/b. $65 shipped for the pair
  7. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive Great sale with 348

    He purchased a used MX center dome from me; fast payment and great comms. Highly recommend, thanks again!
  8. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Code 3 switchbox

    Used but nice good condition: Missing slider knob as per usual with these older boxes. Works fantastic. Sold the vehicle it was in so no longer need I think $60 shipped is reasonable, however open to BRO
  9. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen LED spotlights

    One pair (will not split up) of Whelen LED spot heads in a grote style metal housing. Includes pillar mounts for Jeeps, im sure can be used for other vehicles $110 shipped for the pair
  10. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD FSM 180 R/W Feniex Fusion

    One lightly used pair of dual color Red/white feniex fusion surface mounts in 180 optics, with flange $110 shipped
  11. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Code 3 MC/excal/360 center dome clear

    Used but good condition code 3 center dome for the mx/excal/360 lightbars. No cracks or gouges, good polish should make it really nice $35 shipped US
  12. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen speaker bracket

    See pics for part number Ive no use for it so bare bones on the price at $25 shipped obro
  13. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Feniex Fusion Surface Mount 180 Pair

    One lightly used pair of FSM 180 in Blue/Amber, with flanges (not shown) Priced to move at $80 shipped
  14. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen Traffic Controller

    One used but working Whelen Traffic Controller Multiple patterns via moveable pins With all needed plugs $55 shipped
  15. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Pair of Feniex Cannons BW V3

    Got these and they simply wont work where I want One pair of new out of bag never installed Feniex Cannons in dual blue/white These are the V3, with 3 modes My loss is your gain, good luck finding these at a better price $115 shipped
  16. Phoenix_Rising

    Fever fires Feniex

    So I guess this happened
  17. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Pair of Blue Whelen Dual Avengers

    Used but working pair of Dual Avengers in blue/blue. Flash shields included but no mounts. Multiple patterns. Short wires but plenty to make new connection Priced to move at $125 shipped for pair, will not seperate
  18. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted Feniex FSM dual color blue/white

    ISO 2 Feniex Fusion B/W dual, prefer new, used ok if in REALLY good condition send me a pm
  19. Phoenix_Rising

    2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

    Up for you blinky porn addiction; behold “Defiance” She’s a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Black on black on black (just like my soul) FF/EMT “Edition” Installed Front Grill: Feniex Fusion SM180 B/W Side Bumper (front and rear) :Feniex Apollos B/W Custom Whelen / Feniex ILB (3 avenger heads...
  20. Phoenix_Rising

    Neutral Deal with enchanted

    In the most unbiased fashion possible; and even being diplomatic and posting as neutral While they paid (barely) in good order; the rest of the transaction was nothing short of laughable. Consider this should you wish to do business with this person All the details are here...
  21. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD NOS Whelen 500 series lens R/B pair

    One pair of NOS Whelen 500 series lenses. Will not seperate, sold as pair only $25 shipped OBRO
  22. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Nice dashlight pre-empt setup

    $80 shipped OBRO
  23. Phoenix_Rising

    deal with enchanted

    Not even stooping to their level. I would have posted all of this in a dispute thread, had the buyer been bothered to create one. So Ill make my own Alas i shall let the board decide on the matter Sold them a dual talon in blue that id had converted from rb to b by our own wilsonbr: For a...
  24. Phoenix_Rising

    For Sale Blue lights special

    Got some stuff that needs a new home all items are used, all are blue 1x Whelen Dual Talon - SOLD 2x Whelen Single Avenger - 55/pr! 4x Whelen Smart TIR3 - SOLD 1x Whelen Dominator TA control - 20! 4x Whelen LIN6 Smart - SOLD WYSIWYG only whats shown Shipping $8: Payment by Paypal (further...
  25. Phoenix_Rising

    Positive great buy from fp13-2!

    Got a couple feniex cannon drivers from this member, great price and super fast ship. a+
  26. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Blue Single Avengers

    2 used Blue Whelen Avengers no mounts or shields recently purchased and opted to go another route $70 for the pair shipped CONUS obro
  27. Phoenix_Rising

    Wanted ISO Feniex Cannon Driver

    One of the drivers quit on an older set of cannons, way to far out for warranty, lookin to see if anyone has a spare driver layin around. Message me
  28. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Pair of WHELEN TIR6 smart heads Blue

    One pair of Whelen TIR6 smartheads in blue. Multiple patterns, sync capable 2 pair available Price is shipped per pair OBRO $55 shipped CONUS per
  29. Phoenix_Rising

    SOLD Whelen Dominator Traffic Advisor Controller

    Used whelen TADCLT1 controller. works as it should, comes with havis faceplate (not shown) dunno what these go for, hows $45 shipped obro?
  30. Phoenix_Rising

    Blue Whelen TIR6 smart heads pair(s)

    Two used pairs of Whelen TIR6 smart heads, with clear lenses. Work perfectly, many patterns and sync capable $55 shipped per pair (sold in pairs only)

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