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  1. Eng17Lad46

    SOLD Whelen Led Flasher

    For Sale Is A Whelen 8 Output Motorcycle Led Flasher. Purchased To Use In A Mini Freedom Project That Ended Up Going A Different Route. Flasher Is New Manufacturer Date Of 10/21 Asking $185 Shipped In The US
  2. Eng17Lad46

    SOLD Federal Signal Aerodynic

    For Sale Is A 72in Federal Signal Aerodynic in really good condition. Front and rear flashers 8 rotators and center stingers. Make an offer local pickup in Putnam County Ny Asking $400 OBO
  3. Eng17Lad46

    SOLD Whelen Liberty II Duo Heads

    4 Whelen Liberty II Duo WW Heads For Sale. All Still Wrapped In Plastic And All Dates 2/18-7/18 $225 Shipped For All 4
  4. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale Trade Pair Of Red Freedom Corners

    Anybody want to trade a pair of red freedom extended 18 corners for a pair of blue? These work 100% as they should.
  5. Eng17Lad46

    Wanted Whelen lens

    Iam looking for Some Whelen 9u/Freedom Clear lens sections 6 1/2 inch looking for 8 of them. New used let me know what you have. If you have longer sections I can always cut them down
  6. Eng17Lad46

    Wanted Red or Blue Freedom Corners

    Iam looking for Either 2 Red or 2 Blue Whelen Freedom Corners 6/6 passive
  7. Eng17Lad46

    Wanted Mini freedom frame

    Looking for a 28.5 in factory mini freedom frame for a project
  8. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale (pending)2 Whelen Liberty II

    2 Whelen Liberty II 48in Lightbars Model IW8 AAAA All LEDs dated between 02-04 2017 They both have the cast 3 1/2 in riser feet The idiot that took the bars off cut the wires 6in from the bar so they will have to be extended I have a pair of new Whelen power control points that will be...
  9. Eng17Lad46

    Wanted Amber Code 3 Rx2700 leds

    Iam looking for corner or center LEDs for a Code3 rx2700 lightbar I have 2 bars mostly red and some blue. Trying to make a red and amber lightbar
  10. Eng17Lad46

    Wanted Amber Edge Lenses

    Looking for a set of Used Amber Edge Lenses for a 12 strobe 52 in lightbar And for a 8 strobe 52in lightbar I Have Plenty of Red And Blue lenses I can trade or partial or just purchase outright Shipping to 10512
  11. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale (Lock Sold) Whelen Mini Freedom

    Whelen Mini Freedom 4 Amber corners Led Alley Lights Amber Flashers Takedown/Work Lights, Steady or Flash. $550 Plus S&H OBO
  12. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale Whelen Mini Edge

    Whelen Mini Edge Red/White/Blue 4 Corner Strobes 2 Center Strobes $250 Plus S&H OBO
  13. Eng17Lad46

    Stop/tail/turn on a Whelen edge

    How do you hook up a Whelen edge bar with stop/tail/turn? Can you use halogen bulbs do you need special wiring or control?
  14. Eng17Lad46

    Wanted Amber led beacon lights

    Looking for a pair of amber led beacon lights for my new dump truck. There are brackets already mounted on roof. Here's some pics of some of the different lights we have on some of the trucks couldn't find and brand names on the outside of the lights. The boss wants clear lenses like on his truck
  15. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale 2 code 3 rx2700's

    I have 2 used code 3 rx2700's all red to the front. Red/blue to rear with Amber traffic advisor TD and alleys. Make an offer for one or both $150 plus S&H each
  16. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale Unity model S-3 Mack bumper rear warning lights

    For sale a pair of Unity model S-3 Mack bumper/cab/rear warning light. Very rare with the mack name on the lights Both work they came off the rear of a 1940's mack pumper from the Somers VFD in NY in 1958 when the rig was replaced with a Seagrave. Been sitting in my Grandfather's basement for 40...
  17. Eng17Lad46

    Whelen Mini Freedom value

    I have a friend looking to sell 2 Whelen mini Freedom with Amber corners and alley light both in near mint condition barely used manufacturer in 2014. What is a reasonable price to sell for?
  18. Eng17Lad46

    For Sale 2 Code 3 Rx2700's For Sale or Trade

    Cleaned out garage and found 2 Code 3 Rx2700' s I purchased used several years ago. Bar 1 is set up Front R-R-R-TD-TD-R-R-R Rear R-R-Arrow-B-R With Halogen Takedowns and Alleys, Feet and Mounts Approx 10ft or cord Missing 1 alley light and one dome clip. Everything else works Second bar Front...
  19. Eng17Lad46

    Help needed with Whelen Patriot problem

    I recently purchased a Patriot from a board member. He tested it before shipping quickly and it worked. I just received it this morning. I powered it up and only the takedowns and alleys turned on. You could hear the power supplys and the strobes clicking but they were not firing. I took the...
  20. Eng17Lad46

    Whelen patriot led question

    I just purchases a 8 strobe patriot. The seller didn't know if it had a built in led flasher or ballast. My question is does the patriot come with either. Wondering what kind of leds to buy ballast or passive or just buy ones with built in flasher
  21. Eng17Lad46

    Wondering price value of Vintage Light Bars

    Just wondering how much a Twin Beacon Ray model #11 Visibar would be worth and the price difference of the bar if it had a speaker and the price of the bar without a speaker??? Thankyou Robbie Eng17Lad46

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