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    Rifle mount location

    I am installing a rifle lock in my unmarked Tahoe (2020). No cage and has a factor center console, so I’m trying to figure out the best spot for mounting. I would prefer to be able to reach it from the front seat and need to be able to have a front seat rider, but anything is better than the...
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    2020 Tahoe HLF issue at night

    I have a 2020 Tahoe SSV that came equipped with a HLF. All the lights are controlled by a HHS4200. The HLF is supposed to be disabled when the headlights are on. I noticed last night that the high beam bulbs faintly flickered while my warning lights were activated, and returned to normal when...
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    2012 Tahoe HLF issue

    I have a 2012 Tahoe PPV assigned To me with the factor HLF/TLF, however these do not work when my headlights are activated. I didn’t have this issue with my 2015 Tahoe or any of my Impalas. Any insight or ideas to prevent the cut off?
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    Positive Purchase from tartaravenger

    Bought some TIR 3s and were shipped the next day. Super fast shipping and look almost brand new. I would definitely buy from him again!
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    LTT universal Ions for surface mounts (FOUND! No longer needed)

    I need to trade 2 NIB universal ions for 2 surface mount ions. I will pay for shipping both ways.
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    Push bumper mounting of Ions

    I'm replacing the TIR3's on my push bumper with Ions but can't find the flanges to mount them. Any suggestions on an alternate way to attach them?
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    Wanted Ion surface mount flanges

    I need two black flanges to mount ions to the side of a push bumper.
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    For Sale Whelen LED spot lights

    I have two Whelen LED spot light bulbs that I recently took off my old patrol car. Both are in good shape and work great. Asking $100 for each, $180 for both. Price includes shipping.
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    For Sale MPH radar

    I bought this a few years ago and never ended up installing it. I honestly don't know much about it, but it powers on and is accurate. Come with one antenna and two tuning forks. Asking $100 shipped OBO.
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    For Sale Whelen 295 siren

    I have a Whelen 295 siren that I no longer need. It was removed in working condition and is in great shape. PA works and has selectable tones. Asking $150 shipped. Does not come with the Havis plate.
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    Wanted TIR3 shrouds

    I am looking for 4 black shrouds for Whelen TIR3 lights (the ones that cover up to the edge of the lens, not the half cover like Galls).
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    Whelen super LED take down lights

    This is a pair of Whelen super LED take downs from a Liberty. They work 100% and are super bright. $100 via PayPal shipped.
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    Interceptor sedan lighting issue

    So, first let me apologize because this is a 3rd party question. We just got several 2016 Interceptor sedans with the factory Vertex option in the headlights and brake lights. After the install was finished the vehicles turned over to the city, the fleet manager realized the brake light...
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    Justice with linear heads

    Is there a specific name for a Whelen Justice with linear light heads or is it just an option? TYIA
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    Price sheet question

    I am doing an initial presentation for a our new cars and equipment. Admin wants rough prices before we do bids so they know what to budget. When looking at a published price sheet, is there an amount below listed price I can reasonably expect, or is it what you see if what you get? I am...
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    Equipment list for new cars

    I was just appointed to select the new equipment for the cars we are ordering next month. I don't know if we will get Interceptors or Chargers yet so I made a list for each. Our current cars (Impalas) are VERY basic (push bumper, OEM wigwag and traffic backer, liberty light bar) and I was told...
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    Wanted WTB 2 white Vertex/Cannon, etc

    WTB 2 white Vertex/Cannon, etc for my patrol car.
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    Wanted Motorola Commander Mics

    Looking for between 2 and 5 Commander or Commander II mics for XTS 5000 radios.
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    AR500 rifle plates

    Sold pending funds
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    Metro ATL Caprices

    The slick top is from the DeKalb County Marshal's Office. All Whelen with inner edges (looked like they were made from LINz6's), plus ions to the front of the PB and side panel, LINz6's on the side of the PB and on the LP, and I think Vertex's in the blank tail light spots. It's controlled by a...
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    A light? A camera?

    Anyone know what's on the roof of this Tahoe?
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    GSP car with rear deck camera

    Seen at having a rear deck camera is new to me. It could be useful if you had it tied to your RADAR and it displayed a violator's speed, but you would have to have a lot of contested tickets to make it worth the money.
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    Good (IMO) example of police turned citizens patrol car

    This 2007 CVPI was rotated out of service and converted into the first citizens patrol car for the city. The graphics are in keeping with the color and basic design of the normal cars but changed enough to be distinct. The light bar is all amber and the siren, radar, cage, and base radio were...
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    Pricing question

    My dept is 100% Whelen right now, but I'm trying to change that. If anyone would be willing, could you give me a very rough estimate of what you (who carry Whelen) would charge for this set up and you (who carry something else) would charge for something comparable. I'm hoping if I go in with...
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    Station 'patches'

    The station patches from my old FD (mixed paid/volly). Since they firefighters can get swapped around every few weeks, they don't wear these on their uniforms, but instead made stickers for their cars and helmets. Sorry they got out of order when uploaded. Station 1 is sometimes called HQ...
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    Lawrenceville DUI slick tops with mobile spike strips

    These are not my pics, I found them on a SO's facebook page and thought I would share.
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    Savannah Police Caprice

    Found these on Metro's facebook page. I love their light bar set ups (all blue with 2 ambers in the back and a single red in the front over the driver) but wish they would get push bumpers and add some intersection warning.
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    Police Impala questions

    My new dept has 4 Impalas (07-09, I believe) for patrol and they are lacking in the warning light department. They all have full liberty's with depopulated (4 led) heads but no HLF/TLF. Someone said the dept ordered the cheapest cars they could find and they didn't come with built in flashers...
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    Motorcade video

    There were a few things about this video that made me post it. First, there seem to be a ton more motorcycles than normal; second, the SUV at 0:20 and the car after it are perfect examples of sync vs non-sync; and third, I thought it was funny that the 'president ambulance' (I guess FDNY One...
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    'That feeling' may just save your life

    Last night, I was on a stop on our main highway and, even though there wasn't much traffic, had the feeling I should use a passenger side approach instead of driver side. Spoke with the driver through the passenger window, got his info, and knew I was going to give him a warning before I even...

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