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  1. JPolston

    STL quality

    If you want economy pricing, strobesnmore offers their own inhouse brand. Honestly, at least in my opinion, the triple threat dash lights cannot be beat. They also have the dual threat now that is a bit smaller, but why not pay just a touch more for the three headed version. The triple threat...
  2. JPolston

    2017 ford f250

    Definitely recommend selling off those that are in the windshield and buying 2 strobesnmore triple threats to throw up there if you can't afford finding an actual ILB. Much better lights at an affordable cost and just a single one can be used as a primary light that moves traffic. Also, change...
  3. JPolston

    2014 Chevrolet Silverado POV (Feniex Build)

    I dig it. My only "recommendation," would be some side/intersection warning. Other than that, I personally like the set up and flash patterns used.
  4. JPolston

    Wanting To Build Training Tower/Grant Ideas

    Hello all, I am looking towards getting some grants to go to my volunteer department. One of the things I would like to invest in is a training tower in which we could do live fire, search, etc. I've seen some departments building their training facilities using shipping containers, and I'm...
  5. JPolston

    Whelen Spectir8 getting warm

    Hello all, Having problems finding information or reviews on the Whelen Spectir8, if I missed a thread on here, please post a couple links and lock this thread. Anywho, my woman got herself a new car and is being picky about what light goes in her shiny brand new baby. Have caught a couple...
  6. JPolston

    2016 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab Firefighter POV Install

    Simple.. Clean.. Effective... Great job.
  7. JPolston

    Picked up old ambulance today

    Curious how this goes.. Will be watching. Side note: I'm from Hancock County where LIFE was based. Looks like it says Greenfield, IN underneath the LIFE emblem. I live about 20 min from their old base.
  8. JPolston

    Sound Off releases new Beacon!

    Very curious about the lightbar. Anxious for the videos to be release.
  9. JPolston

    Fire Engine Complete overhaul from paint to LED's

    Beautiful. Love the swap to red :P Congrats to you and your dept.
  10. JPolston

    does the market really need another beacon?

    I guess I'll throw in my rinkadink opinion. Watching new fire/ems apparatus be delivered, attending FDIC and other conferences, and talking to people about specing out a new engine for my own dept, Feniex is quite honestly a rarity when it comes to that side of the world. POVs and police are...
  11. JPolston

    Wanted Dual Avenger B/B

    Looking to upgrade my Feniex Cobra 2x to a Whelen Dual Avenger. Wanting a Blue/Blue, but willing to consider Blue/White depending on the price. Unit must be complete with windshield suction cup bracket(and cups), flashback shield(with or without reflector stickers, those don't matter), and...
  12. JPolston

    Blue Whelen Dual Avenger

    He posted that it's still available in April lol
  13. JPolston

    Blue Whelen Dual Avenger

    Is this still for sale?
  14. JPolston

    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel ***Updated - 06/5/17 ***

    I completely missed the dash light without it being on. With the Valor, dash light, and grill that is the perfect set up. I think the trooper is just jealous. Lol. Have to have your layers!
  15. JPolston

    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel ***Updated - 06/5/17 ***

    Wow.. gorgeous.. however am I the only one who thinks a dash light should be added for the third layer? Single head would do just fine, maybe on steady burn.
  16. JPolston

    Crossing state lines

    Somehow double posted. Wont let me delete.
  17. JPolston

    Crossing state lines

    If you go into Kentucky or Ohio with a visible blue lensed lights, you WILL be hassled. My safety officer went south for a personal trip and got pulled over. Same thing happened to two other guys on my dept. Clear lenses and I don't think anything will be said anywhere. Took a trip to Ohio and...
  18. JPolston

    Society is at an all time low...

    In the age of everything has to be PC, the fight for equality has turned into the demand for special treatment and privilege.The minority only hiring processes for fire/police/EMS has screwed thousands of more than qualified people out of jobs, including myself, and has put communities in more...
  19. JPolston

    Whelen Dual Talon B/W $70 Shipped

    The sticker on the back says R/c not b/c??
  20. JPolston

    Blue Light (courtesy) response vs. Red light (Code 3/Hot) response

    I WISH Indiana would do this.
  21. JPolston

    Blue Light (courtesy) response vs. Red light (Code 3/Hot) response

    I've been there many times. We don't have a set speed other than our tanker, but we can go down our section of I70 in the engine running emergent with both electronic and federal Q, and we'll still get passed. No one moves over when we're parked either. Ridiculous. Also have this problem as well...
  22. JPolston

    Cps authority

    I bought an interior bar and rear deck bar from them a couple months ago just to see if they would be worth it. So far, they're excellent. I personally had no issue with customer service other than the typical playing phone tag between work. I received my deck bar first, and after the interior...
  23. JPolston

    Blue Light (courtesy) response vs. Red light (Code 3/Hot) response

    As someone who can only run courtesy lights(b, b/w, no siren), I personally haven't had much issues. Mind you, I have a full interior bar, a dash light, and a full deck bar to the rear. I have always tried to have sufficient front and rear warning. Since getting a full bar, I very rarely have...
  24. JPolston

    FDIC 2015

    I'll be there early on Saturday, hopefully early enough to find a freaking parking spot. My advantage? It takes me 30 minutes to get there.
  25. JPolston


    Good luck finding a dept. that doesn't have a sort of hazing. Have to remember that we live in the hold you hand days now and a person can cry "hazing" if you make a joke and say go find me ____. That said, what they did was horribly too much and they deserve what has happened, and much worse.
  26. JPolston

    how much do you spend on vehicle lighting?

    I'll upload a video here soon since I "upgraded," lights. My current package is a CPS UVT Interior lightbar and SnM Triple Threat to the front and a CPS Blaster 6 T3 to the rear. I've gone through an AWL Venom V1, Feniex Cobra 2x, Whelen single Talon, STL Dual Pro, etc etc.  So far I love the...
  27. JPolston

    GMT900 Tahoe PPV POV Setup...Help Me Clean It Up!

    I agree with rearranging the Pegasus, other than that I would not change a thing. I can understand people commenting "cluttered," but personally I think it was done well.

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