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    Dietz 211

    Is a Dietz 211 (mfg 1965) with a red dome that is NOT OEM worth anything? I'm guessing the dome is Federal. Thank you.
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    NOS In Box JetStreams (2)

    This is not mine. I saw it and thought it might be of interest to someone here.
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    MX7000 Lightbar for $65

    MX7000 in PA.
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    Twinsonic (12X) w/ Clear Lenses - $50

    Blue Light Bar - $50 (Holland Patent NY). Mirrors have been moved, so not in X pattern now. Blue bulbs. I would pick it up if it was closer to me, and if I was looking to get divorced.
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    Antique Sireno Siren

    I have no idea of the model, value, or anything else about the siren. It is not mine.
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    Whelen Dash-Master Repair Question

    I have an amber Whelen Dash-Master that I purchased new in the mid 1990's. I had it mounded on the rear deck of my car for a number of years, and although I thought I was careful with how I placed the power cord, I recently noticed that the cable insulation is cut or cracked. Does anyone know...
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    Federal P-660 on Craigslist

    I have no idea of the value of the P-660 sirens / if this is a decent deal or not. I also don't know if this one has the flapper or not.
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    Whelen Rota-Beams

    I have two Rota-Beams that I've had for about ten years, and they've never done much for me. I'm thinking of selling them, but I don't want to find out after the fact that they're very collectable and have seller's remorse. In any case, one of them is an RB11 with an amber lens. From what I...
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    Twinsonic Mode 12EV

    The seller is asking for $300...I don't know if that's high or not for a rare(?) Twinsonic. I doubt they know what they have.
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    Whelen model 80

    Needs some TLC, $50. Binghamton, NY area.
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    MX-7000 Red/White

    All light, very long (not sure length). Rochester, NY area. $150.
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    Whelen Dashmaster & Dashmaster II Question

    Hi, I have an old Dashmaster that has a double flash. Can anyone tell me if all Dashmasters and Dashmaster II strobes had the double flash, or did some have a single flash? Thank you.
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    Vintage Lights from Caddilac,... Ambulances

    I found this on Craigslist...they're not mine.
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    For Sale NYPD AeroTwinsonic - $60

    I can't read the tag to well, but I believe it's a former NYPD bar.
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    Whelen 3300 (Blue) - $30

    I have no idea if this is of interest or not... Vintage Whelen Strobe - collectable model 3300 - $30
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    For Sale Federal Beacon Ray - Very Old - $30!

    I'm not sure of the model...Glass dome, 12V, 2 bulb. $30...somebody grab this. It's a little east of Niagara Falls, NY.
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    For Sale Whelen & Federal lights

    The seller has a number of lights for sale, including a Whelen Super Strobe with the optional tall base. I'm not expert on Whelen looks like one of the Commander lights, but the seller said it's smaller than the Commanders. If he's not a member here, he should be...
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    My first Federal Fireball

    I know, how dare I call myself a collector when until now I have not had a Fireball. Well, I just received my first one (this is the first one I've seen on CL). It's an FB11. It's not in NOS condition, but it was only $15 plus shipping. Now I want to find one with a red dome and one with a...
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    For Sale Mars 363 - $150
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    For Sale Aerodynic - 14 Section Almost All Red
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    NYPD Aerodynic 24RMVF-2Z

    For a long time there have been three lights I've wanted: CTS, Mars AB, and NYPD Aerodynic. A few years ago I found a CTS on CL for next to nothing, but it was in CA, and I'm not. I posted a link to the ad here, and a member got it. In any case, the other day I saw an ad on CL for a...
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    For Sale Three Whelen Bars for $125

    I'm not sure of the model. ALL 3 PLUS 1 SIGNAL CONTROLLER FOR $125.00
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    For Sale Federal Signal Streethawk Lightbar (Red) - $55 (Saint Johnsville)

    I'm not a fan of Streethawks, but nice price.
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    For Sale Streethawk SHL Light Bar - $150 (Elmira, NY)

    All light (red) Streethawk. I thought these might be rare(?).
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    For Sale Federal TwinSonic Lightbar - $100

    Blue Twinsonic 12X.
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    Police / Ambulance / EMT Rotating Light Whelen 99 Series - $45 (Boonton, NJ)

    Clear dome (but a bit fogged).
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    Federal Fireball?

    I have the opportunity to purchase two green teardrop lights, but I only want them if they're Fireballs. The seller says there's no name on the dome or on either side of the base. There's also no label on the front of the retaining band. Based on the shape of the lights I don't think they're...
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    For Sale Whelen Responder II w/ Strobe (Red)

    I've been off the site for quite some time, so I'm sorry if this was posted already:
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    For Sale Twinsonic 12F

    Twinsonic 12F; Red flashers, one lens is clear and the other is red...obviously not original. It's near Albany, NY...$125.
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    Odd Light I Saw

    I attended an antique firetruck show in Rhode Island today, and I spotted this light on a 1930 something engine.  I got a quick view of the name plate on the light, and it's a Sireno.  Shame on me...I wasn't able to spot a model number.  It caught my eye, as I've never seen this model light...

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