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    Wanted ISO External Strobe for Opticom

    On our traffic unit we have an Opticom controller with an internal lightbar strobe currently, we are replacing the lighbar and need a external strobe for it. Something similar to a Microthin would be perfect, as long as it's weatherproof and not too big. Hoping to find it for $60 or so shipped.
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    Official "Whacker" or "Screwed Up Install" Thread

    Not sure if this was posted here....but holy crap. I haven't seen this much lighting on a demo vehicle. The rear is absolutely NUTS...
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    Metro-State equipment on ebay

    Gotta pay those commissary bills!
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    Defiance’s Collection 9/14/22

    Now turn them all on... :-D Great collection!!
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    SOLD R/W Vertex Duos

    $130 for the pair
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    SOLD R/W Vertex Duos

    I have two R/W Vertex Duos for sale, brand new in bag. $130 OBO shipped to the ConUS.
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    Feniex Quad 600

    How many wires are there? My QUAD 600 only came with red, black, green, and white wires and required the converter. Could you maybe have an older one like that?
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    The humanity!!!
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    Bracket identification

    If I had to assume, the bar is by Extreme Tactical Dynamics, as they have a "Stealth" line. I don't see that bracket in the install manual, but they may have changed them.
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    2011 Dodge Durango Citadel - ***NEW INSTALL***

    I would 100% take one of those...and install a Q and train horns in it. Just for parades. :-D
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    For Sale Various- Whelen, Feniex, & Star

    If whomever bought the QUAD 400 needs a set of the wires, I have a spare I'm happy to send for the cost of postage.
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    Feniex Fusion-S Question

    I doubt it, since the QUAD converter just uses two wires to communicate all the lightbar functions.
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    Hella hero

    I ordered mine from but yeah that's per bulb. What year/make/model is your vehicle? I think the compatibility is more than just the bulb, it's whether it will fit in the housing as well.
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    Hella hero

    I have them in my 2021 PIU - not sure if I can answer any questions or not?
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    A different kind of Crown Vic light bar...

    I probably would have bought it as well, pretty cool!
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    need help with the procedure for feniex fusion to make them alternate of each other

    From the manual (assuming it's a Fusion Surface Mount). "E) For the light heads to alternate, one light head must be set as master and the other as slave on the mode wire intended for use. To do so, hold the blue (flash pattern changer) wire to ground for 3 seconds. If all LEDs turn on, this...
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    Is Strobes N More a Reputable Company?

    I would trust them very much. I have spent well over $5000 with them in the past year building out my vehicle, and have had no complaints at all.
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    Positive Bought Positive from EMT-BLS

    From Good communication, extremely fast shipping, exactly as described.
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    Speed Turtle 3.0 for 2021 Chevy Silverado

    With the 2021 PIU you can do remote start for free with the FordPass app, which is what I did. Granted that doesn't work on the fleet side of things, but for a single user it's nice. I initially ordered a $300 plug and play kit before realizing it was already built in.
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    For Sale Misc Red Lights - Whelen, SNM

    Yup all the prices are for the pair. Pmed my PayPal info.
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    For Sale Misc Red Lights - Whelen, SNM

    I have the following for sale. All are RED (other than the SNM Trio). All are lightly used, in working order. Prices are shipped to CONUS. (2) Strobes N More Trio X8 light heads RWB with just the L brackets pictured- SOLD (2) Whelen Micron Surface Mount - 1 NIB, 1 open (no screws) - SOLD (2)...
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    Feniex fusion-S 800 light stick wiring question

    The only things that need a QUAD converter are the QUAD products. All others just use standard wiring. If you look at the wires on the end of the bar, you should have 8 wires coming out. If it uses the QUAD converter it will only have 4 (Power/ground/signal). Here is a link for the manual...
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    Quad puck

    I'm sure sure I get what you are saying. I have mode 1 set to Red steady burn with a Whelen Flasher with no issues.
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    Is Feniex on par enough for full duty use?

    I have a 2021 PIU, and I have a mix of Feniex QUAD and Whelen stuff. All of it IMO, looks great and works well. QUAD inner on the front with two QUAD surface mounts on the hood, Whelen Microns in the grill, Vertex in the headlight holes, Ions on the running boards, QUAD duals in the side...
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    Wanted ISO Feniex Cannon Driver

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    The Art Spot

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    ILB recommendation

    I'll grab a pic when I get home.
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    ILB recommendation

    Did you find anything yet? I have a cheaper brand R/W one that mounts to the visor mounts. I can't remember what it is, but it's on par with STL. If you cover shipping it's yours.

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