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  1. 2004p71

    2019 explorer civilian version

    Trying to find a good spot to run wires through the firewall but so far I dont have much luck . I have seen guys on YouTube going from under and then up in the rocker pannel to one of the existing entrance but I am sure there are other ways around it .
  2. 2004p71

    For Sale Touchtek controller and key pad complete

    Got a complete controller from touchtek (riverside ) . Was tested and in working order before removal by me. comes as pictured and with the instruction manual . asking 140$ plus shipping , Open to trade or best offer
  3. 2004p71

    Bunch of Mx7000 with weird configuration

    So I got over the time a few mx7000 and some of them got some weird configuration . Top one is the latest addition to the collection and was bought from a firefighter. All red with speaker but on the lower deck there is no lights at all other than the alley lights .It has red corner filter...
  4. 2004p71

    Quebec provincial police goes black an white

    The QPP quebec provincial police or called The Sureté du Quebec announced the new colors for their vehicules .The fleet of 1100 vehicules will progressively be replace by 2020 based on studies that black and white cars are easier to see and are safer. Lightbar that were whelen delta with halogen...
  5. 2004p71

    storm pro 200W tones problem.

    Siren will run ecto and bad boys and verbal commands through the speaker but nothing else. All other tones can be heard from the unit itself but NOT through the speaker same for the P/A Installation is pretty straight foward so I don't know what I am missing here . Any pointers will be...
  6. 2004p71

    1990 crown vic LAPD resto/mod

    Some of you may alredy know that I owned a 1990 crown vic for many years. The original plan was to make it a replica of a LAPD but the lack of time and mechanical issue but this whole project on the back burner. This was the last time I drove it Long story short I got a 2006 police...
  7. 2004p71

    edge 9000 cant make it work

    I have a few edge at home and I tryed to test 2 of them without sucess. Everything seems to be in working order meaning that wires,connector,fuses are all ok. There is thw heavy guage wires (red&black) but then there are two very small wire going to one of the board . I can only assume that the...
  8. 2004p71

    code 3 vlink

    Seems like no one is carrying that product on their website. Any one have bought the universal unit ? what is the price around 200$ ?
  9. 2004p71

    FOUND - mx7000 filter

    red and blue filter as I have clear domes and as many as available Must be willing to ship to canada. thank you for your time .
  10. 2004p71

    mx7000 unusual configuration.

    I got this bar today and this is the first time I see this configuration. It,s off course a mx7000 with 4 rotators, sweeper ,alley light, take downs and strobe! Everything works but the strobe, and i'm missing a red one for the front. I have a xs8000 for parts, are they compatible at all or...
  11. 2004p71

    Positive bought from OSP959(R)

    Bought a unitrol 480K on sunday ,got shipped to canada on monday and I got it on friday, cant ask for more than that. Excellent and fast communication quick shipping I'm a very satisfied buyer and I highly recomend this seller.
  12. 2004p71

    Wanted code 3 rls

    looking for any model as the arrowstick and siren control button will be removed. thank you
  13. 2004p71

    Wanted air horn

    Looking for a air horn only with or without PA , if it has a siren but the air horn is on a seperate switch/control it can also works. just let me know what you guys have and we will go from there thank you 
  14. 2004p71

    got myself a whacker package

    Fisrt of all I work for a drift school that has other crown vic fully outfited so this was a spare car that has never really seen any track use .IT,s been damaged by some kids and it will be used as a donnor car for my lapd retoration of my 1990 crown vic . enjoy
  15. 2004p71

    bought positive Shawn L

    bought some lp lenses and made it to canada in one piece very pleased with the transaction and communication. thank you 
  16. 2004p71

    Wanted code 3 lp6000 blue dome and lenses

    As the title says, I need 2 blue domes and 4 blue lenses for this lightbar photo for reference only 
  17. 2004p71

    code 3 & whelen edge lightbars lot

    I have all the units available for sale or parts . I can ship a 48'' lightbar but I really doubt that any of these units are  rare enought to worth the shipping from canada. They are all code 3 force 4 xl or lp6000 except the XS8000 for parts . I dont think anybody will ever want a complete...
  18. 2004p71

    hello from an old member

    Joinned the site back in 2010  but never really had anything to contribute to the site.   I still have my old 1990 crown vic lapd style  that is getting a new engine and transmission and been involved with a driftschool for a little while and that might interest you at some point :) Pics...
  19. 2004p71

    code 3 rls without siren controls

    Simple question. Did code 3 ever made a system without the siren control like the DOT would need. I know they made the rls series without the arrow stick controls but what abouth without the siren controls.
  20. 2004p71

    Quick disconnect lightbar from code 3 question

    Does anybody has ever installed or used this product on a car? heres the product Code 3 Police > Lightbar Accessories I'm thinking abouth getting one for my lapd car show so i can mount the lightbar on and off in few min instead of having all the wires going through the window. Thank...
  21. 2004p71

    hello from canada

    Not really new to the site but i have been on the other board few years ago. I have been working on this project for quite a while and it,s also been on the back burner for quite a while but not i'm back to buisness and will run this car at car shows all summer long :) Current equipment is...

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