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  1. SuperProbie

    Hands Free/ Horn Ring wiring questions

    My Smart Siren Platinum (3000)is all hooked up. Using the horn ring input to activate sweep function. I have a 2016 2500HD (same wiring as a Tahoe and Silverado 1500) I have the horn wire cut between the bcm and the horn relay under the hood. (I’m on the harness exiting the bcm and not...
  2. SuperProbie

    For Sale Federal Signal XStream dual tri color RBW [No Longer Available]

    SuperProbie submitted a new listing: Federal Signal XStream dual tri color RBW - Dual XStream RBW Read more about this listing...
  3. SuperProbie

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper S2 Red/Red

    SuperProbie submitted a new listing: Federal Signal Viper S2 Red/Red - Red Federal Signal Viper S2 Read more about this listing...
  4. SuperProbie

    For Sale Federal Signal Viper S2 Dual Color R/W

    SuperProbie submitted a new listing: Federal Signal Viper S2 Dual Color R/W - Federal Signal Viper Spectralux Dual Comor Read more about this listing...
  5. SuperProbie

    For Sale Sound Off Ghosts R/W pair [No Longer Available]

    SuperProbie submitted a new listing: Sound Off Ghosts R/W pair - Used Ghosts R/W split pair Read more about this listing...
  6. SuperProbie

    Wanted Smart Siren Platinum Harnesses

    Just got a SSP2000 without any harnesses. It’s a Revision A and the keypad is a Revision D. If anyone has the manuals for the revision A that would help a bunch too. I need the keypad harness and the harness for aux inputs and the main siren input Harness. I see I can get the main 2 from...
  7. SuperProbie

    Wanted Need Supervisor Tahoe Brackets ASAP

    Have an install Monday on my new truck and just realized I have all the brackets for my Code 3 Supervisor Flex except for the 2015+ Tahoe which is the ones I need for my 16 Silverado. Parts Dedicated driver outer mounting bracket 2015+ Chevy Tahoe #220-0894-00 Dedicated inner mounting bracket...
  8. SuperProbie

    Avenger/Avenger II brackets same?

    Are the Avenger and Avenger II brackets the same? Looking at getting a few avengers since the priced for them have gone down. I know the talon and avenger were not interchangeable for the brackets but not sure about the light mounting holes on the avenger and avenger ii since the avenger ii...
  9. SuperProbie

    Wanted Federal Signal Viper S2 1x Dual 2x Single

    Looking for some Viper S2 lights. Will need all mounting hardware. Don't care if they are Hardware multi lead it cig plug version. I'd prefer dual color Red/White but will consider all red for any of them. Best online price I can get now is 230 for the dual color dual head. Checking here...
  10. SuperProbie

    For Sale Supervisor Flex MC (Dual color) [No Longer Available]

    SuperProbie submitted a new listing: Supervisor Flex MC (Dual color) - Supervisor Flex MC Red/White Read more about this listing...
  11. SuperProbie

    Wanted Dual color Red White Sound off Intersector under mirrorx2

    Looking for 2 dual color under mirror mount Sound off Intersectors. Preferred to be new style without the inline flasher but whatever. I think I'm trying to beat 130 each as a price. May be pushing it but it's worth a post. Thanks everyone!
  12. SuperProbie

    Positive Bought Positive from firemedic10584 Feniex T6s

    Bought 4x Red Feniex T6 Cobras from Corey. Quick back and forth communication, and they were shipped next morning. Great to do business with, will be glad to anytime in the future.
  13. SuperProbie

    Wanted Sound Off Nline pair

    Looking for a pair of Sound Off Nline in all Red or Red White combo. Looking for 60" or 72" but prefer 60" so I don't have to take my steps off my truck. Thanks!
  14. SuperProbie

    Positive Sold Positive Inner Edge XLP to Wema628

    Received reasonable offer on my Inner Edge XLP from him. PayPal payment made almost immediately upon agreement of price. Communication was excellent and a great buyer over all.
  15. SuperProbie

    New Supervisor Flex problems and questions

    Removed my inner edge XLP single color and replaced it with a Supervisor Flex in Red White dual color. I got this unit used and it is still under warranty. I tested it and swear all functions were working prior to install. After my installer finished putting it in we noticed the far passenger...
  16. SuperProbie

    Whelen Inner Edge XLP

    offering up my pristine Whelen Inner Edge XLP for Dodge Ram Trucks Lightbar is all red with two white takedowns. Model number IX42UFZ just swapped to a code 3 supervisor flex. I really loved this light because it's vehicle specific and probably will have sellers remorse but no sense in having it...
  17. SuperProbie

    Positive (+) purchase from alr22508

    Bought a pair of sound off ghosts from Alex. Got them within a week. Thanks sir!
  18. SuperProbie

    TRADED!! Whelen Slimlighter TRADED

    Deciding to go a different route with my rear warning and both of these are a little too big to fit vertically on my c post in the back of the truck. This post is for the slimlighter a trade will be for both this slimlighter and dual talon in my other post. I have: 1 Whelen Slimlighter Red/Red...
  19. SuperProbie

    FS or FT Whelen Dual Talon

    Deciding to go a different route with my rear warning and both of these are a little too big to fit vertically on my c post in the back of the truck. This post is for the talon see other post for slim lighter a trade will be for both of mine for the items on the list below 1 Whelen Talon in...
  20. SuperProbie

    Wanted Trade Dual Talon and Slimlighter for Single Lightheads or exterior LEDs

    Deciding to go a different route with my rear warning and both of these are a little too big to fit vertically on my c post in the back of the truck. I am willing to trade for list below or will have them posted for sale in appropriate section I have: 1 Whelen Talon in Red/White with full uncut...
  21. SuperProbie

    Replacing control head with another brand?

    I figured this would be a yes or no question. I have an old Star Signal LCS880 controller/siren I was thinking of reusing. The controller is pretty shot, when I took it out of service a few years ago everything worked but all the gummy buttons were starting to go bad and the built in PA mic was...
  22. SuperProbie

    Wanted Running Board/Rocker Panel Lights Red or Red/White

    Had an awesome deal on 2 60" Sound Off Nline in red/amber fall through for 250 shipped as the seller broke them accidentally before shipping. I'm back on the market for a running Board/rocker panel set to use on my Ram 1500 crew cab set up. Length can be between 60" and 72" in red or...
  23. SuperProbie

    Feniex Apollo Interior Bar and Ram 1500

    Just need some clarification on the Apollo Interior bar. I am being offered a Universal split Apollo model. I have a 2014 Ram 1500. I am aware the Fusion bar use both custom brackets and custom housing for the Ram 1500, but did the Apollo also have a vehicle specific housing available? I know...
  24. SuperProbie

    Federal Signal ILS

    Anyone know off hand if a CVPI ILS deck bar will fit in a Charger without modification. Or the dimensions of the charger back deck for that matter? Thanks!
  25. SuperProbie

    Code 3 Supervisor Charger 06-10 questions

    Just recieved a Code 3 Supervisor I believe its the TL with no takedowns. Few questions. Number one where can I find the manual? Code 3s site has an abundance of Tri Core manuals as well 2 TL manuals however both are for the 2011 and newer. They seem to have each vehicles manual EXCEPT of...
  26. SuperProbie

    2009 Charger Antenna Location Help

    Hey all. I have an 09 Charger and I am running into a new problem. I have 2 antennas installed with a the Laird Trunk Lip mount located symmetrically in the center of the trunk (in line with the 2 parallel defroster lines on the window). They have been doing fine (the cables run from that point...
  27. SuperProbie

    2009 Charger Rear Power Distribution Center(Fuse Panel) Ignition Powered Fuse Tap??

    2009 Dodge Charger SE I just installed my Uniden 996T with remote head. Scanner is mounted in the trunk and the remote head up front and tapped that power from behind the cig lighter which is powered by the ignition. However the main scanner is currently hooked up to a fuse with constant power...
  28. SuperProbie

    New Charger Tires...Recommendations please.

    Time for a new set I am looking for something to use in all weather just curious to see what some of you have and any input. Thanks!
  29. SuperProbie

    2009 Charger

    Been meaning to post up here since I got everything straightened out. The Old: 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe Front: Whelen Inner Edge for Ford Explorer with custom brackets Whelen Slimlighter Rear: Whelen Dominator D8 Sides...
  30. SuperProbie

    Uniden Scanner Question

    Does anyone know if the (now discontinued) Uniden 996T will work with a 9600 baud P25 system. I am not sure of the diffrences between the 996t and the current 996XT. I have a Uniden 785D with an APCO card however I blew all my money on the APCO upgrade not knowing that my new town system has at...

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