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    Wanted need Whelen LINZ6 heads

    4-wire Sync versions in White/Clear(2016 dates or newer prefered) For Dominator Plus: Need 2 Red and 2 White(of the 2-wire versions) 2011 dates or newer
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    Wanted LINZ6 dumb heads in Red or White

    Im looking for 2-wire versions of the Whelen LINZ6 heads in Red or in White with the 2pin plug for Dominators on it preferably. Thanks
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    Wanted List of Whelen items wanted

    All items Whelen wanted(no substitutes): *2 White LINZ6 heads(4-wire sync heads)2016 dates or newer *PAR32 in RED/WHITE(must at least have factory mounting studs or brackets on the back) *2-wire LINZ6 heads in White(need 2) and Red(need 1 or 2) *Dominators that have LINZ6 heads 2011 or newer(if...
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    Anyone know TactMedic??

    I bought a brand new in box Setina/Tahoe (PB450L4)pushbar from him on Monday, he said he would ship it the next day and I havent had any response back from him since I sent him the money via PayPal. Im waiting on the pushbar to finish my install amd no word at all. I need the pushbar. If someone...
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    Wanted Looking for Dominator Plus (LINZ6) for parts

    Interested in 1 or 2 that have bad heads or are good for parts and for extra heads. Must be the LINZ6 type DP Dominator. I bought one that had 2 bad heads and trying to finish building the one I have which I need to be RRWRRWRR... Let me know what you have
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    Wanted Whelen Dominator LINZ6 heads and spacers wanted

    Looking for the following: ***SEE PICS FOR REFERENCE*** *(2) Red LINZ6 2-wire w/dominator plug *(2) White LINZ6 2-wire w/dominator plug *(3 to 12) Dominator spacers that go between the lightheads
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    Wanted Looking for 2 or 3 WHITE Whelen LINZ6 heads

    Looking for (2-3) Whelen LINZ6 heads, 2016 or newer, 4 wire versions ASAP. Thanks!
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    Wanted (2) RED Whelen LINZ6 (4-wire version)

    ***FOUND*** Need 2 of them as soon as posssible for a project. 2016 or newer dates NEW or USED. Would prefer TIR3/LIN3 bezel and gasket instead if possible...Let me know what you have...Thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen DUAL Avenger1 headliner brackets mounts

    Im needing a few of these 3-piece headliner mounts/brackets for the original dual Avenger 1. They will NOT work if they are off of dual Talons. See pics for measurements if youre not sure. Even if someone has the 2 small pieces that attach directly TO the Avenger that helps greatly. I have $$ or...
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    Wanted Whelen DUAL Sync Avenger AND/OR headliner brackets

    ***F O U N D*** **I'm needing 3 headliner mounts/brackets for Whelen Avenger dual(see pics for reference) AND/OR **I'm needing 1 Whelen dual Avenger SYNC model (Has a GRAY wire coming our of it and has a letter S in the model#) that was made 7/2011 or newer, need Red on 1 side (OR I can have...
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    For Sale Whelen Liberty Dual LR11 Takedowns

    They work great and are clean. No diodes out. These are somewhat hard to find! $85 plus a little for shipping for the pair. PayPal and Cash App are good for payment on my end. to you if interested
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    Wanted Looking for Whelen dual Avenger (sync model) and R/W PAR32

    Let me know if you have either of the 2: *(1) Whelen dual Avenger 2013 or newer sync model (open to color) *(1) Whelen PAR32 fog 200 series in Red/White with or without bracket but MUST have the 4 mounting studs on the back Thanks!
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    For Sale (4) NIP Federal Signal IMPAXX IPX620 B/W

    I have brand new in package IMPAXX 6 LED surface mounts. Selling 2 or 4 of them(in pairs of 2 or all 4) Selling them or will trade for Whelen Tracers in R/W (4 or 5 head) Pair 2015/2017 dates:$140/pair Pair both 2018 dates: $160/pair 3 of them are still in warranty!
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    Wanted R/W Whelen Tracers

    Im looking for 4 or 5 head Whelen Tracers in Red/White R/W/R/W or R/W/R/W/R and would be for 07-14 Chevy Tahoe. With or without brackets. Needing both sides preferably. I have cash, some trades, trades+cash. Let me know what you have. On a budget so NOS or used is fine. Thanks guys!
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    Whelen Rocker area lights... What can I do?

    I like the Whelen Tracers but they're so expensive, I believe Im gonna do 4 or 5 LINZ6 heads on the lower side rocker panel area on both sides spread out evenly. Does anyone have any good ideas or done their own install-pics appreciated!!(Im strictly a Whelen guy FYI) This will be for a 07-14...
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    Positive +Positive sale to tsquale

    He bought a Sho-Me controller and it was a good exchange! Thanks!
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    Wanted Whelen LIN6 (4 wire)Red/White SuperLED 500 series

    I need 1 of these in the 4 wire version for mirror beams that has the lens on it. Red/White split(no conversions) Thanks
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    Wanted Whelen PAR28s in any color with White FOG function

    Im looking for a few Whelen PAR28s in any color with the White fog function. Thanks
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    Wanted Red PAR28 w/White fog driving light

    Im looking for 1 or 2 PAR28 w/White fog driving light. I already have 1 and looking to make a pair or buy a pair)Red is PREFERRED but will take ANY COLOR as long as it has the staggered White LEDs for fog light function... Thanks...(***pics for reference)
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    Whelen Liberty I: Possible to run Cruise mode on bright??

    Im wanting to know if it can be done...I'm wanting to use the Cruise light function at full brightness instead of low power glow that they are set to...? Thanks!
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    Wanted Intersectors in White/Clear

    Needing between 1 to 3 of these in SURFACE Mount, single color WHITE only(no under-mirror versions). Used is fine if in nice condition(with or without bezel or gasket but do prefer them). New is ok also if the price is right. **Pic for reference below**
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    Wanted White Whelen IONs wanted

    Needing 1 or 2 Whelen IONs in white, standard single color are all I need. Used are fine if in nice condition. New is also fine if the price is right...Thanks
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    For Sale Sho-Me TA controllers

    octoberguy77 submitted a new listing: Sho-Me TA controllers - TA switchbox Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale Havis switchbox-(C-SP-3B) 7 Heavy Duty Lighted Rocker Switches

    octoberguy77 submitted a new listing: Havis switchbox-(C-SP-3B) 7 Heavy Duty Lighted Rocker Switches - Havis switchbox Read more about this listing...
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    Who is Sk8tr1919 on eBay?

    I wanted to get in touch with this person instead of on ebay. Anyone know who that may be? Nothing bad, just interested in some stuff they may have
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    For Sale Dodge Charger Whelen Mirror Beams 2006-2010 R/B

    octoberguy77 submitted a new listing: Dodge Charger Whelen Mirror Beams 2011-2019 R/B - Used set are R and B solid colors and New set are R/B splits Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted ISO: Whelen SoundOff Signal Havis items

    A few items Im needing/looking for are: **SoundOff Signal Intersector(surface mount version) in WHITE(or RED-prefer WHITE tho)single color only 2015 or newer date- has built-in flasher instead of the in-line flasher. **Whelen Liberty WHITE LIN6 heads and LIN12 corners. 2011 or newer dates...
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    For Sale Unity LED U-8547 Spotlight heads *NEW*-(Multiples Avail)

    octoberguy77 submitted a new listing: Unity LED U-8547 Spotlight heads *NEW*-(Multiples Avail) - New LED Spotlight heads Read more about this listing...
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    What agency(s) use White heads or corners in their Liberty bars?

    Im wondering what agency- seeing who would know... Somewhere in the SE(Florida most likely or close) uses White LIN6 heads and/or LIN12 corners in their Whelen Liberty bars and wondering who knows who uses them. Someones got to know!!...Thanks in advance
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    Painting yellowed Liberty LED boards

    I had some LED conversions done and everything is great but had never done any of the 2011 and newer Whelen Liberty LIN6 heads (which are White boards instead of the previous Black)and when I received them they were yellowed from the conversion process. I was told that I could paint (with water...

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