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    PA200 info

    I have a few old PA200’s. All are “staticky” when changing tones and wail will sometimes rise and fall at a varying rate causing it to sound much like a dying cat. is this repairable? I have made sure everything is connected good. Wire size is good. I have seen replacement transistors for...
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    Whelen LED low power mode

    I have a pair of amber PAR46 bulbs that I use as fog lights, more as a way to be seen, not to see. They're great during the day, but at night, they are too bright for oncoming drivers. I presume that the LEDS with low power or cruise settings operate by lowering the voltage to that particular...
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    Wanted Whelen Dominator parts

    Need a few parts: End cap with wire hole - 46-0743389-00. With or without grommet. Need 1. Light dividers: - 38-0463725-00. Need 9. Will buy up to 12.
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    Wanted Fed Sig Model 28 pedestal base.

    Need one.
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    For Sale Noptic NV1 thermal imaging camera - SPOTLIGHT MOUNT.

    Really just checking interest to see what a fair price is: NOS Noptic NV1 thermal camera and ECM. For operation, you would need an existing post mount spotlight, monitor, and necessary cables for your application. ECM has an S video and analog out, so you can use an analog monitor or get an...
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    Wanted Whelen Freedom parts

    Looking for the following in newer styles and good condition: pair of red corner modules. up to (4) red 400 modules. pair of 400 STT modules. pair of amber 400 modules. pair of blue 400 modules. required number of snap in connectors. Can purchase or have some NOS Whelen items to trade...
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    Wanted Whelen L31 R/R

    Anyone have one is good or better shape? Can buy or trade.
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    Federal Signal 12 volt Vibratone Model 33

    Need wiring instructions. 2 wires coming out of the back of horn. Need to know if its hot and ground or hot, hot and grounds to the horn chassis. Thanks.
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    Wanted Whelen M6 - blue.

    I need up to (4) Whelen M6's in blue - clear or blue lens, but prefer them to all be the same. Would like either NOS or very good shape. Will trade 1 for 1 for NOS Whelen 900's 90RR5FRR. These are (8) wire - independent control over upper and lower linear LED's. Red with red lenses...
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    Whelen 600/M6

    I know an M6 light head will fit in the side by side double warning light bezels and stacked bezels like on the front and rear of fire apparatus. My question is: if that bezel is already equipped with Whelen 600 series LED, what has to be done to get it to house an M6? Is it the inner mounting...
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    Wanted Looking for 2-4 Whelen 600's in blue - trade.

    Looking for Whelen linear 600's. Preferably new to excellent condition. Clear or blue lens, just the same. I can trade one for one of the same in red with red lens, M7 red with clear lens, M7 amber with amber lens, or have a pair of Whelen 700's linear red with clear lens. All but the 700's...
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    For Sale Whelen SX8BBBB

    167 submitted a new listing: Whelen SX8BBBB - Memphis PD bars Read more about this listing...
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    Custom 600 rotabeam bar

    Not my video, but I saw this while perusing YouTube the other day. Haven't seen anyone other than San Antonio doing this. I think I like it.
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    Alboy29 contact me

    I agreed to a trade with this fella, mailed mine off, USPS confirmed it was delivered, never heard from him again....
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    PA200 manual

    At one time, there was a section or threads that were pinned that had copies of manuals for old products. Can someone give me a link or have a copy of a manual for a PA200 in pdf?
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    Wanted to Trade LINZ6 heads

    I have 2 white, steady burn LINZ6 heads in a D8Plus that I would like to exchange for red. Mine have very little run time, no fading, hazing, or scratches.
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    Wanted Federal Model 28 base

    Like the title says, need a base for Federal Model 28 - two bolt.
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    Wanted Whelen parts

    I need some parts for Whelen warning/arrow bar. I need end caps and the J1 connector. I have part numbers if anyone can do it. Thanks.
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    Whelen Distributor

    Taken care of. Mods, please delete.
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    Whelen headlight flasher on 06 RAM 2500

    Evidently in 06, Dodge stopped using traditional relays and fuses to power headlights among other things and routes them through and ECM. I have seen other manufactures advise that their devices do not work on 06 or later Dodge vehicles and that damage to the ECM can result. I have a Whelen...
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    Wiring question

    I want to use some rear facing red LED’s as brake/warning lights. If I set the flash pattern to steady and use an external flasher, I’m pretty sure I can just wire the hot wire to the brake wire and the ground to the flasher (pretty sure the one I have pulses the ground and not the hot). My...
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    Whelen 600 assembly

    I did a quick search and didn't see where this has been addressed any where. The latest Whelen 600 series lights heads no longer have "loose" lenses, they are attached to the rear assembly. Is there a way to separate them if they need replaced or want to do a color change? Thanks in advance.
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    Ideas on project with Whelen WS224

    I am currently using a Whelen WS224 remote head siren. I have a couple of amps, but not so many control heads. Do to the design, I assume that the control head just triggers whatever is in the amp to supply sound to the speaker. So I got curious. If I wired (2) amps up to (2) seperate...
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    Dominator mounting question

    For anyone that has done so, what is the easiest way to securely mount a D8 on top of some round bar? I have recently installed a winch mount / grill guard and would like to move the D8P that I have from behind the grill. The best place that I have to mount it is on top of some about 1 1/2"...
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    Unitrol Parts

    I need a wail - off - yelp selector switch for a Unitrol Touchmaster Delta. Any distributors stock these or can I order straight from Unitrol? Thanks.
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    Hypothetical Unitrol Splice

    I have several Unitrol 80K amps and an UM90 5000 series control head. Hypothetically, do you think the contol to amp cable for the 5000 controller to could be cut to expose the wires and be wired to control the appropriate functions on 80K amps. I know the UM90 offers more functions, but I...
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    homemade wig wag

    A long, long time ago I wired up a home made wig wag set up with a DPDT toggle switch and a 537 flasher. The problem is it was so long ago that I forgot how I wired the switch. All I remember is that one side was jumped. Anyone know how to do it. I need a simple, low cost, minimal space set...
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    motorcycle siren

    Anyone know of a motorcycle siren that has a small amplifier that could be installed without having to have saddle bags or a box on the rear. Entertaining the idea of putting one on my Harley just to play around with so I don"t need to spend a ton of m oney either.
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    75 Seagrave

    This is my occasional ride. 1975 Seagrave:
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    2003 Ford F350 updated - video added

    This is my daily rider - 2003 Ford F350. Has: 4" lift Nova Bull 3 light dashlight something or other. RCR w/ one red steady burn. Whelen D8P behind grill. CRRRRRRC - random flash patterns (6) TIR3's rear facing in the gap between the bottom of the tail gate and the top of the bumper...

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