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    CAD Software Suggestions

    When I dispatched for a university PD they used ARMS and I was actually the database admin. It works ok but I think there are much better solutions out there. Though I only test drove the demo version, I kinda liked the CAD offered by CrimeStar. Matthew
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    Code 3 hints at something big: It's a Jack Daniel's app for your iPhone

    I know this is an older thread, however I just saw this video made by Code3 about their vLink system being deployed in the tow/recovery market.
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    Point Blank Alpha Elite

    AZEMT: I was in a position like you and after much research I went with the Point Blank Vision series Level II along with the Special Threats Plate. I wore that for a year and absolutely loved it. It was very comfortable and seemed to fit without the typical "break in" period straight from the...
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    Lapel Mic's and Lapel Pins

    calebsheltonmed23: I am in the same boat you're in uniform wise with a strict uniform policy (state sheriff association mandate as sanctioned by law) requiring all the nice little points of flair so to speak, including the brass buttons that have to be put on and taken off when cleaning the...
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    Private car with LPRs

    As a follow up on my previous post, here are two links to reports about the system. The first is a local news report and the second is a law enforcement industry article about the system. There are reports throughout the country that have used Cincinnati's regional system as a model. Police...
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    Private car with LPRs

    The interesting thing about commercial use of ALPR is that depending on the service provider the data collected (captured image, date/time, and GPS coordinates) are sent to a national server that can be accessed by private investigators, repo companies, and even law enforcement. Some law...
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    German firefighting at its best ... ????????

    I just found this on and I can't say that I have seen it posted here yet and I am not really sure what to make of it. I'll let you all decide.
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    2012 Chevy Caprice - Hamilton County Sheriffs Office - Hamilton County, Ohio

    Unfortunately I do not have interior shots after the equipment was installed but I can definitely try to get some. In case anyone was wondering about the MDC and MDC mount that is purchased by a separate county agency that oversees the countywide law enforcement database that all 49 police...
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    2012 Chevy Caprice - Hamilton County Sheriffs Office - Hamilton County, Ohio

    Though the setup is old school it achieves its purpose. Some of the contract cars have different setups but that is because the contracted municipality pays for the equipment. In the case of this car, it is a county car and that is the standard setup. And as Tri-State PSE stated that is the way...
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    Best place to buy digital P25 radios?

    And I agree that having one is much safer than not having one ... just wanted to bring up some issues I worked through and feel are helpful to remember. That is helpful having friends who are willing to help program the radio for you. Locally things are very controlled and that would never fly...
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    Hello from Cincinnati

    Finally decided to introduce myself after years of being a reading only member ... I have been following this site for several iterations and look forward to taking more active role. I am a police dispatcher for one department and am an officer for another. This site has allowed me to make...
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    Best place to buy digital P25 radios?

    The department I dispatch for uses XTS2500's and they also have regular problems with the radios. The radios will randomly without any human interaction change channels though the display screen still shows the home channel, the emergency button activates randomly, and the display screen will...
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    Best place to buy digital P25 radios?

    This brings up a couple of things I want to mention ... First, there is something to be said for using like equipment. In any profession, but especially public safety, equipment can fail at the time you need it the most and having like equipment as your partners/colleagues allows you to rely...
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    Best place to buy digital P25 radios?

    Make sure you find out what type of encryption, if any is used, as that may impact what brand radio is available to you. Reason being if ADP is used that is proprietary to Motorola, whereas DES and AES are available on most brands. My experience in Cincinnati, which is mainly a Motorola...

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