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    Lighting/display collection insurance?

    That is an excellent question. I have a collection as well. An example would be, a fully decked out full size edge bar may have cost an agency $1000 (keep the numbers simple) But what is it worth in a collection. Regardless of what it was purchased for by the collector?
  2. J

    For Sale Code 3 LP6000 half filters red/blue

    Here are seven 1/2 filters for the LP6000 light bar. They are used. $50 shipped to the continental US Thanks
  3. J

    For Sale Jetsonic/stream filters

    Here is a complete set of red jetsonic/steam filters. I can swap out for the large alley cut-out endcaps if needed. I also have these in blue, and I have jetstrobe filters as well in red and blue. $60 shipped to the continental US. These are used. Thanks
  4. J

    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    Thanks everyone. I found one, and am in contact with a member for shells.
  5. J

    Wanted Twinsonic rotator and the long chain.

    Found one. Thanks
  6. J

    Wanted Twinsonic rotator and the long chain.

    This is most likely a long shot, but I am in need of one rotator and chain for a twinsonic regular length bar. Thanks
  7. J

    Ebay listings (AMBER, WHITE warning lights, switch boxes, etc.)

    I have used that category for a red model 17. Got suspended. The light is over 50 years old. So I give up on selling items with domes pictured.
  8. J

    Ebay listings (AMBER, WHITE warning lights, switch boxes, etc.)

    I feel your pain. At one time, ebay's policy was antique and vintage equipment was ok to sell. But recently it looks like their moderators don't know an elbow from a hole in the ground. I tried to sell some jet filters. Got suspended for it. At one time, filters and dome were good to sell. You...
  9. J

    Wanted Streethawk parts

    I have two standard speed rotators. I most likely have the lowers you want. PM me.
  10. J

    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    Ah...thanks. I forgot about him.
  11. J

    Federal AeroDynic Dome

    All righty then. It looks like I have to revise an fleabay listing
  12. J

    Federal AeroDynic Dome

    Does Federal still produce the AeroDynic/Twin dome? I was under the impression they were obsolete and had been for some time. Thanks
  13. J

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    And a metal base to mount it to something....sad x 3 :(
  14. J

    RX2700 Wiring\Control Box

    That's odd. The RX2700's I had did not require controllers. Mind you, they were not the multi-color LED's
  15. J

    Wanted Whelen Piercer II Housing

    I am looking for the black housing for these with clear lenses. I have the supply and heads.
  16. J

    Wanted Federal Signal Vector Oscillating Center Pods

    PM sent. I have one w/o the pod. It is missing the link or arm unfortunately.
  17. J

    Wanted Jetsonic

    I have on Im getting ready for flebay. Contact me at
  18. J

    Signalmaster with a Code 3 Arrowstik?

    It depends on the C3 controller. Some were postitive switched (not as common) and some were negative switched (the most common).
  19. J

    930N Heliobe Mystery Trigger Wire

    They are a great and bright bar, just heavy and like the mars bars BIG. There is sooo many configurations, for that bar. Unfortunately, for most of them, and from the ones I worked on/had, the patterns it came with is what you got.
  20. J


    Ebay implemented the ban on colored lights in 2002-2003. I have been selling on ebay since early 1999 - 2000??? But even with the ban, if it was no longer in use, ie antique or vintage (Twinsonic, Whelens 8000 bar, 17 series beacons) it was ok. You could still sell domes and filters. I had a set...
  21. J

    Twinsonic 12X 44" Series A1A - Blackout - Head Scratcher

    Let me be more specific. If you ever saw the show "Worlds Most Shocking Police Chases" if you look at the lights on the cars, you can see a section of "Maybe electrical tape" through the center of the bar, horizontally, where the focal point of the bulb is. This would cut or black out the flash...
  22. J

    Twinsonic 12X 44" Series A1A - Blackout - Head Scratcher

    I wounder if it was a movie prop light and that was done to cut off the extra flash's. I know they black tape some bars in movie scenes, as not to blind the camera.
  23. J

    Official Junk, Overpriced, etc. Thread

    I got a Whelen PA 5000 ( I think it was the 5000 model) for $30 shipped bc someone listed it wrong. LOL
  24. J

    Need help identifying visions smart pods

    They are MX 7000 rotators. That sucks,
  25. J

    Federal signal model 174

    Known as the Hawaii 5 O light (well of it had the blue dome and cruise light).....NICE in any condition LOL
  26. J


    I do not know what has set them off, but with world economy on a brink of collapse due to covic, (maybe not collapse but it has hit some ppl hard)one would think they would not shoot themselves in the foot. They are also changing around payment options, by pushing or eliminating the use of...
  27. J


    I wonder what set this off. I know that in their rule book no red or blues but antique's are OK.
  28. J


    Is it just me, or is ebay starting to actively remove all listing of lights whether or not it is antique or vintage? Is there another site somewhere that is more light and siren friendly other then here, craigslist and face book?
  29. J

    Wanted Looking for 2 whelen slimlighters.

    One red/blue and a blue/blue one, used in good condition with suction cup attachments. Please PM me. Thanks jdh

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