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  1. wfdstation42

    Federal Signal Turbo Beam 2000 red magnet mount mini light bar - No Longer Available

    Federal Signal Turbo Beam 2000 red magnet mount mini light bar Ok people, here we have a NIB Federal Signal Target Tech TurboBeam 2000 magnet mount red 2 rotator light. Never been used. Has cord with switched cig lighter plug. Shipping to the lower 48 only List Date: 4/11/2017 For more...
  2. wfdstation42

    For Sale Fire Truck Christmas Ornament from The Whitehouse Historical Assoc.

    Don't know if this is allowed or the proper area. Mods feel free to move or delete if needed. Saw this posted on the SPAAMFAA facebook page and thought I'd post it here just in case. The wife ordered one today and said shipping was...
  3. wfdstation42

    SOLD! FedSig Beacon Ray model 175

    This is a used model 175. Has the usual scratches and a ding or two. Looks like the base was trimmed by about 3/8" and for some reason 2 notches were cut in the bottom. The clear plastic dome is in decent shape. The lights rotate nicely. There is no base gasket. It has 3 threaded rods that stick...
  4. wfdstation42

    For Sale Dietz 7-11 for $10,000 and still charging for shipping.

    Not mine.
  5. wfdstation42

    For Sale Whelen SX series LFL LC Liberty all blue lightbar LED

    This Whelen light bar has 14 LED pods total (4 LIN6 blue pods facing forward, 6 LIN6 blue pods facing rear and 4 LIN12 corner pods). Also has clear front take down lights that also flash and left and right clear alley lights that flash as well. The center six rear LED pods can also be used as a...
  6. wfdstation42

    For Sale Whelen Liberty LFL SX All Blue LED 48.5" Light Bar

    Here is a USED Whelen Liberty LFL SX All Blue LED 48.5" Light Bar for sale. Clear lenses are in very nice shape. Has 12 total LIN6 modules (6 forward facing, 6 rear facing) and 4 LIN12 corners all in blue. Has left & right halogen alleys. NO TAKEDOWNS. Lots of flash patterns. Cruise light...
  7. wfdstation42

    Just another boring ol' Beacon Ray model 17...or is it?

    Snagged this FedSig 6V model 17 on *bay. Hasn't got here yet so these pics are from the listing. Lets see if any astute collectors can see what makes this one somewhat more rare than most model 17's. And no I'm not referring to the stupid magnets someone added. Eric, you can't play.  
  8. wfdstation42

    Guys, no more embarrassing moments......

     Admit it, we all like showing off our “equipment”, we’re guys, it’s what we do. We never pass up the opportunity to take it out and flash it around. Especially when some hottie expresses an interest, right? We take her back to our place, put on some soft music, dim the lights and get into some...
  9. wfdstation42

    A couple projects I've been working on.....

    First up a FedSig Twin Beacon Ray. Stripped it down, removed badges from retaining bands so they could be restored. Polished all stainless parts, there are still some dings and ripples but it looks much better. Re-rivoted the badges with appropriate style stainless rivots. Replaced motor...
  10. wfdstation42

    NOS Signal Stat Model 374 BARN FIND.

    I actually found it on craigslist but it was stored for several years and never used. Unfortunately it wasn't stored in a box so there is some surface corrosion in the internals and dried gunk on the inside of the dome but the paper tag that says to remove the tape from the sealed beams is still...
  11. wfdstation42

    My Mars DX-40 Video

    Well here it is. I got this from another member here on the board a week ago as a box of parts. He gave up on it because he couldn't get the motor to work. While it does make some noise from the gears I don't think it's that bad considering what I started with. I hope you enjoy!
  12. wfdstation42

    My latest FedSig Beacon Ray model 17 & model WLR siren light

    Here are my latest aquisitions that I took delivery of late Sunday night. A Federal Signal model 17 Beacon Ray and model WLR siren light. Both are in need of a completed restoration but I am pleased with them and they will make a nice addition to the collection. I know what your...
  13. wfdstation42

    Detroit to consider "firefighter tourism"

    If this has already been posted then mods feel free to delete. Detroit considers 'firefighter tourism' to cover department shortfall | Fox News
  14. wfdstation42

    My new to me Aerodynic model 25 with a twist....

    So a couple weeks ago I'm searching craigs for collectible stuff and I come across a model 25 Aero. Contact the seller, he agrees to box it and drop it at a Fedex location. Awesome!! A second model 25 for the collection! So it comes Thursday 7/19 and I take it out of the box for a quick scan...
  15. wfdstation42

    Can the FedSig experts explain this tag to me? Video added 6/27/12

    So I buy 2 beacon ray 175's from a guy that were supposed to be mounted on the same truck. They both had their bases cut at a slight angle. Both tags showed a model 17 not 175, one tag was the reddish/orange color and the other pictured below is the burgundy color. Check out the serial number...
  16. wfdstation42

    Federal Enterprises (prior to Fed Sig) Beacon Ray Model 17 Restoration

    Here are before and after pics of a Federal Enterprises Beacon Ray Model 17. The chrome was shot, tag was corroded and the only paint left on the tags was 2 very tiny rings under the mounting screws and the dome was crazed. Sent the base to John Dorgan for rechroming and bought one of his blue...
  17. wfdstation42

    Check this pic of a FedSig Model 17 High Skirt.......

    ...doesn't it seem obscenely high?
  18. wfdstation42

    It's finally here!! Beacon Ray Model 17-C

    Well, after purchasing this on fleabay on 12/1 it was a long frustrating wait till its arrival on 12/23. The dome is crazed but new ones are easy to come by. The spot lights are rusted and will need sandblasting and a repaint. I think the chrome will clean up with some steelwool and polish. The...
  19. wfdstation42

    California EV lighting law history question.

    This question goes out to the history buffs of Californias emergency vehicle lighting laws. I know they have a requirement for front steady red and an amber rear but what I'm curious about is did both those requirements get inacted at the same time or did the amber rear requirement come later...
  20. wfdstation42

    Guess this guy never heard of John Dorgan........

    otherwise he would have got one of John's repop beacon ray skirts instead of doing this: It's on ebay: Red and Yellow Rotating Vehicle Light - Possibly from an old Fire Engine Truck | eBay
  21. wfdstation42

    Whelen Rotabeam Light Bar

    Here is a Whelen Rotabeam light bar I got on *bay. It was missing mounts and 1 lens was broke into many pieces. It appears to have been a 52" bar that someone cut down to 48". I cleaned it up, painted the bar, modified some FedSig mounts to fit the bottom slot and added some generic gutter...
  22. wfdstation42

    Code 3 SD Light Bar HD video

    Here is my 48" Code 3 SD Light Bar with alternating flashers front and rear. The red lens came with the bar and has some crazing, the blue one is the NOS one that I showed in another thread that was broke in shipping. I glued the chunk of lens back on and glued the cracks. They are visible on...
  23. wfdstation42

    You'll want to cry,......

    ...people, another example of poor packaging destroying irreplacable items. I bought 4 Code 3 SD lenses on Ebay. 3 were NOS. The guy stacked all of them together with only the factory plastic wrap between them. Then placed them inside a box with so little peanuts and NOTHING else it allowed the...
  24. wfdstation42

    Rarity of purple plastic beacon ray lens?

    How rare is the purple plastic beacon ray lens? It would be for the newer/wider 173, 174, 175 and 176 models. I know they were mostly used for funerals so one would think there weren't alot of them. Opinions?

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