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  1. J

    New Facebook collector group.

    Dear US and world collectors, here a brand new European lightbar collectors group ! You are welcome to join us !
  2. J

    Wanted Aerodynic motor assembly

    Hye, Looking for an Aerodynic motor assembly. Thank you.
  3. J

    Wanted Looking for bulkhead.

    Hye guys, Looking for an Aero bulkhead, no speaker grill needed. Make offers.
  4. J

    Wanted Looking for Aerodynic

    Hello All, I'm looking for an aAero with or without domes. Especially model 24 EH EAH or similar. Please make offer plus pics. I'm living in Europe. Shipping at my own expenses by USPS only. Thank you
  5. J

    Wanted Aerodynics

    Hello eveyone, I'm looking for Aerodynic lightbar, model 24 EH, EAH or similar. Even without domes ( I get it ). Please feel free to make offers. However i'm living in FRANCE so you would have to ship it ( at my expenses by USPS). Thank you !
  6. J

    Wanted Code 3 Force 4 lp 6000 lenses.

    Hello, Looking for Code 3 Force 4 lp 6000 red and blue lenses. Good condition needed.
  7. J

    Wanted Aerodynic parts

    Hello, I've some parts requests for an Aerodynic 24 EH restoration projet : - aerodynic base frame or whole bar. - aerodynic speaker cover (face and back) I already get blue and red lenses....
  8. J

    For Sale Federal Signal Aerodynic dome for sale.

    I have a 4 panel red Aerodynic dome for sale, nameplate included. The dome has no cracks, only need an use of wet sand or polish. Condition is about 6 - 7 / 10. Please ask me for offers. Please note its located in France ! 
  9. J

    Wanted Looking for Aero lightbar

    Hello All, I'm looking for an aAero with or without domes. Especially model 24 EH EAH or similar. Please make offer plus pics. Thank you !
  10. J

    Aerodynic domes - order to federal signal

    Ok Guys, I need you about Aerodynic domes... These items are so rare that I decide to order it at Federal Signal. However, I want to be sure of it. Could someone tell me what are the exact part number for: AERODYNIC 24 EH and 24 EAH Because the order sheet provided by FedSign is...
  11. J

    What Siren/Lightbar controller to operate an Aerodynic model 24?

    Hie, I'm looking for the good controller to use normally my Aerodynic. Any answers? Thank a lot.
  12. J

    Hello from Normandy

    Hello everyone, Some words to indroduce myself. I'm in Rouen, France, 34 years and a police officer in Rouen. I just discover this forum and I'm looking for some treasures like a FSC Aerodynic 24 EHA.... :D

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