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  1. UnityUSA

    100 YEARS OLD!!!

  2. UnityUSA

    Camera LED Spotlight

    We have a new LED lamp in development that will have a camera in the center. We are very early in development and would like to get as much feedback as possible to make the product most beneficial to our customers. - Ability to aim the camera by pointing the spotlight. - Would work with...
  3. UnityUSA


    One of our long time distributors made a stock return of unsold items. In the group is a single 1282-RSP Red Spitfire Dome RV25/45/46. We are currently determining fair way to sell the dome and will update this thread later when we have a plan.
  4. UnityUSA

    NEW 8848 X-LED Replacement Head

    New Product! Want to change your spotlight to X-LED? Now you can! Using 8848 (Chrome) & 8848-0002 (Black) replacement X-LED head. There is a pin that holds the head in place. Just pop out the pin, remove the old head, add new X-LED head and pop the pin back in! 8848:
  5. UnityUSA

    Vintage Photo Contest

    We are running a contest through our website for the chance to win either a vintage spotlight or pair of vintage roadlights.
  6. UnityUSA

    Win LED Lamp

    We are running a contest for a chance to win a LED lamp. Lamp can be used in any model S04 or model S6 light. We are giving away two lamps, one on facebook and one on twitter. Facebook Twitter
  7. UnityUSA

    Photo Contest

    We are currently running a photo contest on facebook. Prize is a LED lamp. Details can be found here:
  8. UnityUSA

    Leap Day Sale

    Our website will be having a sale on 2/29/16 to celebrate the leap year. Spotlights, Rooflights, and Decklights will be 20% off using coupon code: LEAPSALE20 Roadlights, Worklights, and Hand-Helds will be 30% off with coupon code: LEAPSALE30 Sale will apply to retail orders only. Sale cannot...
  9. UnityUSA

    RV15A Amber Beacons

    We have 21 RV15A Amber Beacons that were returned to us from a distributors stock. They are all packed up never opened NOS lights. RV15 beacons are use single 5" PAR36 lamp. They have been released for standard sale and are now available:
  10. UnityUSA

    CHP Red Spotlight

    We found 11 of the old CHP red spotlight lamps (4000-R). These are the ones used before the 80s. They had a special connection used on them. Because of this we wanted some input on the best way to sell them. On the back of the light there are 3 terminals: ground, high beam, low beam. We had a...
  11. UnityUSA

    RV25 Red/Amber Domes 1245-RA

    (I know some people have already figured this out, but here is the official announcement) We have found 8 RV25 domes that are half red and half amber. These parts have long been discontinued and we cannot make more of them. There has been a decent amount of interest in these domes. To make...
  12. UnityUSA

    Unity Forum Now Live

    Unity Manufacturer Forum has been added. We look forward to helping with any questions or concerns you have for us.
  13. UnityUSA

    Unity Manufacturing Co

    Hello everyone. We were asked to join this forum and currently have a Manufacturer's Forum similar to Feniex and Sound-Off being setup. In the mean time, if you have any questions feel free to shoot us a message or ask on this thread. Thank you for having us.

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