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    Whelen Under-the-Side View Mirror Mount for LINSV2

    I read somewhere that they’re developing the mount for the 2019+ Silverado 1500’s mirrors. Has anyone heard a timeline for this, and will the mount for the 2018 and older years work at all?
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    Taillight Flasher for 2021 Silverado

    I’ve never used a taillight flasher before on an install, so I’m looking for some advice. It’ll be going on a 2021 Silverado 1500 with factory LED taillights. I saw a SOS headlight flasher with a taillight option, can just the taillight portion be used? Is a different flasher more recommended...
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    For Sale Traverse 540 Rescue Belay Device - Large - NFPA

    New never used Traverse 540 Rescue Belay Device - Large - General Use NFPA 27kN. $350 OBO
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    Wanted Found everything, thanks for the help

    I'm looking for the following: (2) led 600 in red with red lenses (2) led 700 in red with red lenses (2-4) 900 or M9 led scene lights Used would be preferred, but open to all options. Thank you.
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    Where to find a mag mount kit

    I've been trying to find a mag or mag/suction mount kit for a Whelen L31/32 beacon. If anyone knows where I can acquire one I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Code 3 Hide A Blast issue..

    I received a Code 3 Hide A Blast from a buddy some time ago, and today I went to hook it up, and nothing...I checked and double checked all my wiring. I cut apart all the wiring I had just done to make sure it wasn't that. I hooked the light head up to a power source without the flash module...
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    2006 Mercury Milan Lighting Ideas

    I have a 2006 Mercury Milan and I'm lookin for ideas and the such for a lighting setup for it. I have a dual Talon already mounted to the headliner. I also have (2) Lin6's, (2) Linz6's, and (2) Tir3's. I am figurin maybe two single Talons or a traffic bar to the rear upper, and I'm lookin for...
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    Whelen LED Question...

    So I've always bought clear lenses with solid colors myself but an associate of mine obtained some 700 series leds that are split red/white with matching colored lenses. If he was to get an all red lense will the white side of the light come off as an off red compared to the true red side or...
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    Code 3 issue

    So I was fixing the flash patterns on the engine this mornin and I noticed one of the Code 3 led lower lights is making an odd noise. I'm a Whelen man myself. Our two newest engines got ordered with Code 3 crap for whatever reason and have been problematic. Light heads doing partial or full...

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