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    For Sale New outer edge flasher

    Selling a new used outeredge flasher unit with wiring for 6 heads. Came with a unit for ford explorer for install but decided to wire to carbide and this is left over. Has all the plugs and wires. Never used Not WECAN Will get a picture soon but not much to look at. This can be used for custom...
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    Wanted Opticom 795 programing cable

    Looking for an opticom programming cable. —Available programming cable (Part #79-1000-0157-0)
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    Whelen 500 seris frames

    I am trying to add a pair of duo liberty modules into my side windows. I have the light heads, I am Looking for the extruded aluminium frame for two heads or something I can down to size. Anyone have part numbers from whelen? I have an 8 head dashmiser shell but don't want the oval shape...
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    For Sale New Feniex Fusion 600 blue

    1 Feniex Fusion 600 single color Blue All heads are 40* optics New in bag. Still under warranty built within last year Asking $250 shipped
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    For Sale Cencom control head kit

    1 Whelen 18 button cencom controller with legend sheet, bail bracket and havis face plate. All brand new Asking $130 shipped
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    For Sale Whelen outer edge explorer New

    1 Whelen Outer Edge for Ford Explorer Low current model single colors. Colors are B/A/B - B/R/B Brand New never used. Has all wires, tape and flasher. Mfg date 01-2019 still under warranty Asking $650 shipped
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    For Sale Sound Off Signal Intersector

    1 SoundOff Signal Under mirror intersector duo blue/white. Brand new never used. Opened bag for photo. Comes with wedges. Asking $150 shipped
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    For Sale Ion Trio R/W/B pair

    2 whelen ion universal trio R/B/W Never mounted. Dont have mounts. Asking $110 each or $210 pair shipped
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    For Sale Cencom Gold System

    1 used whelen cencom gold system. Has controller and wires. Unit has traffic advisor but no harness. Asking $220 shipped
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    Wanted Single blue intersector head

    Have a under mirror head that has to be replaced. Anyone got one? Needs to be blue and the older inline style without the flasher is fine
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    2013 explorer

    Where does one pass wires through firewall on a civilian explorer?
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    Wanted Whelen dashmiser shell

    I am looking for a large traffic advisor shell meant for halogen or strobe 500/52 series lights. Looking for a minimum of 6 head but can make an 8 head work. Rough looking is ok with me just needs end caps and z brackets
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    For Sale Whelen Dual Avenger 2 Amber

    I have two whelen dual avenger 2s single color amber. They have about 3 feet of wire no plugs. Also both have flash shields and headliner brackets. These are still in warranty with Whelen and work perfectly. Video available Asking $150 each OBO
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    For Sale Whelen IonV3 blue

    rohmers submitted a new listing: Whelen IonV3 blue - Whelen Read more about this listing...
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    For Sale StrobesNmore D12 duo blue and white

    rohmers submitted a new listing: StrobesNmore D12 duo blue and white - D12 Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Code 3 XT flanges

    Need the flanges for around ten of the older series lights.
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    For Sale Pair of Feniex cannons blue/white

    rohmers submitted a new listing: Pair of Feniex cannons blue/white - Dual color cannons Read more about this listing...
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    Looking for help 2005 F150 console

    Looking for installs of havis console in f150 2005 crew cab. Anyone know what part numbers I need for tunnel mount?
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    Wanted Red and white cannons

    Looking for a pair of red and a pair of white cannons. Not split but solid colors. Old 2mode cannons are fine
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    For Sale Feniex cobra 400s all blue

    rohmers submitted a new listing: Feniex cobra 400s all blue - Feniex cobra 400s Also willing to trade for 4 fusions blue/amber with 40degree optics Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Amber / white cannons pair

    Need a pair of amber white cannons please.
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    Wanted whelen 700 pedestal mount

    have an idea and need the 700 series bumper mount with clear lens. used is preferred. chris
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    Wanted Visor bar brackets 07 Expedition Feniex Apollo

    Need the brackets for visor mounting the apollo bar to my truck, just bought a bar that needs the brackets. used is fine as long as they are not bent or messed up. let me know what you might have, Chris
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    Wanted Opticom Housing

    i am looking for the ext-d for the opticom mounted uner bars such as the valor. i have the unit from a liberty but want to mount it externally from the bar. cant seem to find ANY online. thanks chris
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    Wanted 07 expedition par28 brackets

    need some brackets for whelen par28 to mount on my truck. or if someone call tell me the part number to look for chris
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    Wanted looking for 8 head lightbar like dominator

    i have a customer that wants a dominator style bar. going in back window of 08 explorer. wants it to be configured B/R/B/B/B/B/A/B let me know what you got and can send pics to with price shipped chris
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    Wanted 2007 expedition pushbar

    looking for pushbar for 2007 ford expedition. used is prefered In the Boston MA area would be great chris
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    For Sale STL interior lightbar blue with flood

    rohmers submitted a new listing: STL interior lightbar blue with flood - Full interior bar with flood override Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Havis Faceplate for Kenwood TK8180 radio

    looking for havis mount for kenwood TK8180 radio. used is just fine with me. part # C-EB25-T81-1P chris
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    Wanted Cdm 1250 head unit

    Bought radio with bad head unit. Let me know if you have one for sale cheap please. Chris

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