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    Wanted R/b or r/b/w impax

    Looking for a r/b or a r/b/w impaxx
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    Wanted Gamber Johnson Mic Bracket

    Looking for a gamber mic holder, the smaller L bracket style
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    For Sale SoundOff Nforce Dual Color 48" Lightbar - Silver Series [No Longer Available]

    Fenn submitted a new listing: SoundOff Nforce Dual Color 48" Lightbar - Silver Series - SoundOff 48" Red/Blue dual color lightbar Read more about this listing...
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    Wanted Whelen pe215

    Looking for a Whelen pe215 preemption power supply
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    Expedition speaker locations

    I'm looking for feedback on speaker mounting locations for the newer 2015+ expeditions. The only vehicle specific brackets I can find are the whelen for the sa315p, which will also mount a triton and cyclone, and the federal signal for the es100. The whelen puts the speaker in the middle of...
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    420 speaker expedition bracket

    Anyone have any information regarding the ETSS4207B ford expedition bracket that is available for the 420 speaker? I've searched the soundoff website and can't find any drawings or information about it besides the part number. I'm curious if it would work for a 2017 as I've been able to locate...
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    Sound Off Ultralite 12 R/B - SOLD

    Sound Off Ultralite 12 R/B 12 module Ultralite, in great shape with about 6ft of cord on it. Brackets are included. List Date: 2/28/2017 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Sound Off Ultralite 12 R/B -------------------------------------- SOLD...
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    3 Soundoff Ghosts R/B - No Longer Available

    3 Soundoff Ghosts R/B 3 soundoff ghosts with multi mounts. I have 2 hood style clips. $120.00 for all 3. List Date: 10/25/2016 For more info, click here to view the original listing: 3 Soundoff Ghosts R/B -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available...
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    Santa Cruz SC-931-5-MR

    Looking for a quote on a Santa Cruz SC-931-5-MR muzzle down rifle rach
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    Wanted Red SoundOff XP63

    In need of a red soundoff xp63
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    hey fellas, I need a new dome light for my k9 insert. can you guys quote me on the led one. Many Thanks
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    **SOLD** - 2 SoundOff Ghosts

    2 Red/Blue SoundOff Ghosts. good condition with multi mount. approx 6-8" of wire attached. $70.00 shipped for both
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    For Sale SoundOff Dual Predator 2's Red/Blue

    2 dual predator 2's in great condition. These were previously mounted inside. asking $150 shipped for both
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    Wanted *FOUND* R/B SoundOff Ghost

    **NO LONGER NEEDED** I am in need of a red/blue soundoff ghost with the multi mount.
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    Takedown / work light options

    I'm looking to put some more takedown lighting on one of our work trucks. The truck currently has a pinnacle interior lightbar and just doesn't offer too much takedown lighting. It does have a settina push bumper though for mounting but I'm stuck on what to mount on there. I currently have 2...
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    Wanted Stinger fast charger

    looking for a fast charger for my stinger, dont need any cords but a home plug would be welcomed.
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    For Sale SOLD - Whelen WS-295HFS1 200w Siren

    Whelen WS-295HFS1 siren. Purchased it for a project in working condition. Project never happened and no longer need it. $50 plus shipping obo
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    SOLD. SoundOff Signal Nforce 18 LED R/B/W (2)

    2 surface mount Sound Off nforces tri-color with takedowns. Were only installed for about a week. Need to free up some money. They will ship in original boxes $150 shipped - OBO
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    Opticom Coding

    anyway to tell the coding from a opticom? I have 2, 1 was computer programmed and works great but I need to program a second that uses dip switches.
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    Wanted Rifle or Rifle/Shotgun Rack

    Looking for a rifle or rifle/shotgun rack
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    Nova Microdash Preemption Light

    Nova Microdash Preemption light.  $80.00 shipped
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    Whelen HHS2200

    New Whelen HHS2200. I purchased this a month or two ago but did not install it and don't plan to. Installation supplies bag is still factory sealed.  $275 Shipped USPS Priority Mail
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    Wanted Charge Guard

    Anyone have a newer yellow style charge guard they'd like to sell?
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    SAK23 bracket for SA315P

    In need of a SAK23 bracket for the SA315P speaker. The bracket is for a ford expedition. 
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    etl5000 modules in pinnacle

    I have a spare soundoff etl5000 sitting around that i can't use and my truck currently has a new pinnacle on it. Pinnacle is all red and my ETL5000 is red/blue. I'd like to get some blue in my new lightbar if possible. The modules appear to be the same size but the optics look different. Anyone...
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    losing a pa650 and installing a hhs2200

    I'm removing the PA650 and installing a HHS2200 in my work ride. PA650 has 4 hot wires going into it that look to be 10 gauge.  The HHS2200 requires 3 8 ga wires.  I'm running a Sound Off Pinnacle lightbar trigger for hideaway strobes 4 sound off n forces and a 8 head ultralite my question...
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    Sw300 problems

    Had a interesting problem in my work ride this morning. Went to turn the light at on (arjent s1) and the light on the swithbox wouldn't turn on, light at was off and the box was making a clicking sound. After a few hits of the switch the lightbar turned on and stayed on but the light in the...
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    Wanted Antennas

    Looking for 2 low profile antennas. one for 433mhz and a 460-512 one
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    ID this antenna

    I recently saw this on a local installers page. Looks like some sort of antenna that is mounted to the side of the push bumper. Anyone seen it before? Any idea what it is?
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    2x Federal Signal Viper S2 SYNC

    2 authentic Federal Signal Viper S2's. Red/Blue. 4 wire hardwire with brackets and flashback shields $150.00 shipped I'd like to move these.

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