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  1. Fighting17th

    For Sale Hundreds of Fire/Police/EMS/Military Decals, and some other items

    Everything is tested and works 100%, unless otherwise stated, decent used condition. All prices include shipping! I just got in a HUGE lot of hundreds of mostly police/fire/EMS/military related decals. I will be listing these individually on eBay, but I'm posting them here for eLightbars...
  2. Fighting17th

    Wanted ISO: Kenwood NX-800H-K UHF Mobile

    Looking for at least one, but possibly two (depending on price). They must be KENWOOD NEXEDGE digital mobile radios model number NX-800H-K. 450-520 range. Must be in good condition and tested and work perfectly and be in decent cosmetic condition. I will need the radio, power and ignition...
  3. Fighting17th

    2011 RAM Power Wagon SVFD Utility Truck

    Haven’t posted a build for a while, so I figure I’ll post one of my most involved builds lately. This truck is a 2011 Ram Power Wagon that my volunteer fire department purchased used around 2013. Initially it was setup with 3 toolboxes and a headache rack. My department wanted to use off-brand...
  4. Fighting17th

    Whelen WeCAN Liberty Light Bar R/B Super Takedowns - No Longer Available

    Whelen WeCAN Liberty Light Bar R/B Super Takedowns Whelen Liberty WeCan light bar. Fully loaded with SXT super LED takedowns and LR-11 LED alleys. Long cables. All red/blue. Currently set up as front driver red, front passenger blue, rear driver blue, rear passenger red. But modules can be...
  5. Fighting17th

    Problems with the site

    Please move if in the wrong spot.. I want to see if anyone else is having the same problems as me. I am running Google Chrome and no matter what device I use I'm running into the same problem. Any time I try to click in the dialogue box to comment on a thread, start a new message, start a new...
  6. Fighting17th

    Wanted (2) Whelen M7 amber & several dual color light heads

    I am looking for 2 Whelen M7 LED light heads solid AMBER in color. Prefer used, date doesn't matter as long as they work. Prefer black flanges if available. Doesn't have to have internal flasher, they can be steady since they will be used with external flasher anyway. Must be M7s, not 700s, as...
  7. Fighting17th

    lvfd2005 Resolved

    I hate doing this, and I’m not creating a “dispute” yet, I just want an answer and a tracking number. I purchased 4 older Feniex T4 sticks on June 5. 2 800 and 2 400, all half red, half blue. He told me 2 red modules had problems, everything else worked. I have a friend that wanted an all blue...
  8. Fighting17th

    Wanted 2 Whelen M7 amber

    ISO 2 used Whelen M7 amber in color. Prefer used, would consider new. Must have black flanges and work with no burnt out LEDs. Don't care how old. Price range is probably about $75-150 depending on condition, age, etc. Paypal ready to send.
  9. Fighting17th

    Wanted Multiple items SOS Whelen

    Everything would be preferably used for a better price. I need: - One pair of single 5-wire nForce dual color Blue/white LED light heads - One pair of Whelen M7 in blue, white, or amber, solid colors only, with black flanges and gaskets - (for my fire department) One Autoeject unit with...
  10. Fighting17th

    Wanted SOS nForce LEDs & Whelen M7 LEDs

    I am in search of 8-10 SOS nForce LED light heads. They MUST be 5-wire at least dual color BLUE AND WHITE. But they can also have a third color of red or amber (preferably). Also could use a license plate bracket for 2 of them as well. Also need 2 Whelen M7 light heads with black flanges...
  11. Fighting17th

    For Sale TRUCK SOLD 2006 Ford F-150 FX4 Fire Response Vehicle

    Update: The truck has been traded. I have stripped every last thing I could off of it before the trade. At this time I'm leaving the ad up if you see anything at all that you're interested please let me know. Anything could be for sale for the right price, but there are a few specific items I'm...
  12. Fighting17th

    Wanted Setina Dealers! Rear partition 2015 Utility

    I have a 2015 Interceptor Utility that was just delivered for a build i'll be doing soon. Bottom line is it came with a Setina push bumper and partition for the front, but the rear partition was overlooked. After I made obvious safety issues clear, the dept now wants me to add a rear partition...
  13. Fighting17th

    Code 3 Defender TriCore Modules! RED and maybe amber

    So basically I have a brand new Defender TriCore lightbar that is mostly blue, with a few red and amber modules. I'd like to use it for a new PD build since I can give it to them for a great price since it's new. I'd like to see if anyone has a few red modules available for sell, or trade them...
  14. Fighting17th

    Fighting17th's Sale Thread

    Everything is tested and works 100%, unless otherwise stated, decent used condition. All prices include shipping! FOR SALE I'm working on pictures now, it's giving me some issues! Steady-burn 2-wire AMBER Whelen Tir3, dated 08/12. $12. 4-wire SmartLED RED Whelen Tir3, dated 05/12. $12...
  15. Fighting17th

    Many Sirens, Strobes, Power supplies. Many NIB!

    Moved to Member Storefront
  16. Fighting17th

    Need Whelen and Havis dealers/items ASAP

    Whelen: - Wiring harness for a 295SL100 siren Havis: - Faceplate for a Whelen 295SL100 siren - Faceplate for a Feniex 4200 controller head - Possibly a few fillers if anyone has any used or cheap new ones laying around I'll accept new or used. Have paypal ready to send, just thought...
  17. Fighting17th

    Auto Eject / Shoreline power / Cab heater / etc. Questions

    Ok so I know this is a bit overkill, but I decided to add a shoreline Auto-eject system and battery charger to my POV pickup, a 2006 F150 extended cab. The plan is for it to maintain the battery, run a few small equipment chargers such as a Streamlight(s) and portable radio, and hopefully run an...
  18. Fighting17th

    Telescoping Poles and Mounts for Scene Lighting

    I had this mentioned in my general wanted ad, but started a new thread for this one, with some updates. I am looking for 2 complete telescoping pole assemblies with mounts/hardware for mounting scene lighting as seen on many brush/command/QRS/etc. pickup trucks. Similar to the ones in Whelen's...
  19. Fighting17th

    Lots of Items! Great prices! Take a look!

    Moved to Member Storefront SOLD: Minitor V amplified charging base Oledone 20" offroad lightbar 2000 Explorer cage Cairns 5A Helmet Leather shooter's belt Nylon duty belt PAIR of LED remote controlled Wireless spot lights Small Fire Store radio cases The Fire Store Radio tall case...
  20. Fighting17th

    TRADE: Whelen Inner Edge LED cards! White for Blue or Amber, or Blue for white

    I have the tir3/lin3 InnerEdge. Need to trade some LED cards. What I currently have is all blue, with the exception of 2 white. I'd like to make it either all blue, or half white/half blue. I'd also really consider making it all amber, or half white/half amber. I'd like to either trade 2 of my...
  21. Fighting17th

    Chevy Trailblazer Asst. Chief Buggy POV

    Here’s a relatively simple (and budget-tight) install I did for a local Asst. Chief POV on a 2008 Chevy Trailblazer. Equipment: Ecco Vantage LED Lightbar (red with LED takedowns and alleys) SoundOff Signal Predator LED dash light (red) SoundOff Signal LED3 grille lights (1 red / 1 white)...
  22. Fighting17th

    Problem with FS Dual Viper

    I have a Federal Signal Dual Viper S2 in all blue I've had laying around for a while. A month or two ago I decided to put a cig plug on it and install it in my truck. I TRIPLE checked the polarity on the cig plug to ensure that it was correct, then installed it properly with heat shrink butt...
  23. Fighting17th

    2006 F150/Explorer Console

    I have a 2006 F150 FX4 with the center console and floor shifter. The front shifter part looks exactly the same as the Explorer. My question is does anyone know whether or not the 2006-2009 Explorer vehicle specific console will fit the 2006 F150 with the floor shifter? I know they make a...
  24. Fighting17th

    Whelen Edge alley light problem

    Did a quick search of the forum and found nothing. I’m working on a Whelen Edge for a local police department and this is the first Edge I’ve worked on so I don’t know much about them and have a question. The problem is that the other day both alley lights stopped working. Everything else works...
  25. Fighting17th

    911 Galaxy Modules - Using them independently

    Quick question, I'm sure some 911EP experts on here will know: I'm tearing apart a beat up Galaxy hoping to part it out. On the modules, there's only one wire with an audio style connector. Can these modules be wired to a flasher and used outside the bar (ie as interior lights, push bumper...
  26. Fighting17th

    Feniex Cannon surface mounting question

    I recently came across a really cheap set of used Cannons with bezels, and I was considering mounting them on the sides of my toolboxes near the rear of my truck for some added side-facing white light. This may sound like a stupid question, but do you have to drill a hole big enough for the...
  27. Fighting17th

    Questions about syncing entire truck - Whelen ULF44

    I’ve been really busy lately and STILL haven’t gotten around to doing the install on my truck, but I’m hoping to get started in the next few weeks. I have a question about syncing my entire setup. 2006 Ford F150 FX4 Here’s the most likely list of lightheads (in addition to a full size...
  28. Fighting17th

    Some questions and help with a F150 isntall

    A few questions beft before I get started on my 2006 F150 install. 1. What amp of this should I get? I will be running a 2 or 4 gauge wire through it to the console and powering a lightbar, multiple perimeter lights, scene lighting, radios, chargers, auxiliary outlets, a large power invertor...
  29. Fighting17th

    Whelen 900 SmartLED Sync Question

    Ok so my fire dept just bought two Whelen 900 series SmartLED light heads to add to our Rescue. They are the two level models, 4-wires from each level, with flash patterns. Each level has red (power), black (ground), purple (low power), and white/purple (Scanlock). We spent about an hour trying...
  30. Fighting17th

    Many Code 3 2100 LED Lightbar PARTS! And a few other items

    Moved to Member Storefront SOLD (as of 10/31/2014) - Pair of Whelen strobe beacons - Misc Whelen lightbar internal cables lot - Pair of Whelen 400 series AMBER single-level LEDs with pedestal mounts and clear lenses - PowerArc oscilating lightbar - Federal Signal Streethawk...

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