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    Diode to the 7-way plug?

    I'm going to try to make this as short as possible, but I have a lot swirling in my head. So the scope is we are installing a warning light package, rewiring factory lights, adding LED marker light, installing interior lighting, and adding four 10" 100watt LED lightbars (flood/spot) in a cargo...
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    2020 Ford PIU wiring updates.

    For anyone that needs a little more info than what is currently in the modifiers guide.
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    70RC6FCR steady burn?

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but can you not make these lightheads steady burn? Clear and red split color. I’ve tried and tried and also used my scan lock programmer no success.
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    Need help programming a 940N-siren

    Tomar 940N Siren Amp to 970L scorpion lightbar. This isn't the DCP siren. I go through the instructions to program, but it won't let me do any changes. when I start the programming mode it blinks and lets me know it is in programming mode. I can bypass one of the configurations I need by...
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    Issues with drained batteries.

    So a customer called me and told me they were experiencing battery problems They asked if I could install a second battery to prevent this. I told them it wasn't necessary to have a dual battery setup if the installation is done correctly. These are on some older vehicles that were built before...
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    Ray Allen K9 Trouble

    Installing the Ray Allen K9 F3 series into a 2009 Crown Vic. I've had several problems so far. It is a used system. My first problem is figuring out whats going on with the rear windows for this CVPI. The windows do not work at all in the rear. They don't have the switches installed in the...
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    z3 software?

    I was just finishing up two vehicles that were already outiftted with code 3 systems. I had to change the batteries in both vehicles. I tested the first vehicle and finished up the remaining equipment for the install. Everything is good. When I was finishing up the second install the system will...
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    Pro Gard default combo for weapon storage drawer.

    Hello. I have a 2018 Ford PIU, and I'm trying to wrap this thing up by tomorrow. I ran into a problem though. It's now Sunday, and no one will be available to take my call. I was wondering if Pro-Gard weapon storage drawers come with a default code? I can't open this thing to install...
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    2018 Ford PIU headlight question

    Hopefully in the right spot. I’ve never seen these in headlights before so I’m wondering if anyone can share some knowledge. They have two wires going to them a purple and a black. Are they LEDS?
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    Where can I get the FISOS?

    I’ve been trying for about 3 days to get ahold of the guys at ERM for a FISOS. No response as of yet. Is there somewhere else I can try to purchase a module for a 2018 Ford interceptor sedan? Also trying to figure out for sure if this thing has DRL. Any certain way to tell for sure?
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    Is there a good link for over the top chief vehicles, etc?

    I'm asked to build a vehicle for a new Chief. I just wanted to get some ideas on any new tech or videos of cars built being the center piece of a fleet. I don't just want to add a ton of lights that's easy. I was thinking about getting the Carbide system, and incorporating some functions it...
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    Best regards from VA

    Hello! I haven't been with the site very long. I wanted to introduce myself and ask a question. I'm Mike from Va, and I'm in the process of buying a upfitting company. I've been searching a lot trying to find general liability insurance for working on police, fire and rescue vehicles. No one so...
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    CenCom door ajar programming?!?

    I have a Cencom sapphire unit with a legacy WeCan lightbar installed. This comes with an option to turn the lightbar off when the driver opens the door. There is a door ajar signal wire on the factory harness (gr/violet). This wire has 10v coming off of it when the door is open and 0v when it is...

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